Exhibitions are listed alphabetically by city and category, then alphabetically by venue. Please send details to our office at least ten days before publication. Art listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Glasgow Galleries


i6 Kclv illgl'm c Street. 56-1 5200. Aerosol On Canvas t'ntil .\lon 5 Nov .-\n e\hibition of work by graffiti artist Real laka l.ait‘d .\lc\\'hinnie). who for the past thirteen years has been ttsing spray paint itt his art.


l(i-l \\()tltllilll\l\ Road, 332 0028. Mon—Fri Illant 5pm; Sat Illant 12.30pm. Mixed Exhibition l'ntil l-‘ri 9 Nov. A selection of paintings by Scottish artists lltcluding .lohn Bathgate. J.l). Henderson and Alastair Buchanan.

THE ARCHES V‘S K ,\j'g_\ lC Sit‘c‘c‘l. (Will ()2: 030“. Permafrost: Juliana Capes and Gillian Steel l'ntil Stilt 28 ()ct. Recent Hills by .lullana ('apes and Gillian Steel :l-sulling front tlteir residency in Lapland. s part ol tlte lapland Artists ('olony. l ilinburgh based ('apes presents a 'iillcction of illultlinatcd painted culplnrcs entitled His/i Britt's while Glasgow School of Art graduate Steel how \ a series ol photographic images lllllt‘tl (ill/It'lf.


‘) l’al'ltic Street. 552 777‘). Mon Sat

Hon 5pm.

.‘he Figurative Show t’ntil Mon 29

)cl. l'hc gallery celebrates its twelftlt :llhday w itll a show of ligtll'aliye wol‘ks

young Scottish painters including

. «lit-cca l-anlding. (‘het'lycne Dyer. lnislophcr .\lcl-'.lhinney. Hugh Gillan.

lllda Slloll and Jackie Anderson.

iiirector’s Choice t'ntil Mon 29 ()ct. urnitulc by I’aislcy -based craftsman

lurk (Iniayan featuring tables made from hit and inlaid cherry wood in a .idllional way. blll with a contemporary

.RTERIES ‘s‘5a Bath Street. 222 2830. Tue Sat ilanl 5.illjttlt. lixed Show l'ntil Tue 25 ()ct. A .. l\cd \lllt\‘. of paintings including works Donald .‘vlcl ,cod. lillan .\lc(il‘cgor. .‘lt'l \lllllay. (icol'gc llol'lt. (il'aeme .iaip. Scoll Riley and Kate l-"rame. plus i ‘l.tllllv‘\. glasswork and jewellery. .‘.errard Morris Wed 26 ()ct -.\lon 12 .n \ solo show of figurative paintittgs (it‘llald \lol‘l'ls.

HOGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART ii lll\‘.‘.llll(l SIICCI. on l'll l). illanl 5.30pm; Sat '.llll ljult. .nathan Meuli: Re-Inventing l‘fitinting l'nlil Tue 23 ()ct. In his first not shot). in fifteen years. Jonathan .‘llll l.lkc\ traditional art forms. in In lilal watercolour landscape and l\lltl|ll\ lhcln using photography to ducc multiple images. over-writing lll ‘.‘.|lll lcsl. icus l'nltl 'l ue 23 ()ct. (‘ontettlporary -.c|lcl'_\ by Sclicna ('oy lc and Suzanne 1“ “Cl. lare Conrad l‘ntil line 23 ()ct. New antemporary Pewter l'ntil Tue 23 l. Pewter by Nick .\lunl'o. Keith 'l‘yssen .z.;.l .\ l\’. \\t‘lll\\t)l'lll lltl. “Epa Designs l'ntil Tue 23 Oct. l3 t‘t‘lll tlt‘slglls 53"iristine Ironside Sat 27 Oct Tue r\m Rcccnl paintings.


Michael Durning Sat 27 Oct—Tue 20 Nov. Recent paintings.

Alan Craxford Sat 27 Oct—Tue 20 Nov. Contemporary jewellery.

Gareth Mason Sat 27 Oct—Tue 20 Nov. New ceramics.


