Clubs listings

Edinburgh Saturdays continued

I The Project at The Bongo Cltib. 10.30pm—3ant. £8 (£6). 20 ()ct. .Montltly. A Yush Recordings special at tltis consistently ratttttted ntixed bag of ltouse. ltip ltop and ftutk. Tlte local label renowned for its ltiglt quality hip hop and ragga runs tlte sltow tonight. with live spots front yocalists Tracy B. Kay T attd Hallbreed (backed by tlte Yttsh All-star Battd) plus DJ support front tlte residents - Adam Bray. A1 Bee and Fawaz. As witlt all Project sessions. early arriyal is recommended to guarantee entry. I RAW at La Belle Angele. Motttltly. Next date 10 Noy.

I Scratch at The Venue. Montltly. Next date 3 Noy with l’gly Duckling.

I Soundfactory at The Vettue. 10.30pm—3am. £10 (£8). 20 ()ct. Monthly. Launch night of an all-new trance attd tecltno showcase featuring gttest DJ Joit The Dentist and the residents. Daye Lewis arid Peter Parker. See Factlile.

I Tease Age at The (‘itrus Club. llpm—3am. £4. Weekly. Now going ittto its ninth year. tltis indie stalwart llayoured witlt ltittts of soul and futtk continues to draw a packed attd sweaty crowd week itt. week ottt.

I Trafik at Noa. Monthly. 10pm 3am. £6 before 11pm: £8 alter. 20 ()ct. Monthly. Free-wheelin' residents Martin Valentine. Neil Ferries and Brian Black tear tip the ftntky house ltigltway iii the tttaitt roont. ()n the other side of this de-grooy y dual carriageway (i.e. in Rooitt 2). Stttart llirst plays progressiye house and trance.

I Ultragroove at La Belle Attgele. l0.30pm-3am. £10. 20 ()ct. Fortnightly. lidinburgh's bastion of real house music celebrates the happy occasion of its second birtltday. Despite the fact that the likes of Terry Farley attd Joey Negro haye helped construct the solid battlements of tltis impressiye bastion. it's no surprise that the residettt DJs Colin Cook and (iareth Sommeryille are takittg it upon thentselyes to ltost the party. Many happy returns boys.

I Up! at The Venue (top floor). Monthly. Next date 3 Noy.

I Vegas at ligo. Monthly. Next date 3 Not:

Chart & Party

I Atomic at Tlte Subway West lind. 7pm—3attt. Free before 1 1pm: £3 (£1 l alter. Weekly. DJ (itts Baitt joins the residents for sottte chart attd indie action.

I Big Cheese at Potterrow. 10pm 3am. £5 (£3). 27 ()ct. Fortnightly. Shameless clteesey anthems front the 70s rigltt tip to the sad attd sorry present day. Please note that only students and their guests can gain entry to this night.

I Luscious at Tlte Ark. 10pm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Smooth arid juicy as a peach. this pulsating night of mainstream pleasure will ntore than seryice simple needs.

I Saturday Sensation at Tlte Cayendish. l0pm~3am. £6 (free membership and discounted tickets ayailable). Weekly. 70s. 80s and 90s tunes

Rpm—midnight. Free. Weekly. The sushi

for the sensible adults who refuse to have their evenings spoilt by irritating teenage beer monsters. Over 25s only.

I Saturday Social at Club Jaya. 9pm—late. Free before 10pm; £6 (£4) after. 20 ()ct. Fortnightly. A big ‘ole get together at this stunning yenue. featuring a mix of party hits and mainstream house frottt resident DJ Dale (Lush) attd Michelle (Poptastic). Dttrirtg the month of Get. there will be a random free bar at irregular interyals.

I Skool Disco at Potterrow. 9pm—3am. £5 (£3/free itt unifornt). 3 Noy. Monthly. You'd haye thought that after all those years looking like a rigltt potato in your school uniform. you‘d be glad to go to a grown-up club in grown-up clothing. Oh well. Please note that only students and their guests cart gain entry to this night.

I The Subway at The Subway. t)pm---3am. Free before 1 1pm: £3 (£1 ) after. Weekly. See Thu.

I Weekender at The Ark. 10pnt—3ant. £6 (£5). Weekly. Dance attd party pap at this capacity night.

I Where Else? at Reyolutiott. 10.30pm—3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Mainstream chart attd commercial dattce tunes front DJ Joltttny Richardson plus a racy liye show front the British Cltippendales (20 ()ct) and a personal appearance front Radio One dinosaur Tony Blackburn (27 ()ct).

Edinburgh Sundays


I Anthropology at Battt Bou.

9pm» lant. Free. Weekly. A scientific study of human beings attd their way of life plus a relaxed selection frottt DJRed6's ja/I. collection at this opulent ()riental style bar.

I Beluga at Beluga. Spin—lam. Free. Weekly. Soul jazz front the past four decades with Yogi llaughton.

I The Crash Club at The Trott. Monthly. Next date 1 1 Nov.

I Smokey 8: The Bandit at Tlte City Cafe. ‘)pm—- I attt. Free. Weekly. All-new pre-club session featuring dirty house attd cheeky breaks and beats with Smokey aitd his trusty Bandit.

I Sunday Sessions at Cttba Norte. b’pm-lam. Free. Weekly. ()ld encounters new. on ajau-funk-soul tip with Ben. (iay attd guests.

I Sunday Sessions at PopRokil. 9pm» lant. A less than original name for this new pre-club night featuring solid soul and frisky futtk front (iino. Fryer attd Spectrum.

I 2 Urban at Q Bar. t)pm—lam. Free. Weekly. DJ Fabulo/ drops the latest pressings and jams front the ltot artd jiggy world of R&B.

