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Cabaret Sauvignon Tue 30 ()ct. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). A mix of music and drama to celebrate (ilasgayl Anyone interested in showcasing a short piece of work should contact Ann-Marie McKenna on 07733 35834 I.

Seen by Scene 'I'Iiu I & Hi 3 .\‘m.

(i 0pm. Free. A mix of spukc‘tt word. photorgiaph)‘ and \‘ideo exploring the gay scene. with a live pei‘l'oriiiance at 7.30pm. I’url (if-(I'lrlx't'rlt‘f

Glasgow Dance


35 Albert l)ri\'e. 387 3900. ll’. Tl‘. \\'('. \VAI

9X9 'l'hu l8 Sat 30 ()ct. 8pm. £8 (£0). Belgian dance company. l.e.\ Ballets (‘ de la [3 bring together 8| (ilaxgou' people. aged Ik‘l\\L‘L‘ll one and 8|. tor [Ill\ interesting moiement piece exploring the role of the individual \\ itliiii communities.


(i3 'l’rongate. 553 43(i7.

At The Still Point Of The Turning World Sat 30 ()ct. (ipiii & 8pm. £4 (£3). .\ unique mix ol‘ animation and dance performance from choreographer Norman Douglas. animation director Jc‘\\ic‘;i l.angl'ord and coiiipoxer Marina Adamia. See pt'e\ ieu.

Edinburgh Drama


Lad) \\ ell \Va}. \liixxelhurgh. (i(i5 3340.

ll’. ll. 'l'l‘. \\'(‘. \\'.-\|

Our Stories, Our Voices, Ourselves Hi It) & Sui 2() ()ct. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). John Binnie directs the Bi'untoii

Youth ’I'heatre in an eiening ol‘ \hot‘t pla} \.

See preview in Kids listings.

Losing Alec Thu 25 Sat 27 ()ct. 7.30pm. £8.50 (£4.50). (iiil\g()\\

pla} \\ right l’eler :\rnott renorkx his l‘)88 pla) for this neit production h} (‘uiiihernauld 'l'heati'e ('ompaii}. When husband. father. ex-xoldier and socialhl .'\le.\ MacStx iiiey gets flattened by a car. he refuses to take it I} ing down. lnxtcad he tra\el\ hack from the grate to \\ reak ha\oc on the friends and relatitex lel't hehind. Stories And Songs From Silver Tongues Wed 3i ()ct. 7.30pm. £7.50 (£3.50). An evening of" \tot'tc\ and \(Htgs from Ireland. courtex} (it John ('amphell and [cm (haliaiii.


33a Morningxide Road. 330 434‘). ll’. HI Plaza Suite l'niil Sui 2() ()ct. 7.50pm. £o.50 (£5.50). lidiiihui'gh l’eople'x 'l‘heatre prexent .\'eil Simon'x \ionderl'ull} comic pla_\ lollou ing the comple\ li\e\ of three complex


l5 3‘) Nicolxon Sll'L‘L‘l. 53‘} ()(ll)(). III. “(3. WA)

Hollywood and Broadway - The Musicals Tue 23 Sat 27 ()ct. 7.30pm (Thu & Sat mat 3.30pm). £l3.50 £l‘).50 (£035 £|(i.50). See (ilaxgoit. Ro}al (‘UIICCI'I Hall.

GATEWAY THEATRE Iilm Rim. Leilh \Vallx. H7 3000. Il’. M ‘. \\'.-\|


The Arches, Glasgow, Fri 19 & Sat 20 Oct.

The newly established Dzva Theatre is a company the late Sylvia Plath herself might have held close to her heart. Established as an outlet for professional actresses forced to iuggle motherhood and a career. the company has made a fitting choice in the work of one of the 20th century's foremost feminist poets for

its inaugural production.

'l ike many of her great works. it explores scenes of pregnancy. motherhood and loss. which Plath herself experienced and was very much scarred hy." explains producer Viv Devlin. “She was in quite an emotional state of mind when she wrote Three Women. and she loved to write about experiences of childhirth.

and womanhood.‘

Performed in the honeycomhed depths of the Arches theatre. the production focuses upon a theatrical poem. presenting three different outlooks on the experience of maternity. Using multimedia techniques to project the verses upon the set. and taking full advantage of the multi--roomed Arches space. Dzva's production immerses the audience in a hospital ward. an attempt to take the audience on a virtual tour of Platli's world. “Sylvia Plath means a great deal to many women. especially young students. It's a powerful piece of drama. and it's never been performed in Scotland hefoi'e.’ (Olly Lassiiian)

Suddenly Last Summer Tue

33 Sat 37 ()ct. 7.30pm: Sat 3.30pm & 7.30pm. £5 (£3). Students of Queen Margaret l'nhei'xil} (‘ollege open their autumn season \\ itli the lil'sl ol mo 'I‘L'IIIIL‘\\L‘L‘ \thitilllh plays. \Vhen Schaxtian dies \uddc‘ttl}. his mothL't‘ i'el‘iixes to accept the ex'entx \urroiiiiding his death. dexpite the prolexlationx ol‘ hix cousin. ('athei'ine. See pi‘e\ lL‘\\. Orpheus Descending Tue 30

