.»\.'\:'.'-'«' ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE (U) 96 mins .0

lilt‘ 1‘ r .' : D's' i the iiis::o\.er’\. of the lost. iii‘.'thi<:at empire of At '. 'i. i' i ,1 i t ‘ei 'iiagii: and enchantinerit it should tits "‘1 :;:».: ‘9'. lam. f :; nag; firm} 1': all flit.- ‘.'l.‘3ti£t| and iiiiagniatixe panache

' l ' "1st. \lv’. 2w, was '.l‘-1:i3l‘iilil'-fi lost. but ag'ar‘d oppcr'tiiiizh too. Eiiit‘ i; f9.,:r.l>'.’r"ef. l)’;‘*.rif(?tt its‘.'.';‘.h 'itoi'efliriils.

A . -,--:'.:.~,-.i .' entail-4min -.,-, ..r eresariiaiestitali. ext(/uellalJeVit

' i r ,' w t : s1 'r ,. -ai:ks .i' "‘.(El)l().'.' arching. l .i ' _:. . , ' ' i a l' i, r: arse! a" reg/rues mostly '(‘()ll‘.(} i ' ' "l i i "eu'faiti-itj, Sinna' Mio. the geeky. : ar :. . ' I‘l'i . : lilx .wir f~"T{)i(il)£tf'ltl{il)(i

' . . ' z i , stream "5: ‘(Eo get ‘em Milo. r»"-'.e:' . 1"tf¥.2‘\"_2rff;iifl"i'.':1'£t'fv')"il'if'C'fxi'Thttif)(llLétil

l " l :i ' ' Mr 'o to i i"E‘~"‘.(:"l(:ftilt)lilfS “It »-\..:':: 1 -- :S'._:"~. ,::-,- .i';i'.t~. Nev. Yank. :za':ir;".c; :ii:i‘.'.. does .(E '

A huge hit across the Channel.

BROTHERHOOD or THE E;I'>t)lt(: o. l (‘iaris'

WOLF .5; a iii/(rile inlaid of that genres. (15) 134 mins .0 l'li,’>lt>{trzttlli(_l digital effects. it blends l‘l-""ll€?."if; of the flifiitiliiiztl t'()'l)(tll(2(3. l." far: rm." '."i:fl(r.'gtKttl‘j;‘Y‘zifiliilélllf;'ll()‘.'l(?. b'i“ ' "l 'r (1 Niecoiispiracy tl:riiii:i aridthehorror regain ' it '11:: l‘..'.'£:"..§1f.r"‘.‘;°..j til'ir Playing ll‘i flashback and aim-'51s. A :.«-.".‘...iv,-' ~,.;.i::'t.r;‘. narrate/l from. the naiitage point of t.’ ;" ' .gl -t"-i Ei‘e l enrich Hezolttiori. it's; a la\.'ishly nit“. f; N park,” w “"'Yll;|~1}(f. yet stratiger iiiudtlied i'v'lariz [in in ,~;. s :r;_:at<l1e:: .ir‘xl e'iipt‘, .‘xork. l eaxiiig aside the l l r‘ i rim "‘3; fii"i:;iii<::;s of the i1i<)",ll.’t(l‘. there's tr,- 7 .. ;:,' ' i? i{ ii , something distastefuli‘. gleeful about 'ri:;"i.. :ii'”: /:"j.:;'.-:,~i ffie‘sgag. ‘.’I()liEll(i(:li§tjl£tlll()llf3(}(l{Hid lfaf.;:i1:.r‘.<s.:" i.i'-';i' i ;: E-‘i-iltnti. glii ifieil 'nale heroes kiifk box their f' i ' it a t ' a ..;i. througherirlless<;<infrorltatioiis. " :21. {i’LI'tt'lltlitlilft(ll).(tiltl'tilflttltll) ' ' smuiztitiack anti h.);ei\.eiitiiatiiig ;' . r it; "‘-é‘:'£t'.'.’f)l'l\. [Mubtfestx though. , ' ll l..'.”)l)(l .'."lll itaxi‘: taken notice of l " a' E" r: the {istitiiiii Dacaseos' gy'nriastlc {rt/rm” ' -,- f" i' unit, 5) figlt‘iiig pion'sest‘i. ilorii Dawson) il ii ’1 I ( Eerie/til ielei'ise fro/ii I ii if) ()ct.

