lamin in crisis. .-i ()m' :lmlxl 'Iim unfolds in prcscnt day 'l‘aiw an. w hcrc company cxcc .\'J is having woman troublc: his mothcr-in-Iaw's in a coma. his w il‘c's Icl‘t him for a r'cligious scct and an old llamc has appcarcd al'tcr 30 ycars. Mcanwhilc. .\'J's son is having troublc at school and his daughtcr‘s linding hcr hm hm c. Dcscrvcdly thc winncr ol‘ thc Bcst Dircctor l’ri/c at ('anncs. (‘amco. lidinburgh. One Day In September( IS) .CCCCthvin MacDonald. l'K. 3000) Narrator: Michacl Douglas. 9-1 mins. .\Iacdonald's ()scar-winning documcntary about thc I’alcstinian organisation Black Scptcmbcr's tcrrorist action at thc 1072 Olympic (iamcs plays likc a tcnsc political thrillcr. 'I'hc tragic story is told through gricv ing Isracli rclativcs. a vcngcl'ul .‘vlossad agcut. i‘ccklcss Bavarian sccurity

ol‘iiccrs and thc solc living tcrrorist. Il' gaining thc l‘ull contcxt of thc Arab/Isracli strugglc is your goal. librarics arc full of thc stuff. If an absorbing rclclling of a jct black day whcrc thc sport/politics intcrl‘acc fatally clashcd. thcn this should bc your starting block. (iilmorchilKi I 2. (ilasgow. Original Sin ( 18) O. (Michacl ('ristol’cr. I'S. 2001).»\ngclinaJolic. Antonio Bandcras. Thomas Janc. 1 lo mins. Ninctccnth ccntury film noir in which Bandcras wcalthy (‘uban col‘l'cc mcrchant mail ordcrs an Amcrican bridc. sight unsccn. But whcn Miss Jolic turns up thc randy bcan growcr gcts morc than hc bargaincd for. Thcy arc saying it’s dull and not at all crotic. Sclcctcd rclcasc. Peaches ( 15) 00 (Nick (it'nsst),

l' '. 2001) Matthcw Rhys. Matthcw

Dunstcr. Kclly Rcilly. 82 mins. It’s summcr in (‘amdcn Town. l-‘rank (Rhys) has droppcd out of collcgc. and hc's living rcnt-l‘rcc with his matc Pctc (Dunstcr). 'l’hc lodgcr's in no hurry toch a job though. and anyway hc'd much prcl‘cr to bc out chasing womcn. His cquilibrium is disruptcd howcvcr whcn (‘hcrry (Reilly) cont'csscs that shc's had a crush on him for scvcral ycars. Shot for budgctary rcasons in Dublin. this London-sct slackcr picturc was adaptcd for thc scrccn by writcr- dircctor (irosso from his original play. 'I‘hc cincmatic modcl is Amcrican indics likc .S‘u'ingcrs. although this is an uninvolving and stagin mountcd cl‘t‘ort. which trudgcs along through a cloud of misogyny. ()dcon. (ilasgow: l‘(i(‘ (‘incmas. Iidinburgh.


index Film

Pearl Harbor( 15> O. (Michacl Bay. 1'5. 200]) Bcn Alllcck. Josh Hartnctt. Katc Bcckinsalc. l80 mins. Al’l‘lcck and l-larnctt play lil'clong buddics. Ral‘c and Danny. who cnd up in thc .-\mcrican airl'orcc as pilots. Thc boys arc bascd in I’carl Harbor. Hawaii. but Ral‘c voluntccrs for a posting tojoin thc Battlc of Britain. though not bcl‘orc falling for nursc livclyn (Bcckinsalc). Witch Rate is rcportcd Iost. missing-in-action. Danny slips into thc bcd of thc I‘air livclyn. And thcn just to buggcr it all up. Ral‘c rcturns from the 'dcad' and thc attack by the Japancsc gcts in thc way of sorting lovc affairs out. Pearl Harbor is ovcr-long and ovcr-scntimcntal. and in going for thc broadest audicncc Bay has \I'asclincd thc unplcasantncss of war away. lcsscning its impact. Brunton Thcatrc & ()dcon \Vcstcr llailcs. lidinburgh.

based on a TRUE STORY From the award winning director of ‘TERRORIST‘



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