DRAMA AIMEE & JAGUAR (15) 125 mins mo

lt's Berlin at the point :1 World War II when the perseCLrtion of urban Jews was stepped up a peg by Goebbels' henchmen and a bohemian group of

professional Jewish lesbians find themselves in serious trouble. The Dorothy Parker-esque Felice Schraggenheim (the excellent Maria Schrader) chooses this most inopportune of times to develop a major crush on Aryan

Fawlty Towers Series 1

Fawlty Towers Series 2

Released: 8th October 2001

Each disc contains out-takes from this classic British comedy that have never been seen before.

I’m Alan Partridge - Complete Series Released: 8th October 2001

You can now watch Steve Coogan's alter ego Alan Partridge on DVD. The disc contains all six episodes plus 20 minutes of additional footage.

Rugrats In Paris

Released: 8th October 2001

Chuckic. Angelica. Tommy and the gang head for France in this. the second full length Rugrats feature film. Various extras include the ‘Rugrats In Paris Documentary' and the music video 'Who Let The

Dogs Out?’

The Tailor Of Panama

Released: 8th October 2001

Pierce Brosnan's second most famous outing as a spy. The Tailor Of Panama casts him as something of a villain in John Boorman's honest attempt to show real spying rather than movie spying.

Father Ted - Series 2

Part 1 (Eps. 1 - 5)

Released: 15th October 2001 Continuing the ‘complete series‘ releases. this disc contains commentary from the writers themselves.

League Of Gentlemen - Series 2 Released: 15th October 2001

Containing the entire second series plus deleted scenes. commentary by the cast and a 30 minute behind-the-scenes documentary on the filming of

this series.

Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom


Released: 15th October 2001

Long awaited two disc set featuring many extras including exclusive deleted scenes. various documentaries. audio commentary, multi—angle animatics. five leaturettes and much more.

Stargate Movie

Released: 15th October 2001 This ‘Directors Cut' version features audio commentary. trailers, photo gallery and a promo


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{Ni V *

1 16 THE LIST lt’. Oct l Nov 2001

conformist Lily Wurst (Juliane Kbhler), mother of four children and wife to a leading frontline general. This powerful true life love story certainly packs an emotional punch. The set and costume design is exemplary and Max Farberbock's old fashioned direction echoes the intimate tragedy of Erica Fischer's book. (Optimum VHS and DVD retail ) (Paul Dale)


(18) 97 mins use

All fairy tales are sinister. Hansel and Gretel is one of the most disturbing. and this B-movie modern version is seriously twisted (even more so than Freeways serial killer spin on Little Red Riding Hood). White Girl (Natasha Lyonne). a bulimic juvenille delinquent and Cyclona (Maria Celedonio), a psychotic serial killer. escape from their treatment facility and hit the road. heading for Mexico where salvation awaits in the form of Sister Gomez (Vincent Gallo). The end of the road is. predictably, not the happy ending they expect. and they realise. too late. that the benevolent Sister is in fact the wicked witch. This is horror at its best no monsters. no ghosts. just the evil of human nature. (Tartan VHS retail)

(Kirst Knaggs)

HORROR GINGER SNAPS (18) 104 mins 00

Throwing a mythic monster into a beautiful high school teens movie is too close to Lost Boys and Buffy The Vampire Slayer for comfort. This weak werewolf tale has more gore than those two put together. th0trgh like those films it keeps its tongue firmly in its



(15) 105 mins COCO

They say good books make bad films and bad books make good films. But what about much loved and much hated books, what do they make? You’d assume really, really bad films, fans being disappointed with someone else’s interpretation of a favourite book, its critics not interested from the get 90. Viewed in this context, Bridget Jones ’5 Diary the movie must be something of a first, because against all odds it’s a triumphant adaptation of Helen Fielding’s literary creation, a heroine that many identified with while others grew very sick of.

How did this happen? As they say (‘they’ get everywhere), 3 good film starts with a good script. Here, Fielding has lucked out collaborating with Andrew Davies and Richard Curtis (Four Weddings And A Funeral). The jokes come as fast and furious as Curtis’ superior sitcom Blackadder, while what ‘they’ call a narrative arc holds the comedy together at feature


Triumphant adaption

According to ‘they’, a third requirement of fine cinema is casting; it makes or breaks a film. So who would have thought an American could have played a Sloane Ranger? But Renee Zellweger pulls on Bridget’s dowdy jumpers and scarves, West London accent and a little cellulite and is by turns charming, awkward and funny a revelation no less. Similarly inspired is the casting of the two men in Bridget’s life, her dashing scoundrel of a boss Daniel Cleaver and aloof twit Mark Darcy. As Cleaver, Hugh Grant plays deliciously against type, while Darcy, described in the book as resembling Colin Firth, is played by Colin Firth. Now, pass the Chardonnay. (Miles Fielder) I Available on VHS rental through Freud Communications from Mon 75 Oct. The List has five cob/es of Bridget Jones '3 Diary to exchange for the first five correct answers (on postcards or email fi/m@/<) to this question: Who plays

Bridget ’s father in the film?

hairy cheek. Alienated goth sisters Ginger and Brigitte are planning a fresh atrocity on their peers when Ginge is molested by a lusty lycanthrope one dark evening (why didn't they just call it American Werewolf In America?) It takes an interminable age. but she predictably adopts a new hairstyle and gets her incisors into some young chaps. But will Brigitte sacrifice her sis? Who cares? A howler. (Mosaic VHS rental)

(Brian Donaldson)



This is a film with a young Brit cast including the dishy Paul Nicholls of Eastenders fame who is Charlie Bright. Roland Manookian who plays his best mate. Justin, and the love interest. Dani Behr. It follows the lads in their attempts to find some excitement in their neighbourhood. all of which end up as either crimes or noising up of the local females. Charlie has more going for him than most. but his attempts to change his life are continually hindered by the none too bright Justin. As their lives move in different directions you not only see their futures change but also their friendship. None of which is very compelling. (Metrodome rental) (Jane Hamilton)

THRILLER THE HOLE (1 5) 98 mins 0

Thing is. see. if you're going to adapt a psychological thriller novel with a twisty turny plot and shocking revelations. it must. above all else. be clever. Four public school kids

decide to play truant from school, so they get the brainy class nerd to lock them in a hidden bomb shelter. He don't come back to let them out after three days. so they promptly begin to starve to death. See?

That's stupid. Thora Birch escapes to tell the tale in flashback to school psychiatrist Embeth Davidtz. but it quickly becomes apparent she's an unreliable narrator. The film's script. direction and acting are likewise unreliable. Thank fuck the talented Birch went on to make the terrific Ghost World. (Fox Pathe VHS and DVD rental) (Miles Fielder)