I Snatch Club at The Liquid Room. l().3()pm 3am. £3.50 (£3.50). Weekly. Relive the fun and games you had at cheap British holiday camps like Butlins at this funky disco cum cabaret. with your hosts of distinction Mr Harry Ainsworth (aka 'l’errier Newcomer Aw ard' w inner (iarth ('r'trikshank) and Spanky Alexander. Benny Hill-like antics w ill of course be rife and all drinks are available at l‘)7()s prices.

I Sputnik at The Venue (top floor). ltl.3()pm 3am. £3. 25 ()ct. l-‘ortnightly. The leftlield house night is back with an all-new line-up. Headed by Stey en Brown the local techno talent recently signed to Derrick .May 's 'I'ransmat label resident l)Js also include llobbcs, l)e\tor and the lovely Lisa 'l'hotnson. If you're starting early. check the pre-club at l’iyo.

I 3 Piece Sweet at The ('octcau Lounge. llpm 3am. £3. 25 ()ct. Monthly. l'nlike boys. girl DJs can have a latrgh with music. playing daft stuff next to solid party tunes. Trendy Wendy. Nikki and Sally l5 (aka The 3 Sweet l’cas) are all girls.

I Vortex at La Belle Angele.

ltlfitlpm 3am. £6 (£5). lts‘ ()ct. Monthly. Re-launch of the long-standing psychedelic trance night. featuring special guest ('harlie Munro (lilying Rhino) and resident DJ Birdie.

Chart & Party

I Old Skool Disco at Reyoltttion. lt).3t)prn 3am. £4 (£3 ). Weekly. School uniforni's obligatory at this all-new night w here time past is reliy ed in time present. DJ Tom Wilson unleashes blasts from the past twenty years of dance music and there's live l’As from some ‘old-skool’ heroes. including N-Trance featuring ls'elly Llorena ( lts’ ()ct) and QI’X (35 ()ct ).

I The 6, 7, 8 Special at Why .\'or'.’

llpm 5am. £5. Weekly. A ruagical musical

journey that takes yotr through the ()lls. "()s.

80s and ()(ls with plucky survivor Disco Billy and his new friend Disco Diya Dale. (‘age dancers a definite bonus.

I Soho at The Ark. ltlpin 3am. £4 (£2). All the fun of London‘s den of depray ity at this seedy student showcase.

I The Subway at The Subway.

t)pm 5am. l‘ree for students with rtiatriculation card; £l otherw isc. Weekly. A mainstream soundtrack plus the odd spot of indie.

I Thursday In The City at (’luh Mercado. 8pm 3am. l-‘ree. Weekly. (‘ommercial chart and dance from (irant Stott and Micky (lay in (Radio l‘orth ). plus drinks promos and surprise give-away s a plenty for those w ho w ant to start the weekend fashionably early.

Edinburgh Fridays


I Bass:Trap Sessions at Bani Boa. ()pm lam. liree. Weekly. Wise Manga master (i-Mac welcomes DJ Belieyc from litrture Noodle ( l‘) ()ct) and Stevie lilcments (Bf) ()ct) to his \y eckly li\ ol~ hand-picked narcotic breaks and heats. including all the latest hip hop. 3-step. R&B and drum & bass.

I Beluga at Beltrga. Spin lam. l‘t'ee. Weekly. A soulful selection of urban. garage grooves with Vogi llaughton ( 1‘) ()ct) and lirik Da Viking (26 ()ct ).

I Centro at The ('ity (‘afc 2. 9pm lair). l'ree. l‘) ()ct. l-‘ortnightly. t'ltragrooyc resident (iareth Sommery ille aurally entertains the drinking masses with a sweet nu-ja/l. and sultry house selection. I Cuba Norte at (‘uba Nor-re.

l()pm-— lam. l-‘ree. Weekly. Still supplying the broadest musical spectrum for l.atin lovers and still pivotal to the whole l.atin

I Cuts & Strings at The ()tllhotlse. ‘)prn—-lam. 26 ()ct. Monthly. .Many. myriad moods of music ranging from hotrsc to hip hop, from techno to weird clectro from those cheeky rapscallions l’aul Mason. Kevin Roe. and Sean Kellie. I EH1 at till I. 9pm lam. liree. Weekly. In the swanky surrounds of this saluhrioiis style bar. rotational DJs spin deep. funky house for the drinking hordes.

I Flashback at l-‘lashhack. Spm lam. l‘r'ce. Weekly. DJ Randy Andy supplies a retro chart mix for the over 2 l s.

I Immersed In Music at Pivo.

9pm lam. l‘rec. Weekly. In the saltrhr‘ious surrounds of this aw ard- winning ('/ech theme bar. (’raig (iee (lireelall) takes trs all the way to progressive house heaven ( ll) ()ct) while (‘olin ('ook (l'ltragrooye) delivers the real deal on undergrourul liouse (36 ()ct). I Made In Iguana at Iguana.

