Club manager

Radica Club Manager £24.99

Football fanatics take heed! Think pint sized Championship Manager that you can take on the bus, and manage one of twenty English teams throughout a whole season without risk of being lynched by your supporters. It's a pity there are no Scottish teams. such as the mighty Partick Thistle available. but at under 225. what do you want? Jam on it! Complete with sound effects for cheap ‘n' nasty virtual thrills. you can buy. sell and master team tactics at three different skill levels.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance £89.90 Who's the Daddy? This 32bit, 1409 mini games console which can display a possible 32.768 colours. is a prime contender. Oozing ultra petit chic with its perfectly rounded corners. easy to master controls and array of tinted transparent shells, this is the ultimate in gaming for gadget fiends. Although there are 450 games available (as both Game Boy and Game Boy CoI0ur games are compatible). Advance games cost around $240 each! Also. the screen is too dark. so you're likely to indulge in some squinting.

Sport Trout Fishing £9.99

Bring on the haddock. it's a fish-frenzy! Choose from three different lakes for a leisurely session or if you're feeling adventurous an intense timed tournament. To start the game you have to physically cast your rod, and once your prey gets biting, the game starts shaking, for that realistic ‘I'm by a lake' sensation, anytime or place. And with the help of the nifty reel at the side of the game. you can snatch your virtual catch.

(Carolyn Aiken)

Gameboy Advance available from most electrical stores, all other games from Argos.

120 THE LIST 18 Oct—1 Nov 2001


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Mindeport Endeavour 8 In 1 £19.75

Akin to the cheap and basic LCD games you would save your pittance pocket money to buy as a kid. but with seven more gaming options to go for when bored. Going for the classics games with Chess, Checkers. Reversi, Four-in-a-Row. Fox and Geese. Grasshopper. Nim and Northcote's game. This is a handheld for those who choose to sport cardigans or play the duff games on their mobile phones happily. Yawn.



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