I saw you - Glasgow

V I saw you Arches Bar Argyle St working behind the bar. Blond hair. cuddly. always with a walkytalky on your rear next to the white tangas. My name is Fuzzy reply! Box No. U/426/126

V I saw you well first I heard your sexy voice. then looked up. saw you and served you. You second year student (European studies) and well fit. Me - blown away. (26/9/01). Box No. U/426/127

V I saw you Janice looking at Italian Travel Guides in Borders. We spoke. laughed. compared stories of Italy. Bella Signorina. let me be your Italian Stallion and lets live la dolce vita! Box No. U/426/128

V I saw you. the sexy guy who cleared my table in Borders cafe. You looked so sad though. What was wrong that day I wonder? X. Box No. U/426/ 129 V I saw you Auldhouse Retail Park Monday 3rd September. Red Nissan driver you smiled and said “Hi” in Scottish Power. Then looked back from MFI. You took away my power to reply - write. Box No. U/426/ 130

V I saw you sitting opposite me in Borders Bookshop cafe. Your hair so line. your eyes. how they shine. those funny jokes - so unlike mine. but I bet your poems would never rhyme. Box No. U/426/131

V I saw you I think your name was Sean. Aussie. Devilishly handsome Dolce & Gabbana. What a spunk!!!! Box No. U/426/132

V I saw you Henrique in Tinderbox. and in Brel hunting for white/greyish horses. Maybe you should try Curlers! Box No. U/426/133

V I saw you at the Arches - gorgeous Mulder lookalike with the red shirt - I‘m the girl who‘s also had a ‘recommendation‘ today - x. Box No. U/426/134 V I saw you. you monkey. in Tinderbox twice - wish I saw you more but hey not long till we cause trouble outside the Corie again xxx loti xxx.Box No. U/426/l35

V I saw you Tron Sat. Tall. sleek. your name Jack or Jim what a Quiff. Please please call me. Box No. U/426/l36

V I saw you in the Arches Chris Y of Loud TV fame - I reckon you could take Julyan S - (listen to the voices) - plumb his boiler mate! - Go you big red fire engine! Box No. U/426/137

V I saw you goofy girl in the Barrows looking at a toy kangaroo. Box No. U/426/I38

V We saw you. you red head bombshell; man - what a boost I can spit over there: tanned. voluptuous. really hot...Box No. U/426/139

V I saw you M in your green suit you saved my life - fancy some more mouth to mouth? Love L. Box No. U/426/140

V I saw you beautiful boy with cheese on your face waiting in the Barras do-nut line with a smile. Kiss me soon. Box No. U/426/l4l

V I saw you boy with my initials. dancing in my living room. Hope our paths will cross again. Box No. U/426/l42

V I alnt saw you Estelle. for well over a year (last time was at Violent Femmes gig) lost ur number need to get in touch. it’s a wonderful life x Box No. U/426/l43

V I saw you 02/10/01 on 59 bus. Anniesland cross.You grey tweed coat. no socks carrying The List. Me. grey woolly hat blue raincoat. What were you listening to on your headphones? Box No. U/426/144

V I saw you Jackie S. I am envisioning you hitting the uppermost dimension of ecstasy as 1 propel you through the universe of my love aboard the spaceship of my strong back. with myself as the captain of this cosmic journey through the sexual stratosphere to our passion meteor.DAMN!G Box No. U/426/145

V I saw you Allison. do none of the magic moments we shared mean anything to you now? What about the time I took you to the movies. then out to dinner. then treated you to a night of love-making and sensual pleasures no man or woman had ever attained before in the history of time? G Box No. U/426/l46

V I saw you Nicky C. Let me escort you to my crib. where I will prepare for you a romantic meal comprised of succulent lobster from the finest sea. We will both eat the lobster and enjoy a side dish of rice with it. There will also be a baked potato waiting for you. and some butter for you to place upon that potato. In addition. there will be sour cream. which you may also put on the potato if you so desire.l will also serve juice.DAMN!g Box No. U/426/147

V I saw you Mon 3rd of September - go-fiy - flight delayed London 2 Glasgow. me a girl stripy shirt. ponytail and headphones - you a guy with battered trainers. nice jacket. book and brown hair. Box No. U/426/l48

V I saw you Sunday. 5th at Antipasti. The underground thing was probably more than you needed to know. So sorry that I had to take the list off you (important personal markers). what about sharing upcoming issues? Box No. U/426/l49

V I saw you Ruth and Colleen. The rogano. Sorry I had to dash. Another song and glass of wine must be in order. Remember I sell the stuff. Please get in touch x Box No. U/426/150