9pm lam. l-‘ree. Weekly. A new liriday fixture sees the boys from l'ndergrourul Solu 'shn get hisay w ith the jiggy hip hop. house. funk. drum & bass and techno.

I Metalheadz at The (‘ity (‘ale

0pm lam. l’ree. 26 ()ct only. l’re-club session to the main drum & hass event at The Honey cornh.

I Mixed Bag at l’opRokit. 9pm lam. l'hl'L‘L‘. Weekly. 51) let (Solefusion) and Spanky (Snatch (‘luhl dig deep in their funk. soul and disco knapsack.

I Oxygen at ()xygen. 0pm lain. lircc. Weekly. Rotational residents (’raig Smith (District) and ('raig (ice (l‘rcefall) celebrate the fact that lllc‘y“\c‘ got the same christian name and pretty much the same taste in quality house music.

I UrbannHangSuite at Bann's.

l lpni 3am. l‘ree. Weekly. Light vegetarian snacks served to a hip hop and breaks soundtrack from Dolphin Boy (Tummy ’l‘ouch).

I Yo! Below at Vol Below.

Spm midnight. l’ree. Weekly. The sushi sty le bar gets the nu-ia/l. R&B and dancel'loor soul treatment from the Posh l).ls.


I Arakataca! at The Bongo ('Iub. Monthly. NC“ date 9 Nth.

I Adaptor at Studio 34. l lpm 5am. £lt). 30 ()ct. Monthly. l'iit‘st birthday hash of this enticing little techno night featuring guest booty from the multi-talcnted Space DJs. Know it to their friends and relatives as Ben Long and Jamie Bissmirc. the Space fellas know more than a thing or two ahotrt fusing hreakheats and techno funk. so this one should go off like a pressure cooker. Support comes frotn the residents Metronome and Stucce and early arrival is rcci)nuncnded.

I Big Beat at La Belle Angcle. Monthly. Next date ‘) .\'ov with Brian Auger.

I Boogie Mo Dynamo at (‘oeteau Lounge (downstairs at ligo). llpm 3am. l-rce before midnight; £5 alter. 36 ()ct. Monthly. Baadaas breaks and heats from the Boogie .Mo crew. Make the most of it ‘cattse this is the last ‘ol'licial' Boogie Mo night for the lorcsceahle future. See Word lp for more details on future Boogie Mo C\ ellts.

I Canned Heat at (iaia. ltlpm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. llarri ‘Let's (io‘ with a reliable mix of dancefloor greats including pop. punk. funk and hip hop. Please note that entry to this e\cnt includes entry to RikB show case liicsta. See separate listing below.

I C.C. Blooms at (‘.(‘. Blooms. lll._‘~(lpm 3am (bar frorn 6pm). l-‘rce. \VL‘L‘lsly. l)_l .'\ll_\ does the decks dill) at [his gay night with her inimitable selection of high camp and disco classics. moving on to pumped—up house and dance as the evening progresses.

I Cerotonin at The Ventre (lower two floors). ltlfltlpm 3am. £l(l (£8). 26 ()ct. Monthly. .\'ot one but two Scottish debuts at this up-and-coming trance night DJ \ttkern ((‘y her Records) and Brian Stillwater tlrnago Records). Sure to he huge. Arrive early to secure entry and to capitalise on dope support from resident DJ. Scott l’carce.

I Chromatic at The Venue (lower two floors). Monthly. .\'ext date ‘) .\'oy.

I Club Latino at lite Bongo ('lub. Monthly. Next date 26 ()ct with another '.\'ignt for (‘ubafi see separate listing below. I Dischord at Studio 24. l lpm 3am. £3.50 (£2.50). 26 ()ct. Monthly. Heavy metal. nu-metal. death-metal. extreme

metal and some token goth with DJs Leaf. Wally. lqy and Liz.

I Dr No’s at The Bongo Club.

I lprn 3am. £7 (£5). 2 Nov. Monthly. ()riginal Jamaican ska and classic rocksteady showcase featuring live entertainment from up-and-corning local combo Big Hand. And if skanking's your thing. the date for your diary is Sat 27 ()ct when ‘(iodfather of Ska' Laurel Aitken comes to town fora live show at the Liquid Room. For more info on the wonderful Laurel Aitken and words of wisdom from Jerry Dammers on the subject of ska. see feature.

I El Segundo at The Bongo (‘lub. lt).3()pm 3am. £7 (£6). l‘) ()ct. Monthly. Another date from the highly successful hip hop hootenanny. this month featuring live rhymes from Killa Kella and sonic support from DJRed6 and (‘hango

I Evol at The Liquid Room.

lt).3()pm~ 3am. £4. Weekly. lidinburgh’s longest running indie night (ten consecutive years. with no holidays and no sickies). providing an ever reliable mix of the best current and classic alternative. crossover tunes. It's an institution already and with the recent addition of the back room. playing host to .Mr S; Mrs Mogwai. the future looks like a happy place for all things liy’ol.

