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The list is proud to support

pounded by William Sieghart of Forward I of The Groucho Club in

by B'arclays, raises money

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_ . '_ substantial amount of money for I lthoseon the streets in-Edinburgh andGIaSgow this Christmas.

‘V 1 Whilst wesit in thewarmth of

aifine restaurant eating and

drinking there are people out thereon the street“ unable to keep warm With little to eat.

in Scotland this year.“ "ll of the money raised in Scotland will stay in Scotland. last year, money went to Glasgow’s lodging House Mission, a long established centre, visited by over 100 people each day, offering good quality food, clothing and showers. This year’s recipients could include a group such as Edinburgh’s bfriends - a small

voluntary organisation which provides volunteers who have

committed for two years to help young people from broken homes, to build their confidence and prepare them for the outside world thus preventing them from ending up on the street.

For those who are unaware

{ of the homeless problem in

Scotland, Shelter Scotland

eStimates that between 500 and a. 1,000 people sleep rough every ~ night. Some 82,000 people said _. they were homeless last year:

this would fill Murrayfield

Stadium and still leave 14,000 i locked out. A quarter of homeless peeple are aged 18-25,

and up to half of all those sleeping rough suffer from serious mental health problems. Four in ten girls who become homeless report having been sexually abused.

According to the Scottish Executive’s own figures, in any three-month quarterly reporting period, some 10,000 to 12,500 people apply to local authorities for homeless assistance.

Annual totals have placed the number in Edinburgh at more than 4,300 and in Glasgow some 12,650 - by far the most in the country. And these are just the people who seek help. Just imagine how many more need support.

1 restaurants would like to

come on board or require further information on StreetSmart please contact Whitney Byng on 07939 132 114. Meanwhile customers should consider only eating in the restaurants listed below in November and December!

As actor/writer Stephen Fry puts it: "Good food, good wine and good company enrich our lives beyond measure. Most of us don't say grace these days because we don't know whom to thank for the inestimable pleasures of the table. StreetSmart lets us do a graceful thing. A simple thing. A kind thing."



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