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King Tut’s, Glasgow, Tue 9 Oct 0...

Far from Idle

(STU ‘T 'irwi's beloved guitar bandits

'- arr: to: one Illtllll only, in a secret

;:.: ; slot for Yank bunk—bobsters

3).: \trlfi’liilii\. Ilie adored tour ki(:k .ii' ii:li>(:l()tlt; and dislie\./elled with

" 2:; \.'.’Iiat You've Got'.

"'..",'Ili<i”1(} a set (:()IIII)I'IE;(}(l mainly '.'a.:k:; from £00 Broke/i l/V/IK/OWS

:"’I material due out in March. '. {\ni ‘-.'.’hat I Am Not' bursts into

I)()l;ll(lllltl b; ss and cyclic

;. '\.'~.’orId In Your Arms'

(llf)‘.'.'ll(l at their most edgy

: .itai and 'ie‘~.'./ stand-out track

'f;'..i, ii1<253arne' is bubblegum '1t)lll(l|lltl '.'.’Iill their most

' ‘- whens melody to date. While

Tim, still perform With the utmost

"-2. cu: 7o‘.’(.~.’il>lr: roek tykes have

:i’l’l‘:’l sophistication to their messy

"‘5i{l£';. It's good to have them back.

Lainilia Mai

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Barrowland, Glasgow, Sun 7 Oct 0000. THE CHARLATANS

Barrowland, Glasgow, Wed 10 Oct .000

OASIS Barrowland, Glasgow, Sat 13 Oct .0000

The world sure is an unsurprisineg fucked up place at the moment, it is necessary to pick out moments of hedonistic, indulgent respite from among the insignificant minutiae of domestic life. By some freaky astrological occurrence, these come to the Barras in threes, as it plays host to a trio of Manchester’s most hallowed musical exports in one week.

With the crowd’s age averaging around forty if they’re a day, you don’t really expect slam dancing in the mosh pit do you? Nor do you expect three old fellas to rattle through such a set of such ramshackle beauty and with so much enthusiasm as New Order did here.

In the twelve years since their last Scottish show they’ve rediscovered their back catalogue with the fervour of their dedicated disciples and there is no shortage of Joy Division and early New Order pleasers on parade. ‘Atmosphere’ is still a glacial epic while they managed to out-Stroke The Strokes with a raucous rendition of ‘Transmission’. Lest we forget ‘Regret’, ‘Temptation’, ‘True Faith’ and inevitably, ‘Blue Monday’. All this as well as the highlights from the new platter Get Ready. Pretty much as near to perfect as it gets.

To write about The Charlatans and not use the word ‘swagger’ is kind of like writing about Shed Seven and not using the words ‘overstaying’ and ‘welcome’. It was the swagger of Tim Burgess in his oversized jeans in ‘89 and the inherent swagger of The Charlatans music that attracted us all in the first place. One death, one embezzlement, one major health scare, seven albums and scores of hits later, they still stand, the lone, formidable force remaining from the baggy era.

New album Wonderland finds the band in a fitter state they’ve ever been, the funk and Rolling Stones influences are back at the fore and Burgess’ is sporting a falsetto that could compete with Jagger in his prime. The bulk of the new record gets an airing, with sprinkling of old favourites - ‘The Only One I Know’, ‘Weirdo’ and ‘One To Another’ all popping up. The Charlatans retain a sense of energy and vitality that many acts

Are Oasis still madferrit? Of course

fail to keep a grasp on.

In many people’s sights as targets for ‘see I told you they’ve lost it’ put downs were Oasis. Their portentously titled ‘ten years of noise and confusion’ tour has done exactly what they must have hoped it would: remind everyone what the fuss is all about. ‘Columbia’, ‘Fade Away’, ‘Whatever’ and ‘I Am The Walrus’ were thrown down during a set bringing together all the musical highlights of their decade.

Two new songs are a gentle reminder that despite this retroistic rhetoric they are still creating and suggest they are not the spent force they are so often written off as.

Oasis gigs aren’t about soul searching or beard- fondling contemplation, it’s a blustery, joyous sing- along celebration. As a result, they have the edge over the older lads. This is true feel good music for a time when it’s not always that easy to feel good. (Mark Robertson)

I Gong chli‘cu I‘L‘rr}. (il;t\}I\‘\‘-. 3 \m; l.iquid lx’ooiii. Izdinliurgli. 3 \o\. I Embrace

’mr'rou land. (ilaxgow 3 \tl\.

I Silver Ginger Five (iaiapc. (ila\j_'o\v 3 Nov I Fear Factory

)idlli in land. (il.i\§_'o\v -l \o\.

* ARE Weapons l.a it‘llt- \iigjt'lt'. ladiiiliui‘gli. ‘l \H‘.

* Bonnie Prince Billy \Iphv\.(da\;in\.5 \in. I Muse (‘orn l:\t'l1anj:c. l,tliiil\iiij.:li. 5 Nov

I Backyard Babies llit- (killioim'. (ilaxggou, (I \o\.

