I saw you Classified

I saw you - Edinburgh

V I saw you get the Lyceum job. May everything never be your fault again. Run away from that bad smell! Box No. L'l426/28

V I saw you hotty. Australian beauty from Nashville. brown eyes. great bod. Nursing me to bed. Box No. U/426/29

V I saw you sweetpea in the City Cafe’ with your red scarf and perfect box. Box No. L'/426/30

V I saw you Dom from City C afé you are sooo sexy when you smoke that pipe. Let‘s smoke it together you sexy thing. Box No. L'/426/3l

V I saw you dirty DJ Rug Boy! If you are a temple - can I worship you? Please ‘Bean‘ mine forever'?!! Box No. C/426/32

V I saw you. Name is Rob. Putting out CRL'X Mags in Meadows. You are sexy. See you in Meadows bar I hope. Box No. U/426/33

V I saw you Irish Rugby bloke. Blue eyes and dark hair in City Cafe. Me blonde and wanting. Can we meet! Box No. 0/426/34

V I saw you you hot imported sweet yarn - I‘ll let you cable me up in East Fife + send me to the sky. Box No. L'/426/35

V I saw you Fletch. We know who you went home with. You‘ve been busted... EHI will never be the same. Fancy some pizza? Box .\'o. L'/426/36

V I saw you Justin @ the

City Cafe. we chatted at Joy and

Lovely. me boy with Barbie necklace. let's get rinsed together. xx Box .\'o. U/426/37 V I saw you at Avatar party - you pin-striped Adonis - talking avidly - me killed blonde jock totty ~ fancy a technical upgrade? Box No. L7/426/38

V I saw you... Wanted: assistant manager (9‘ Blue. Must have great taste in music. Vespa. flared trousers. triple crown. rhythm. excessive body hair and lots of patience. Box No. U/426/39

V I saw you right Mac. you don‘t understand pal. You’re on a hiding to nothing - it‘s a Catch 22 situation. Irene Box No. L'/426/4()

V I saw you looking “Hull” of a cute. Get out of the shows you hussey!! Box No. U/426/4l V I saw you Donna. Jen. RGC. Niall. Gill and everyone I have now forgotten. Sheffield is just not Edinburgh. Box No. U/426/42

V I saw you on Alcatraz late one night. you are the sexiest person I have ever seen. You

Rock my world. I‘d never reject l

you even though you are too cute!! xxx Box No. U/426/43

134 THE LIST 18 Oct—1 Nov 2001

V I saw you general manager of Ster Century Cinema. You smelled funny and so did your cinema. Best of luck getting rid of those distracting fuzzy edges in your pants. Box No. U/426/45

V I saw you Julie-twa-steps. I will give you earrings that are more beautiful than a flock of seagulls or some such other type of romantic bird. You are the loveliest creature in the world. and I promise that I will freak you wild. G Box No. U/426/46 V I saw you Dreadlocks in Marchmont. Perk Cup. Window. Lunchtime Tues 2/10/01. Shore stripy skirt with blonde friend. You are gorgeous. I was in denims and kept glancing. Box No. [5/426/47

V I saw you Francky. all I need is right in front of me now! Box No. L'/426/48

V I saw you fit blonde gal in Iguana Sat 22nd Sept. with 5 friends. Me equally fit skater with bleached hair with 2 mates. I saw ya looking - me too! Box No. L'/426/49

V I saw you Baldi (is your name Gary?) in the Cameo cinema. Follow my red hair into Screen 3 anytime. Box No. L'/426/5()

V I saw you at the Cameo. your hair is red like fire. I fell in love with you from day one. c'mon babe. you lit my fire. Love you loads. Sxx. Box No. C/426/51

V I saw you in George square with your shirt tucked into your pants acting like a right monkey. You can peel my banana anyday. Box No. L'l426/52