10 King Street. 553 0733. Mon—Sat 10.30am—midnight; Sun 1—] lptn.

Peter Sheridan - All City/Anywhere.UK Until Sun 28 Oct. Paintings by Peter Sheridan based on observations and memories of the city life he left behind when he moved from Manchester to the Dorset countryside. Southern Exposure Wed 31 Oct—Fri 16 Nov. A selection of works by members of the Southern Area Visual Arts group.


350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. Sun-Wed l lam—6pm; Thu—Sat

l lam—8pm.

Ed and Ellis ln Ever Ever Land Fri 26 Oct—Sun 23 Dec (CCA l & 6). Rotterdam-based artists Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Janssen‘s commission for the newly refurbished CCA looks at the notion of Scottishness. Along with a DVD installation. the artists present two text blankets resulting frotn conversations with people on their travels. A public studio will also be set up during the show where visitors will be invited to contribute to a third blanket..See preview and Hitlist. NEW SHOW.

Words 8. Things Fri 26 Oct—Sun 23 Dec (CCA 2 & 3). The newly refurbished CCA opens its visual arts season with an exhibition curated by Frances McKee which looks at the human fascination with objects. McKee invited New York-based artists Mark Dion and Cheryl Donegan. internet art pioneers Jodi and Glasgow- based Simon Starling to produce new work for the gallery spaces. See CCA supplement and Hitlist. NEW SHOW. Cheryl Donegan Sat 27 Oct. 3pm (CCA 3). Words & Things contributing artist Cheryl Donegan discusses the relationship between video and performance in her work with Chris Byrne. director of New Media Scotland. Words 8. Things Panel Discussion Sun 28 Oct. 5pm. £5 (£4) (CCA 5). Writer and critic Michael Braeewell chairs this panel discussion exploring the nature of objects and collections within varying contemporary art practices. Speakers include artists Simon Starling and Cheryl Donegan. curator and writer Christine Alba and curator of the exhibition. Francis McKee. Public Tour Sat 27 ()ct. lpm (CCA 1). David Page of award-winning architects Page 8: Park gives a tour of the new CCA building which he designed.

The Shop Window: Curating Design Still 28 ()ct. 5pm. £5 (£4) (CCA 5). A panel discussion looking at the relationship between art and design within contemporary culture. chaired by writer and critic Michael Bracewell.

Jorge Pardo Tue 30 ()ct. 7pm. £5 (£4) (CCA 5). The internationally acclaimed scttlptor and creator of the CCA‘s new bar talks about his work with Glasgow-based curator Trevor ('romie.


36 West George Street. 332 555 l. Mott—Sat Want—5.30pm; Sun noon—5pm. Mixed Exhibition An ongoing exhibition of work by various artists. Pam Carter Sat 20 Oct—Sat If) Nov. New oil paitttings of Scotland‘s islands and coastlines by Patti Carter. NEW SHOW.


University of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 548 2558. Mon—Fri l()am—Spm; Sat noon—4pm.

Margaret Hunter: lntercessions Sat 20 ()ct—Sat 17 Nov. New drawings. paintings and sculpture created in Berlin. Britain and Mallorca by Margaret Hunter. Born in Ayrshire. Hunter settled ilt Berlin

in 1995 and tnuch of her work is strong in expressionist style. See also Paisley Museum & Art Gallery. NEW SHOW. COMPASS GALLERY

178 West Regent Street. 221 6370. Mon—Sat l()am—5.30pm.

Stephanie Dees Fri l9 Oct—Thu 15 Nov. Glasgow cityscapes by Edinburgh College ofArt graduate Stephanie Decs including Glasgow City Chambers and the Templeton carpet factory. NEW SHOW.


35a Dalhousie Street. 332 4969. Mon—Sat noon—5.30pm.

Modern Ceramic Design L'ntil Fri 30 Nov. Glasgow‘s newest gallery. Fireworks Studio. features modern ceramic design by resident potters Alistair Dearie. Tom Elliot. Todd Garner. Mary- Anne Hunt. Allan McKeown. Ailsa O'Leary and Katy West.


l8 Castlemilk Arcade. 634 2603. Mon—Sat l()am—5pm.