I Slipknot SI;('(‘. (Haxvin\.(\\ui\.h()ll) ()l 'I

I Waterboys

liauov. land. (ilaygou. 7 \o\.


Ticket information: Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Glasgow: Virgin, Buchanan Galleries. 33? 4400 0 Credit card bookings from: Ticket Link: 287 5:31 1 8. Way Ahead: 330 8383 Edinburgh: Virgin - Princes Street. 220 3234 - Ripping Records South Bridge. 226 7010 - Way Ahead 0141 330 8383

I Mogwai Barron land. (ilaxgoxv 8 .\'o\.

I Midge Ure cht'rcii l’crr}. (ilaxgou. 3 Nov

* Spearhead (‘).\lt '. (ilzixgmv 3 Nov

I The Proclaimers Barron land. (ilaxgoxv ‘) \m; (‘orn liwhangc. lidinhurgh. l0 .\'ov

I Zero 7 .'\I'Cl1L‘\. (ilaxgou. ll .\'ov

* Smog (Brand ()Id ()pr). (ilaxgou. I3 \m; l.a llcllc Angelo. Iidinhurgli. I3 Nth.

I Hawkwind (iaragc. (ilaxgou. l3 Nov. Liquid Rooin. lidinliurgli. 13 Nov * Princess Superstar (‘).\ll'. (ilaxgoxv l4 .\'ov

* The White Stripes (‘)_\ll'. (ilaxgou. I5 \m; l.iquid Room. lidinliurgh. lo \in.

I Poets Of Rhythm

.\l(h€\.(”fl\gtfi\.lh Nth.

* Sum 41 Barrowlund.

(ilasgow. lo Nov

* The More Specials Barron land. (ilasgoxv I7 _\'o\.

* Tricky Arches. Glasgow,

l7 .\'o\. I 31 1 (iaragc. Glasgow. l3 Nov

I Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Barron land. (ilitsgmv l8 .\'ov

I The Handsome Family The Arches. (ilaxgou', I8 Nov

I Low King 'l'ut'x. (ilaxgoxv I‘) Nov; Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 20 .\'o\. I Wheatus (‘orn lixchangc. lidinhurgli. I‘)

.\'o\; Burro“ land. (ilaxgow.

3| Nov I Bush llarrou'land.

(ilaxgoxv 20 Nov

* Angelica liquid Room.

lidinhurgh. 3| Nov

I Pulp Barrowland. (ilaxgou'. 23 Nov

I Stereophonics and Feeder Sli(‘('. Glasgow. 2-1 & 35 Nov S()I.I) ()I'T I They Might Be Giants (iaragc. Glasgow. 35 Nov

I System Of A Down Barrowland, Glasgow. 27 Nov. S()I.I) ()I'T

I Paul Weller (acoustic) (‘orn lixchangc. Iidinhurgh. 28 Nov 3( )l.l) ()l "l‘

I Human League l'shcr Ilall. lidinhurgh. 30 Nov

I Mother Earth liquid Room. lidinhurgli. 30 Nov I Gabrielle Sl-Z(‘(‘. Glasgow, 3 Dec.

I Faithless ('orn lixchangc. lidinhurgh. 3 Doc.

I Tori Amos (lute .-\uditorium. 5 Doc.

I Stereolab Liquid Room. Iidinhurgh. 5 Dec: Arches. Glasgow. (i Dcc. I The Bluetones Barrimland, (ilasgou, 7 l)L‘L‘.

I Jools Holland Playhouse. Iidinhurgh. 7 Dec: ('l_\dc Auditorium. 8 l)CC.

I Ash (‘orn Iixchangc. lidinliurgh. 8 Dec.

I James Sli(‘(‘. (ilasgou', ‘) Dec,

I Machine Head Barrim'land. (ilasgoxv I I l)cc.

I Basement Jaxx (‘orn lixchangc. Iidinhurgh. IZ Dcc; Barron land. (ilasgou. 13 Dec.

I The Charlatans Sli('('. (ilasgoxv l3 l)cc. I Fun Lovin’ Criminals SI-Z(‘(‘. (ilasgmv I4 l)cc.

I Stereo MCs Barrtmland. (ilasgow, I-l l)CC.

I New Found Glory (iaragc. (ilaxgou, l-l Dec. * Delirious? liquid Room. Iidinhurgh. I4 Dec; QMl'. Glasgow. 15 l)CC.

I The Wonderstuff Barrowland. (ilasgou, l5 l)CC.

I Guns N’ Roses Sl{(‘(‘. (ilasgou'. lo Dec. I The Pogues Sli(‘(‘. (ilasgoxv l7 Doc.

I Travis t'slicr llall. lidinliurgh. I7 & Ih’ Doc. * Blink 182 Sli('(‘. (ilasgou. l7 Jan.

" The Beta Band ('orn Iixchangc. lidinhurgli. IS .Ian.

I Travis Sli(‘(‘. (ilasgou. 8 Mar.

* Aimee Mann liquid Room. Iidinhurgh. .Iul.