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Bugger returns Hasn’t the Six Nations finished? 'Tis the season known as the Autumn Test Series which is now upon its and our rugby bravehearts will be testing their mettle against some of the world's best national teams.

But it’s just not as good as football. .\'o‘.’ Some or the Norton people who turned tip at last year's Autumn Test matches tnight beg to differ.

Isn’t it expensive? 'I‘r)‘ £15 for all three of Scotland's home games. Ba) a ticket for the All Blacks game and a second ticket for another game is half price. and the third is completer gratis. nada. nowt. That’s over 240 minutes ol sporting brawn to be exact. and a mere pittance in comparison for the chosen l'ew who shelled out o\ er a

score for the Hibs V Hearts match.

I Scotland v Tonga. Sat 70 Nov: Scotland v Argentina. Sun 18 Nov; Scotland v New Zea/and. Sat 24 Nov. Murrayfle/d Stadium. Riversda/e Crescent. 0870 040

7 925. www. sru. org. t/k

Book events

Unravelling The Ripple Beyond \Vords Bookshop. 42 44 ('ockhttrn Street. 226 6636. 6.l5~ 8pm. £tbc. Launch of Helen Douglas‘ new book. The Big Hewers Scottish Mining .‘slusetim. Lad)~ Victoria Colliery. Newtongrange. 663 75l‘). 7pm. £2 t£l ). Songs and stories of Scottish miners. 0! Clarke The Point Hotel. 34 Bread Street. 22l 5555. 7pm. £4. Tickets from lidinburgh branches ol‘ Waterstone’s. A wine tutoring with the wine writer. Remembering Eden Nether-how- Arts (‘entre. 43 45 High Street. 556 957‘). 7.45pm. £6 (£4). Stories of childhood and growing tip.


Scottish International Storytelling Festival t'ntil Sun 4 Nos; Netherbow Arts (’entre. 43 45 High Street. 556 957‘). £6 (£3 £4). (‘elebration ot‘ the Scottish storytelling tradition.


March Against The War On Afghanistan Bristo Square. 337 8093. 4.45pm. The lidinburgh Stop the War

Permanent '


Craigmillar Castle Craiginillar Castle Road. 001 444:3. Mon~Wed 8. Sat 9.1%0pni—4pni: Thti 0.30aiii—noon: Fri closed: Sun 2bin—4pin £1.80 154.30: children 7:3pi. For a real taste of history. take a (JTI‘JO out to this ramshackle old castle. which although not quite as intact as Edinburgh Castle. is far more atriiosbherit; and the

scene of much plotting during the reign of Mary. Queen of Scots. Dynamic Earth Holyrood Road. 5:30 7800. Wed—Sun loam—Spin. $36.95 tS‘Ii.E):’3—S‘.4.95i: family ticket $718.50. With volcanoes erupting beneath your feet. a tropical rainstorm pouring down. and earthquakes and tidal waves at every turn, the history of the earth has never been more interesting. This Visitor attraction uses stunning new developments in interactive technology to

(‘oalition organise this demonstration to show opposition to the American and British bombing of .-\l'ghanistan. The protest begins in Bristo Square (4.45pm) before a tall} in Parliament Square (5.30me addressed b} influential ligures.


Artist Talk The lltib. (‘astlehilL Rosa] Mile, 473 2000. 6.30pm. £4. Deirdre Nelson talks abottt her work.

Book events

Turning Point Fundraiser Martin's Wynd. 34 Blair Street. 554 7516.

8pm lam. £5 minimum donation. (‘harity evening with readings from Toni Davidson. Janet Paisley and Alan Bisset. bltis lis'e Vocals from Stibie Coleman.


Open Book: Art Publishing In Scotland l‘ruitmarket Gallery. 45 Market Street. 225 2383. | 5pm. £l2 (£6). A lorum to discuss art publishing.

Political Stop The War Vigil Parliament Square. ol‘l~ High Street. 337 8003.

piece together the history of the planet. Edinburgh Castle

edinburgh©list.co.uk -

4 6pm. Weekl) \‘igil organised b}- lidinburgh Stop The War (‘oalition


General Sir David Baird Discovering The Body Of Sultan Tippoo Sahib National (killer) ot‘ Scotland. The .\lotmd. 624 6200. 12.45pm. l-‘ree. [)ax id \\'ilkie's painting is discussed b) Allan ('arsw ell.

Other events

Homage To Rose Auslaender St ('ecilia's Hall. .\'iddr) Street. 557 2876. 7.30pm. £6 (£3t. l’oelt'} and song recital marking the l00th illll1l\ ersar} ol' Atislaendei"s birth.

Big Stories And Muckle Sangs Netherbow Arts ('entre. 43 45 High Street. 556 ()57‘). 7.45pm. £6 (£4). 'l'raditional masic and stot')lelliltg.

Book events

Storytelling Masterclass Nether-how Arts ('entre. 43 45 High Street. 556 957‘). 1.30 4pm. £9 (£6). lltigli [.tipton leads this workshop.

A Galaxy Of Stories Mtiseum ()l' Plight. liast l-‘orttine Airlield. Haddington. 0l620 880308. l.30 3.30pm. l‘ree. Tales ol space travel with stor}teller John Hamilton. Shaping Lives National Portrait (ialler_\. 1 Queen Street. 624 6200. 3pm. £2 (U l. A stot')-lour with Donald Smith.


Hearts v Livingston 'l‘sneeasile Stadium. (‘iorgie Road. 200 720l. 3pm. £14 £l7 (£7 £9). SPI. football match.


Cherie Lunghi In Conversation The l"iliiihtitist‘. 88 I.othian Road. 228 2688. 12.30pm. £3.50 for talk or

film £5.50 for both. The British actress talks about her role in Iftt'u/i/tur.