()ct Sat 3 .\'o\. 7.30pm; Sat 3.30pm & 7.30pm. £5 (£3 ). The \econd of [\H) 'l‘eiinevee \Vliiiitllh pla} \ performed h} students at Queen Margaret l'iiixerxily (‘iillcf—‘c. When a driller enters a \ttltlll-

minded \()ttlIlL‘l‘lt to“ n in the 1'8. his affair \\ ilh I.£ltI_\ 'l’orrance end\ in tragic \ ioleiice. See prex ietx.

INSTITUT FRANCAIS D’ECOSSE l3 Randolph ('rexceiit. 335 5366. L’Avare Thu 35 ()ct. 3pm & 7pm.

liuropean 'l‘heati‘e present .\Ioliere\ claxxic

coined) of deceit and intrigue centring on a mixerl) man. l’erloriiied in l-‘rench.


3 l.e\eii Street, 53‘) 6000. Ill. 'lil‘. \\‘('. \\'.-\l

Life x 3 l'niil8a13()()ci. (‘;\.\'('lil.l.lil).

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Thursday 18

l1;th (l'leristun W dd l’la}ho_\



Citizens Main Citizens Circle Cottier Theatre Gilmorehill Kelvingrove King’s

Salim Iallt‘llt‘

Friday 19


Salon lancltc

Saturday 20

,-'lhiu'\\oiix'ii l’l;i)ho} .’Ili!\1‘\\'i)ittc'tt l’la}ho) ..:’|hiu‘\\oiix'n

Salon Jaiicttc

Sunday 21 Monday 22

Scc Rock «Q [’01)

Scc Rock A‘ I’op

(iIltHl Shut

Tuesday 23 Wednesday 24

I’tnhix ( )l‘llr\\'t.\un\\iliil Hle ( )l'llr\\isun\\ilil

.\Io/ait'\ Nacht .\lu\ic

See Rock & I’op Sec Rock & I’op

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70 rue LIST w, of». 1 Na, gym -

Mitchell Theatre Paisley Arts Pavilion Ramshorn RSAMD

Theatre Royal

SUM I’lll;'\. Rtkh \\ RU” SCC I‘UIK (K' “Ulhi

Derek ()gth IL' Dcrck ()gih lc ch Rock (\' I’op

I )cad Had I My I )cad I )ad [h if.‘

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.\'c\\ l)ii'cction\ New. l)iiectioii\

\t‘t' 'I.I\\I\ .II

St‘t‘ J.l//

.'\ll)IIllll:J (iocx .\n)tlung (Ith\ :\n)thuig (itK‘\

Hoolx Mon lt'x llogiiiana) “ooh .\lon It'x llogiiiana) llootx .\lon ll'x llogmana}

The Philadelphia Stoi‘) The Philadelphia Slor) The Philadelphia Stoi}

Dcath ()l \ Salcxiiiaii Heath ( )l \ .\dIt'\lll.:ll

Tramway w) w) Slg'ItlIC“ I'i‘.t\l Stg'ItlIt‘“ I t'-I\I \l IIl'XIlIiHillxlg'IlItiIuN SUV I'UIk t\‘ “chi IiaIImH )I ( hl;l/_\ I’aHIJ IiaIIatI ( )l ( 'l‘.t/'\ I'aHIa ()tii Stoiicx. ( )ui \oiccx ()iii Stoiicx. ()ui \Ult't‘8. .

Church Hill Festival Theatre Gateway Theatre King’s Netherbow Royal Lyceum

St Bride’s Traverse 1 haverse 2

I’Ia/a Suitc l’la/a Suite l’la/a Suite

Ramhcit Dance ('o Ramth l)aiicc (‘o Raiiihcit l).iiicc (‘o

Al’hc ('oiiicd}. ()l I'll()l\ 'l he (‘omcdt ()l lfiioix

\Iidxiitiitiici \ight \Il\I\llllllllt'l \ii'hl \Iltlelllllllt'l \ig'ht

()iie (‘iimded llotii|.t(l( )l ( it'a/_\ I'aiIIa

Iial|ad( )t ( tax} l’aola lialladf )l ( tax} l‘aola

SUV Rock & I’Hp

\Iphahcl ()l Dancc \lphahcl ()l I).lll\t' lloll} \uul :\nd liiixidua} Hull} \uul .-\nd lhuidua) Suddenly I .N Suiiiiiici \uddcnh lax! Siiiiiiiici

Salon Jancltc

lhc (‘oitieih ()l l-iiioix l'hc (‘otiied_\ ()l l-Iii'oix

Sliding \\ itli Sit/aiinc Sliding \\ itli Sit/anne