V I saw you scrubbing the Cameo cinema floor - ifI was getting paid £5 an hour I wouldn't put up with that! Ps - you‘re gorgeous. xxx Box No. U/426/53

V I saw you Jug Ears Gannon. eating dripping and dips in City Cafe. Box No. C/426/54

V I saw you Paul. selling scrubbers at the car boot. Love you. Box No. U/426/55

V I saw you Stuart. saying how do to Colin. Box No. U/426/56

V I saw you (Ch 1’) at the Freshers fair. I‘m devoting mysef to God. but there‘s still a bit left for you. Catch me at Alpha on Mondays. xx Box No. U/426/57

V I saw you Ninnerman. drinking merrydown in City Cafe. Box No. U/426/58

V I saw you Kristin. You’re so gorgeous. Please let me take you out for a karaoke night! Box No. U/426/59

V I saw you Catrina. god you are gorgeous. Love. a secret special person. Box No. U/426/60

V I saw you girl in the Wildhearts T-shirt. I love you - call me. Traverse Bar 5/10/01. Box No. U/426/6I

V I saw you - grey hair. tight trousers, walking like there was a secret in your socks. You looked at me - I turned away. Now I want a second glance. Box No. L'/426/62

V I saw you Traverse staff. doing the do. providing the drink. Give me ajob - please...Box No. L'/426/63

V I saw you - specs. tight jeans. eighties trainers. I‘ll be your eighties trainer - relax. jUst do it. when you want to come. baby. Box No. L'/-126/64

V I saw you poncho-ed temptress. smoking like you had a badger in your eye. Love me like a nocturnal creature should. Box No. L'/426/65

V I saw you sitting on nails to keep awake (Traverse 02-10). Does my love for you bore you that much? Please say ‘I don‘t.‘ Box No. L'/426/66

V I saw you Barry. you have a baby blue automobile. Let‘s go somewhere a bit more cool than the Corinthian next time. Celtic Godess ( I wish) but thanks. Box No. U/426/68

V I saw you Gill. I checked you out. got the green light. best move I have ever made. Missing you as I write this. many kisses. Love J. Box No. L'/426/69

VI saw you les grande yeux. I am with Clare. Box No. L'/-126/70 V I saw you Ian B. growing a tash in the corner while shaving your tram lines into an Adidas style. - giz a kiss Box No. L'/426/7I

V I saw you. glasses man. licked up to the eyeballs with sweet Leffe lager. Behind your lenses. there'sjust a bunch of lads! Box No. L'/426/72

V I saw you Jossan & Soffan - \‘i Roda. Lurviga. & Mysiga Flickor! I Luv U Box .\'o. L’/426/73

V I saw you in Fingers Piano Bar on Thursday 4th October. You. an Archaeology Student. with lovely eyes. working in the Roxburgh. Me. a student talking to you at the back of the bar. Was going to ask you out. but it felt like the wrong time... I would love to see you again. Box No. L'/426/74

V I saw you Natalie. You dropped your things going home from work and I took you home on my bus. i would love to speak to you again. James Box .\'o. U/426/75

VI saw you zutist boy on train from invemess to London. You have friends in Edinburgh. your last name is Russel and your email has the word moon in it. Get in touch! Box No. L'/426/77

V I saw you at St. James Centre bus stop. 30/9. 5:20pm- ish. You. blonde with pink lips in cream jacket and heeled boots. blue denims with big turn-ups. Me in glasses and short. dark hair. all in black. leatherjacket. arms full. Glanced at each other a few times as I rushed to find a taxi instead then rushed back as I saw the LRT 5 behind me. More glances as I came up to the top deck; a slightly awkward smile from me as I got off near Meadowbank. How about a few more glances and smiles over coffee some time‘.’ Box .\'o. U426/76

V I saw you Well not really but hey I want to say Hi to everyone in Edinburgh. Donna. Jen. RGC. Niall. Gill and everyone I have now forgotten. Sheffield is just not Edinburgh Box No. L'/426/79

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