Reputations - Public Art Consultation Sat 20—Tue 30 Oct. An exhibition of the selections for a two-year public art development in Castlemilk. forming part of an ongoing series of shows exploring public art in the cotntnunity.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 229 I996. Mon—Thu & Sat 10am—5pm; Fri & Sun I lam—5pm. Jerwood Painting Prize Exhibition L'ntil Sun 21 Oct. Honouring the best in contemporary painting. the Jerwood Painting Prize the largest single prize awarded to one artist tours outside London for the first time with the work of the six shortlisted artists. Highlights include the winning paintings by Katie Pratt. Tim Renshaw‘s intricate. beautifully executed patterns which resemble magnified silicon chips and Ian Davenport‘s mesmerising poured paintings using household gloss. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Glasgow School Of Art Graduate Series L'ntil Fri 30 Nov (Lower Air Gallery and Top Floor Ellipse Rotunda). Glasgow School of Art graduates Peter Bradford. Stuart Murray. Leigh-Ann Parker. Anti Shaw. Doris Voetter and Sarah Walton have been given the opportunity to show their work in GOMA. Working in a range of medium. the works include large-scale etchings. painting. installation. sculpture and video. Typical Men: Recent Photography Of The Male Body By Men Fri 26 ()ct—Sun 27 Jan. A range of photographic work of the male body made in the last two decades of the 20th century by artists living in the United States and Europe. Featured artists include Sunil Gupta. Robert Mapplethorpe. John Coplans. Rotimi Fani-Kayode and [)uane Michals. See Gay section. NEW SHOW. Dykes In The City Screenings Fri 26 Oct—Sun 27 Jan. Daily screenings of live short films made by the l..l.P.S (Lesbians in Peer Support) Youth Group following a period of scriptwriting and technical training at the Glasgow Media Access Centre.


Rouken Glen Road. 620 0235. Fri. Stilt & Mon l.30—5.30pm; Sat l l.30am—5.30pm. Claire Harrigan [,‘ntil Mon 29 ()ct. New paintings.


148 West Regent Street. 22l 3095. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5.30pm.

Modern British Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture L'ntil mid Nov. A selection of paintings. drawings and sculptures by modern British artists including Glasgow School artists. Vaughan. Paterson. Redpath. (‘owie. Gaudier-Brsleska. Blackaddet'. Hunter. Fergusson. (‘adell and many others.


at. CCA’s Relaunch The CCA is back in Sauchiehall Street after two years of redevelopment. Now boasting six art spaces over three levels, an artist's flat, bar and restaurant, the visual art season kicks off with an exhibition curated by Francis McKee which looks at the human fascination with objects and commissioned work by Rotterdam—based artists Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Janssen which explores the notion of Scottishness. See CCA supplement and preview. CCA, Glasgow, Fri 26 Oct—Sun 23 Dec. Rachel Whiteread Casting everyday objects from mattresses to wardrobes to an entire house. Rachel Whiteread's first solo show in Scotland is a must-see. Co- organised by the Serpentine Gallery in London. the works range from her first bed piece Shallow Breath to the cast of an entire staircase. See review. National Gallery Of Modern Art, Edinburgh, until Sun 9 Dec.

ta A Perfect World At Last: Daniel Reeves The first Scottish showing of new work by American. Edinburgh-based filmmaker and artist. Daniel Reeves. His digital paintings. including large-scale nightmarish scenes. backlit and mounted on glass. address the timely topic of war. See review. Street Level. Glasgow, until Sat 70 Nov.

The Fine Art Of Photography The cream of the Scottish National Photography Collection is presented in this exhibition of almost 200 photographs. Featuring examples from the beginnings of the artform to the present day. among the selection are works by David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson. Eve Arnold and DOuglas Gordon. National Portrait Gallery. Edinburgh, Fri 79 Oct—Sun 73 Jan. 152* Total Object Complete With Missing Parts Last chance to see this major show of new and recent work by twelve international artists. takings its theme from the writings of Samuel Beckett. Featured artists include Nedko Solakov. Simon Starling, Joao Renalva. Angela Bulloch and Mariele Neudecker. Tramway. Glasgow. until Sun 28 Oct.