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yery season the fashion mags are full of the latest beauty trends.

what‘s been on the catwalk and those colours you simply must wear.

And how many of us pay a blind bit of attention‘.’ But it‘s far too easy

to let your make—up bag go stale girls (and boys). so sit up and pay attention to what the experts say.

MAC cosmetics are used in the fashion shows of London. New York.

Paris and Milan so you know they‘ll have cutting edge products. Their latest

ranges are ‘Dolled L'p‘. a range of sugary sweet colours only suitable for

the youthful or braye. and in November they‘ll launch ‘Black Tie‘ an altogether more sultry affair. with metallic shimmer all oyer it. In particular look out for their paints. little tubes filled with highly pigmented creams which won‘t crease tip or rub off. On the catwalks the products were used to create a wide mix of looks. mostly split into edgy punk looks and more sophisticated old-style glamour.

Maybe it‘s all Sophie [illis—Bextor‘s fault. but that 50s style black eyeliner is back in a big way. with (iiyenchy launching a new Precision

What beauty trends are heading our way? Words: Louisa Pearson

Line liyeliner to help you get it. Talking of divas. Naomi Campbell is not content with launching a signature perfume. she‘s got a make-up range to match. You‘ll certainly be noticed wearing her shimmering body creme. perfumed glimmer gel and scented nail glimmer. We are disappointed to report that the nail vamish has the beautiful scent of. er. nail varnish. so please don’t go sniffing it straight from the bottle. Still in the world of fashion we come to Anna Sui. Paying no notice to the rest of the industry she‘s doing her own thing with ‘Pop‘. Inspired by Andy Warhol she‘s got colours like ‘Snobbish Gold‘ and ‘Moody Brown‘. One for all you individualists out there. All the familiar beauty names will be launching new products and colours in the next month so do yourself a favour and get out there and experiment.

Sugary sweet colours only suitable for the youthful or brave

18 Oct—1 Nov 2001 THE LIST 1 19