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132 THE LIST 18 Oct—1 Nov 2001

I saw you - Glasgow

V I saw you. We passed each other on “Union St" Glasgow. (Twice) Second time I had a sack on my back. We smiled at each other. Please get in touch. Box No. U/426/80

V I saw you Jim in Dublin on Friday 21/09/01. You rescued me from the mad French dude. Missed you on Saturday. Fancy going fora drink? Jennifer from E.K.Box No. U/426/8l

V I saw you beautiful girl. chilli lights at dawn. greyhounds in fawn. you prop up my world. Box No. L’l426/82

V We saw you. you German wonder babe. Happy birthday. glad we've got you for even longer here in Glasgow, love you loads! The Fencersxxx. Box No. L'/426/83

V I saw you with a smile on your face! Thank you 4 being there! You are truly ace!!! Monkee xxx. Box No. [7426/84 V I saw you beautiful Rose looking glamorous as always. especially when you dance on the counter topless. You're my first. my last. my everything! Box No. L'l426/85

V I saw you Mr Ng sniffing your coffee. You should try smelling the sometime. Can 1 buy you a Belgian beer soon? Love xoxoxo. Box No. L'/426/86

V I saw you Alan strutting your stuff in the garage. You are a popping boy! Lots of love. me. Box No. L'l426/87

V I saw you in Tinderbox. the Chip. and spectacularly in Arta. You: lst Class Honours in Law and Beauty. Me: Just the guy in the suit who loves you. Box No. L’/426/88

V I saw you at Dollar Academy. You have brown hair and brown eyes. You have a little sister and a big sister. You are not new. Box No. L'l426/89 V I saw you L + V. Can‘t wait ‘til Dublin 2001. Miss you both loads love Kirsty. Box No. L'l-le/90

V I saw you Sunday afternoon. Tinderbox. You in red striped skirt and Campers. Expressive and very beautiful. Me - grinning idiot with long hair. Hope you call. Box No. L'l-le/Ql

V I saw you in the town centre. You were hanging out with your pals. You have brown spikey ltair and you are a cutie. Box No. CLINT/92

V I saw you in Tinderbox. bloke green striped rugby shirt on 8th Oct (0‘ 3pm. You met blonde girl just wanted to say you make a lovely couple. Box No. L’l426/93

V I saw you in Kushi looking bored. Have you found your towel?? Box No. l7/426/94

V I saw you in the tnirror. Looking good baby. Box No. L'l426/95

V I saw you ChrisY @ the Arches. You former TV totty unshaven and unkempt but still soooo full of talent. Please return to our tellies soon. We miss you. Box No. U/426/96

V I saw you in Cu] De Sac talking about music. looking like Donny Osmond... Box No. U/426/97

V I saw you mockney school boy eyes at the Arches Fri 28th - what's cookin? Howsabout cooking something up 4 me? Box No. U/426/98

V I saw you German boy with French looks in Mr Ng's bed. Sorry for being a duvet thief. Call again soon! Box No. U/426/99

V I saw you in the Arches on Saturday. I see you there every Saturday. You still can't pay with your video club card. Who are you anyway? Box No. U/426/l00

V I see you right now. and you are f***ing gorgeous. Elton 1 love you! Xxxxxxxx. Box No. lj/426/IOI

V I saw you Tiger! Sexy lips. big flares. swinging hips. Getting down in the Arches GRRRRRR! You know who you are! Box No. U/426/l()2

V I saw you at Hillhead School. You have blonde hair and you are a new boy and you have three brothers. Box No. U/426/IO3

V I saw you in the Arches Tuesday 2nd Oct. You were wearing black & you had a really nice bum. Oh! And you were a bird! Which you probably still are! Box No. L'l-le/lO-l

V I saw you tnost nights in Arches bar. Very tidy blond. nice figure. great looks. radio balanced between buttocks. Choi! Box No. L'/426/l()5

V I saw you Maureen. driving everyone spare. with tales of your thespian daughter. Sorry?!? Nice safari suit though. Glad to meet yr mates. see you on the Optimo dance floor. UH- HO! Box No. L'/426/106

V I saw you at our wedding. You were so beautiful in that long white dress. Mette Marit...l love you! Box No. U/426/107 V I saw you with your pants down. Sort it out hairy bum. You have blonde hair and blue eyes and a cute smile. Wee cheeky chops! Box No. L'/-126/l()8

V I saw you by the Cas Bah 26.09 at 1pm. My friend was falling around on her rollerskates. when you looked at us and smiled. Can't forget your beautiful eyes. Box No.

L'/-126/ l ()9

V I saw you in the Arches for your lunch on Sunday 7 Oct. I don’t know if that was your boyfriend you were with. but your waiter was infatuated. Come back soon. Box No. U/«th/l l()

V I saw you eco-warrier princess arguing about red wolfes in Texas + chasing

Jaguars in the Arches. Me

beleagured call centre worker + red fox. Box No. U/426/l l l

V I saw you Shamrock eyes celtic girl. Your red hair rocked my world! Fancy a romp in the fields of Athenrry? Arches - tanktop...Box No. U/426/l 12 V I saw you pissing on the bridge. That was fun. Do you want to do it again sometime? You are very handsome. Box No. U/426/l l3

V I saw you Mr Jones. in the

Arches Café Bar. with your dark eyes and sexy smile. I think your name was Jonathan: I‘m Charlie. and I'm yours if you want me! Box No. U/426/l 14 V We saw you. you lovely Belgium. Allez! Lots of love. your students. Box No.

U/426/1 15

V I saw you Colin A at the Arches. Please contact. Box No. U/426/153

V I saw you beautiful West- End chick with more beautiful friend in the Grosvenor Cafe. Every day for 2 years. Sometimes twice daily...Belfast Bob has nothing on me. And I

I always loves Macauley Culkin.

Box No. U/426/l 16

V I saw you admiring my kitchen flair after 2 nights of

pillow chat. Did I point my

knees at you? Remember. my flirting is highly person- specific... Box No. U/426/l 17 V I saw you Belle + Sebastian stylee girl clutching bible + ruthie. Me marxist guerilla in Columbia. Box No. U/426/l 18

V I saw you pumped full of drugs in a medical institution. We never did go to that fetish club. Box No. U/426/l 19

V I saw Lorna - B - in the Garage. Love you so much. Lets not ever argue again. Love K x. Box No. U/426/120

V I saw you arrogant Neil B.

U suck the big one. U no art man. Box No. U/426/12l

V I saw you on Byres Road listening to your music. I was on cloud 9. Box No. U/426/122 V I saw you in Bar 02 getting over-excited at the football. very cute. fancy scoring some goals with me?? Box No. U/426/123

V I saw you Katy. on a French trip many years ago and in the hip hop room @ the Art School. Phone if you're bored. Box No. U/426/124

V I saw you hunky brown- eyed GCC man on Edinburgh train Tues 25th. you going to asbestos management course. me barely awake. Lunch sometime? Box No. U/426/l25