I Fiesta at (iaia. l lpm 3am. £3 before midnight; £4 after. Weekly. All-new showcase where DJ liabulol. (Vibe. 2 l'rhan) drops the latest pressings and jams front the hot and jiggy worlds of hip hop and R&B. VIP passes available every Sun at the Q Bar.

I Friscodisco at .\'oa. ltlpm-v 3am. £6 (£5). 2 .\'ov. Monthly. Dirty house debauchery with a distinct [S West ('oast bias. featuring a new-and-improved residents line-up comprised of llarri (Sub (’lub). Martin Valentine and Steven Wanless.

I La Fructa Bomba at til Barrio. ltlprn 3am. liree before I lpni; £2 after. Weekly. Roughly translated to mean ‘the bees-knees'. join DJ llector. .\'ano and the l.atin posse at this swinging barrio party where the tequila runs like water.

I The Fun at ligo. llpm 3am. £2. 2 .\'ov. Monthly. Resident DJs Morgan and Sirnmone Black (Ruby Fruit) demonstrate base humour and high-grade DJ skills in the popular styles of garage and house. And by christ it's cheap?

I Funky Magic at The (‘octeau Lounge (downstairs at ligo). l lprn 3am. £5. 3 .\'ov. Monthly. Soul-fuelled deep house for pilgrims hosted by The Hoff Project and now boasting live percussion from Tagg. I Future Noodle at ligo.

lt).3()prn 3am. £8. 1‘) ()ct. Monthly. The masterful l-‘reddy l’resh guests at the brand new tech-house and breaks night that aims to combine the underground feel of an original acid lionse party with the commercial suss of the superclub. lixpcct hip hop. house. techno and drum & bass delights from Mr l‘resh and the resident types and if you're starting early. check the pre-cluh che/ the Bassz'l'rap Session at Barn Bou.

I The Go-Go at The (’octeau Lounge (downstairs at ligo). l lprn 4am. £4. l‘) ()ct. Monthly. (iet loose as a goose at this w igged out and wild night of 60s garage punk. surf. psyche and sweet. sweet soul hosted by boss daddies Tall Paul Robinson and Angus A (io-(io. Meanwhile. check the (io-(io radio show weekly Wed (3—5pm) on Fresh Air (87.7 FM) throughout Oct.

I Keep It Unreal at Ego. Bi-monthly. Next date 7 Dec.

I Luscious at Club Java. 9.3(lprn—late. £6. 1‘) Oct. Fortnightly. The only UK and LS garage night in town. hosted by Shabba. DJ Dan and DJ Innovator. If you‘re on a budget and/or a lazy arse. you'll be pleased to hear that if you catch a cab from the city centre straight to the venue. you can reclaim your taxi fare (with receipt) from the Luscious door staff. Maximum claims are £6. so don't take the piss.

I Magik at The Venue (top floor). lt).3()pm—3am. £8; £6 before midnight. 2 .\'ov. Monthly. L’nderground house night

listings Clubs

Pure Vs Lost It would seem that global war's playing havoc with Scottish clubbing because the Green Velvet live show's been cancelled due to the fact that one of his band ain't got the balls to get on a plane. Thankfully, fearless techno terrorist Green Velvet (pictured) is still coming over to do 3 a DJ set. Studio 24, Fri 79 Oct. Mischief ‘Too much drum & bass already!‘ you cry. with much justification. Still. this one's got the goods for d&b with DJ Hype and Randall and it's got plenty hip hop booty from rising UK stars. Phi Life Cypher. The Venue, Fri 79 Oct.

ta Metalheadz Launch of the Scottish session of this infamous drum & bass night. As the London residency has now been temporarily halted, this now represents the only Metalheadz night Currently active in the UK. See Word Up for details on how to win Metalheadz goodies and a free pair of tickets for this event. The Honeycomb. Fri 26 Oct. Modern Lovers Solid 608 soul at this bumper first birthday bash featuring residents Craig and Jimmy Mac plus their guest DJ. Rob Bailey (Mousetrap. London). See preview. page 81. Ego, Fri 26 Oct.

Radio Babylon Breakbeat pioneer Tim Simenon joins the masterful Merry Pranksters for a night of enlightening electro. See preview panel, page 85. La Be/le Ange/e, Fri 26 Oct.

Messenger Sound System Spiritualise and energise at this leading dub reggae showcase featuring the world's No.1 dub warrior. the legendary Jah Shaka. Arrive early or miss out. La Belle Ange/e, Sat 27 Oct.

featuring main roorn residents Kevin Jones and Lorne Finnie.

I Majostlca at Noa. lOpm—3am. £6 (£5/£4 in fancy dress). 26 Oct. Monthly. Spooky Halloween special at this up-and- coming house night featuring soulful to chunky stuff in Room I with Cameron Molyneux (Miss Moneypenny's). Trevor G and Bruno F-K. In Room 2. it‘s dark and dirty fare from Joni Nisbet aka The Waxman. David Amos aka Logrey and Ed D.

18 Oct-1 Nov 2001 THI LIST 87