Bizarre but disappointing genre hybrid


COMEDY ANNIE HALL (15) 93 mins 0.00.

Two decades before Sex And The City had its first orgasm. Annie Hall was laying bare the mores of modern. urban romance to devastating effect while also zoning in on the specific psyche of Allen Konigsberg: anti- Semitic paranoia. metaphysical angst. the search for true love. The auteur may have hidden behind the guise of Alyy Singer for the movie. but there's _ - .~ little doubt who is going through the ' anguishes. nauseas and short-lived , i (it: Joys here. $51 I.) Allen's 1977 classic pretty much has \V/fflytég, the lot. There is a highly charged on- v“ ' screen electricity between him and Diane Keaton. glorious vistas of the old New York and hilarious set pieces AIW fighting with lobsters. the scene of his childhood home below the rollercoaster and a stream of one- liners to end them all: ‘Don't knock masturbation: it's sex with someone I love. or, ‘I cheated on my metaphysics final: I looked within the

Allen at his comic best

s0ul of the boy sitting next to me.‘ And many more. Go see American Pie 2 and Scary Movre 2. Then conclude that they really don‘t make them like Annie Hall anymore. (Brian Donaldson) I Film/rouse. Edinburgh from Fri 26 Oct; Glasgow Film Theatre from Fri 2 Nov.


LA VILLE EST TRANGUILLE (18) 132 mins 00..

After the \"~./llllllS|CEtl comedy A

l 'attague.’. Marseillai filmmaker Robert Guediguian returns With this intimate epic. his most ambitious and tragic isxork to date. Like two other of this year‘s arthouse hits. Aniores Perros and Code lriconnu. La Ville est l."(i.’l(lllli’/O follows the overlapping paths of a range of diverse characters acr< ss a modern city: a night-shift worker (Ariane Ascaride) desperately tries to care for her heroinaddicted teenage daughter (herself a mother). a middle-aged teacher begins an affair wrth a young ex-con. a former docker (Jean-Pierre Darroussini struggles to make ends meet as a taxi driver.

The film's title is deeply ironic: far from being guiet. Marseilles is depicted as being beset by racial tensions inotably the rise of the far right). social deprivation and municipal corruption. despite the cosmetic efforts of the authorities to rebrand the area as a tourist destination. From the striking opening pan over tvlaiseilles. Guediguian's film is shot. scored and edited with admirable assurance. whilst among the director's regular troupe of actors. Ascaride delivers the most emotionally wrenching of i_)erformances. (Tom Dawson)

I Film/rouse. L-"rlinhurgh from Fri IQ Oct. See prewew. page 27.

Mares of modern, urban romance

Ei()l tY\.'~.’()()D r’t RIOD ROMANCE ASOKA (15) 173 mins 0...

Hollywood is the most prolific film industry in the world. churning out 800 films a year. all following a bright. gaudy musical formula. Asoka. directed by highly acclaimed Santosh Sivan. is one of the first Hindi films aiming to breech the East West.

Dolly Holly divide. It takes one of India's most important legends and turns it into a Technicoloured epic.

Asoka there played by Bollywood's lom Cruise. Shah Rukh Khan) was prince of the Magadha kingdom between 274 and 232 BC. After a period in the wilderness. Asoka returns to wage brutal and bloody war until he confronts the bleak wastage of his battle field. Standing amidst thousands of slain bodies Asoka is transfigured: Buddhism reveals to him its message of peace.

And that. so the story goes. is how Buddhism spread its way across the world. translated into a movre. Sivan has captured both the myth's herorc and spiritual dimensions: flashes of swords are set against monastic peace: tiighly charged sensuality throbs throughout: there's song. dance and fighting (that looks like it's sprung from the set of Crouching Tiger) and sweeping landscapes. They don't make “em like this anyriiore. Well not in the West. anyway. (Ruth Hedges)

Selected relei’ise from Fri 20‘ Oct.

Breeching the Bally/Hollywood divide

18 Oct-l Nov 2001 TH. “81' 2.