V I saw you Jules. floating down Clarence Drive. Is that because you're coming to see your Airlie Boy. The bath water is running..see you in there X Box No. U/426/151

V I saw you in the Bedlam Cafe (Edinburgh). you were tall(ish). dark and handsome. an actor I believe. I'll see you again. hopefully you'll notice me too. Box No. L'/426/152


V I saw you D flushed and eager. You rubbed yourself against me - but it might have been my lighter. Love me because I‘m bendy. Box No. U/426/1

V I saw you looking fabulous in Blue @‘ Traverse. I love the way you ‘trip' in and out of my life! Box No. U/426/2

V I saw you lookin hot in speedos at da Traverse Double Vision. La La La Fa Fa Fa Otis Baby. Box No. U/426/3

V I saw you. in fact I heard you: “Cast Iron Baby!" as you flexed your perfect yankee physique in my direction. Very very nice. Box No. L7426/4

V I saw you RAZMADAZZ. you have beautiful Irish street- boy shoes. They shine in the moonlight. Box No. U/426/5

V I saw you Joolz at the G.M.A. Your breasts - “Ever Decreasing Circles". Box No. U/426/6

V I saw your breasts behind the bar in the Rose 8; Crown. You slapped me in the face. and all you did was turn around! Box No. U/426/7

V I saw you Travler at the Cafe Royal. You guys were great and I look forward to seeing you at the Liquid Rooms on the 16th of October. Box No. U/426/8

V I saw you at The Stand. my Teddy Bear. Let me buy you a rose from the rose b*st*rd! Box No. U/426/9

I saw you Classified

I saw you please note

I saw you - Edinburgh

V I saw you (a‘ Pillbox smooth bodied sweat inducer. Play my ls + 2s. I'm young and fun 4L'. Hwat [f think? My heart will sink! If [.' don‘t respond now. Box No. [.7426/10

V I saw you leaving Blue forever. I'll miss your tight bum around here old man! Box No. L7426/l l

V I saw you all. systems anon. work hard to pull off the best party 01.09.01 To all the Techno soldiers from the edge. nicel! xx Box No. [7426/12

V I saw you sitting wearing black top. with long blonde hair in the (‘ity Cafe. Me tall dark + lovely. Box No. [.7426/13

V I saw you with one symmetrical eyebrow bisecting your beautiful. familiar face - thank you for 2 decades and a half of AAA-fueled laughs. - Sheena x Box No. L7426/l4

V I saw you getting up up tip and looking like an eye-hrowed demi-saturnine god as you did so... Mr Creative Lawrence Box No. L7426/15

V I saw you - my favourite man- "Wings" and all that! Love Ya Box No. [.7426/16

V I saw you with your Albino Afro. looking passionately at the stone cracks. Me. the Albino Nigerian. Box .\'o. [7426/17

V I saw you in the Trav. ()h what a honey you were looking in your black top and tight trousers. ()h Yes! Suits you Baby! Box No. [7426/18

V I saw you Roller Girl at the Traverse! I'll have you "rolling" over with your head in a spin! Box No. [7426/19

V I saw you smiling at me in the Traverse. I thought goths didn't smile. obviously I was wrong. Box No. [7426/20

V I saw you at Reg Anderson's comedy night. You were on the stage. I was the only person who laughed (once)!! Leighton xxx Box No. [7426/21

V I saw you at Iguana on Sunday 30th. Shortie's top and cool spikey hair. “Commitment is required!" and I know I say it all the time but 1 love you guys." xx Box No. [7426/22 V I saw you Jonathon. ages ago. on the bus from Glasgow to (‘umbernauld We talked star signs and hand gestures. You have the sexiest voice 8; beautiful hands. Get in

touch? Box No. [7426/23

V I saw you Madonna. J-I.o. Posh. Debbie. Britney. Saffron. Scary. Macy etc in the Three Sisters on Sat 2‘) Sept. Box .\'o. [7426/24

V I saw you Nikki. shaking that ass. out of a limo and then in the 3 Sisters. You rock! Box No. [7426/25

V I saw you .\'oa Sat 29th spillcr tatoo lower back. big enigmatic smile. dancing with [Tr 2 funky mates. Me shy. white stripe shoulders want to dance with l'. Box No. [7426/26

V I saw you (a‘ (‘oncrete Butterfly with your bottom pressed against the window. nice furniture shame about the bum fluff. Love hairy scary man! Box .\'o. [7426/27

18 Oct-1 Nov 2001 THE LIST 133