Writing On The Hill lit)l)l't)tltl Park Rangers Lodge. llol}t'ood Road. 556 l76l. 10am 4pm. l‘ree. Local writer Ja}iie Wilding leads an alternathe creatne writing workshop esploring the landscape. follow ed b} a writing session.

Other events

Beltane Public Event The t’leasaiiee. 60 The Pleasaitce. 228’ 5353. l 4.30pm. l-‘ree. l-‘ollow ing \‘ideos ol the Beltane and Samhuinn l'estix'als. an address b} ke) note speakers on ('eltic issues and m_\ tholog}. Culinary Arts - Russian The Hub. (‘asllehilL Ro)al .\lile. 473 2000. 7.30pm. £22 £25. The spirit of. St Petersburg‘s restaurants is captured through aromatic sa\our_\' bread and Russian \odka.

Book events A Galaxy Of Stories .\fusetiin ()t‘ l‘light. liast l‘ortune Airtield. Haddington.

Royal Mile. 22130840. Daily 0.130ain—Spin. 5.77" 4372—80». Although much

of the (:astle': lllt)(ll(?‘.£ll character was lost when it ‘.'.'as converted ll‘l() barracks in the 10th century continuing excavations (illl‘ to :‘l"tl>‘.-.:.'rl of S. .‘T'. :2" redress this. Other attractions lll(2ltl(l(‘. .Jaiiies

Edinburgh life

(H620 330303. l.3ll 3.30pm. l‘i‘ee. See Sal

Life Story Netherhow :\l‘ls (it‘llll't‘. 4.3 ~15 High Street. 556 057‘). 4pm. £6 t £4 i. Melttot‘ies (th tra\ellei' lllt‘.

Festival Feast Nelherbow .\ris ('enire. 43 45 High Street. 556 057‘). ".45pm. £6 t£4i. Supper and stories with Duncan \\'i|liamson.


Spokes Sunday Ride t'sher Hall. l.othiatt Road. 445 7073. l0am. (ientlc 30-mile ride. stopping otl' tor lunch along the w a}. Meet at l'shcr Hall. Edinburgh Rocks v Milton Keynes Meadow batik Sports (t‘llll't‘. l3‘) London Road. 66l 535 I. 5pm. £7 (£5 ). 'I'roph} cup basketball meeting.

Other events

Gaddgedlar Historical Re- enactment Society (‘ixiiginillar ('astlc. (‘raiginillar ('astlc Road. 66l 4445. .\'oon 4pm. £l.8l) (£1.30: children 75p). The societ} take _\oti back to I54“. Beltane Public Event The Pleasaitce. 60 The l’leasattce. 223 5353. l 4.30pm. l'l‘L‘L‘. See Sill 3.

Spielin’ Wi’ Sangstream Si ('ecilia's llall. .\'iddr_\ Street. 55" 5724. 7.30pm. £4 (£2.75i. Slttl‘}lL‘llL‘l'\ (‘laii‘c .\Itilholland and Rtitli Kirkpatrick are joined by the Sangstream (.ttllllllllllll} (‘lioir for stories and song.

Book events

Richard Overy \\';itt'i'stiiitt“s. 128 Princes Street. 2362666613111. l‘i'ee. Modern llislot‘) l’i'olessor ()\ci‘_\ tackles the grim i'ealit} of. the Third Reich iii Interrogations: 'l'lir'.\’r1;'1'li/rlt'lIi.\//rr'i/ Hum/s. /‘/4.‘-.

Other events

Fireworks Display Meadow bank Sborts (’entre. l3‘) l.ondon Road. 66l 535l. 6.30 7.30pm. £3 £4. (in) l’awkcs is toasted in st_\le with a spectacular displa) (ll. lireworks.

Tuesday 6

Book events

Jack Webster l-'esii\al ‘l‘lieaire.

l3 2‘) \icolson Street. 52‘) 601 ll). lpiii. £3. Journalist Webster imparts tales ll'ttlll his \aried career.

Frances Bryan \Vaieisione’s. 12s Princes Street. 226 2666. 6pm. l‘i‘cc. .lllll and Long Joltn Sil\er are resurrected in The ('urw ()/"/'rt'mirrr' /\/(1/It/. Br} an‘s sequel to the Stewnsoii classic.


Space: Its exploration in a modern society Rosa! \lllsctlltl. 2 (‘liaiiibers Street. 228 ll55. 6.30pm. l‘ree on da} £3 in ad\ancc. ‘l‘hc liiiropean Space Agenc} ~s l)a\ id Sotithwood on the rele\ance or space tt'as'el.

l(l|lllxilt_l".f§ {tit'fli .;iiiet;t>:‘tt:- 3.51

attractive takes: some trl‘ 1.'i::’

tl(?t?(/(:§i., .ltl'r'st'.~'.

Edinburgh Zoo

lV's famous (:annon. (:tiftdi‘lt‘“ ‘3 .i: Mons Meg. the ()ne 0‘ Ha . ' . ()'()Iot:k Gun and lhe 41'. :3“ .'. StoneOt Destiny £23...“ ' Edinburgh Dungeon ".Zi’iltlixl .v ~'

151 Market Street. 08/1) T"~.":;I ."L‘i‘rl " 33' fr 8400000. Dillh.’ awn/s " ' ' 10.130ain Spin. £005) I‘.’ .i‘.'.;i'. .i'fw' IS‘-l.£)fi--S‘f).€)fii. (:lllt’d true-W gt ilz- :.':. methods of torture. fake t i t l

l)t}f$lll(}ll(i(} ridden streets. l‘t?‘.'.i‘. t\;i2.'. A". i y: "* grave robbers, prostitutes and (:annibals

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