I UrbannHangSuite at Bantt‘s.

l lpnt—3am. Free. Weekly. Light yegetarian snacks seryed to a hip ltop aitd breaks soundtrack front Dolphin Boy (Tummy Touch).

I Yo! Below at Yo Below.

90 THE LIST 1?), (int N0: 7/,1

style bar gets the funked-up drum 8; bass treatment front DJ Queen B (Beltaye'.’).


I C.C. Blooms at CC. Blooms. 10.30pnt—3am (bar frortt 8pm). Free. Weekly. The best turtes frottt across the genres to shake your booty to at this gay club.

I Decibel at The Liquid Roottt. 9.30pm—3am. £5 (£3). 28 ()ct. Monthly. The official month of drttttt & bass continues apace with yet another new night. This one claims to span from old-school to nu-skool and boasts sets front DJs Protocol attd Atomic and their guest. DJ Tuff Cookie.

I Deebo at Po Na Na. 1 1pm—3ant. Free. Weekly. DJ Wazzo supplies a spattgly selection of sexy. disco house and uplifting L'S garage.

I DKY at Studio 2-1. 1 lpm—3am. £1.50 before midnight; £2 after. Weekly. Jordie. (iarath attd Ally welcome you to their weird world of rock. goth. metal. industrial attd punk.

I Kayos at ()pium. 10pm—3ant. Free. Weekly. Another example of wilful mis- spelling (no doubt the nu-metal kids lose it) at this righteous rock night spanning early works to tttodertt masterpieces.

I Long Weekend at The Venue. Monthly. Next date 1 1 Noy.

I Mode Organic at The Citrus Club.

1 1pm—3ant. £2. Weekly. A sweet mix of ska. soul. ftutk. mod attd freakbeat at this long-running (and now weekly) 60s soiree. I Pimp at The Mantbo Club. 1 lpm—3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. All-new night of hip hop attd R&B. seryed up a treat by Big F21 and a supporting cast of thousands.

I Soundbank at The Wee Red Bar. 10.30pm—3am. £4 (£3). 28 ()ct. Monthly. Second session of this brand new electro night that spans the squonky style all the way front Kraftw'erk yia 808 State to Two Lone Swordsnten.

I Spellbound at The Liquid Room. Montltly. Next date 1 l Noy.

I Tackno at Club Mercado. 10.30pm~3am. £6 (£5/£4). 28 ()ct. Monthly. Be afraid. be yery afraid as Trendy Wendy throws open the creaky doors to Scary Moyie Tackno. lieeekf

I Taste at The l-loneycontb. l lpm—3am. £10 (£8/6). Weekly. This fortnight (21 ()ct). Fislter & Price are joined itt their uplifting to ltard ltottse antics by guest DJ Rob di Stefano (Twisted Records). Support in a CS ltouse style comes as always front Marco Stttitlt attd Martin Valetttitte at this wildly hedonistic attd gay-friendly Sunday institution.

I United at Club Mercado. l0pm--3am. 4 Noy. Monthly. The Club Mercado residents (including Trendy Wendy. Markell. and (iraeme .\lc(‘leatt)join forces to fornt this united front of uplifting attd yocal house.

Du warrior Jah haka guests at Messenger, Sat

27 Oct

Geared towards a glam crowd so make sure you dress nice.

I The Wendy House at Club Mercado. Monthly. Next date 1 1 Nov.

Chart & Party

I Lush at Iigo. 10.30pm—3am. £3. 21 ()ct. Fortttiglttly. Commercial dance attd pop courtesy of Craig Dentpster and Dale Wilkinson at this gay-friendly soiree. Drinks promos all nigltt long should effectiyely loosett up the joints arid the ittltibitiotts.

I Sin at The Ark. l0pm—3ant. £2 (£1). Weekly. Chart and party tunes front DJ John. plus booze at sweet sltop prices. I Sunday Session at Subway West End. 9pnt-3ant. Cheap drinks promos attd cltart tunes provide a debauched climax to the weekend.

Edinburgh Mondays


I Beluga at Beluga. Spin—lam. Free. Weekly. Soul jazz to lounge to with lirik Da Viking (22 Get) and Dom Flanagan (2‘) Oct).

I Salsa & Rueda at Baracoa. Rpm—lam. Free. Weekly. Autltentic Latin beats with rueda attd salsa dance classes (£3.50) front Sam.

I UrbannHangSuite at Bantt's.

1 lpm—3ant. Free. Weekly. Light vegetarian sttacks seryed to a mellow hip hop attd breaks soundtrack front assorted guest DJs.


I 0.6. Blooms at CC. Blooms. 10.30pm—3am (bar front 6pm). Free. Weekly. Things tttellow out (or so they claim) at this gay club. with an upbeat disco selection.

I Metro at Po Na Na. 1 lpttt-~3am. Free. Weekly. DJ Roddy Mac mixes up 80s classics. filthy disco and soulful ltouse.

I Spanish Pub Night at [£1 Barrio. l0pm—3am. Free. Weekly. A rigltt old knees-up for the Spanish and Spanish- loying community hosted by DJs Felix attd lidu attd featuring flamenquito straight through to Hispanic chart ltits.

Chart & Party

I Decadence at Resolution. 10.30pm» 3am. £3 (£2). Deprayed dancelloor decadettce at this capacity student night.

I Monkey Business at The Subway West lind. 7pm-3am. £2 (£1). Weekly. Pit your wits agaittst DJ Shaggy in the (io Battattas game show?

I The Subway at The Subway. 9pm~3ant. Free for students with tttatriculation card; £1 otherwise. Weekly. See Thu.