Time travel

I am writing to complain about the article on time travel in your next issue. It contains many inaccuracies. not least the report on Prof Steinway's address at the 2018 conference. Most of Steinway‘s views were disputed by a colleague of mine in the late 18th century and have been disregarded for the next 300 years. If any of your readers would like to hear a more informed opinion of time travel. there will be a meeting in the Comic Club at Blackfriars. a week last Wednesday.

James Campbell

via e-mail

SOMA LOVE SENSATION Re: Same old Soma (issue 425) I read with utter amazement the comments of an outrageously paranoid reader. regarding the current PR of Soma. If there is one thing that I and in fact anyone who has a love of music based on their interpretation of quality - cannot stand. is this ‘culture' of what is cool. it seems that any form of commercial success in music means that somehow that previously highly regarded work loses all 'real' credibility. What a ridiculous situation. The success of Soma cannot be questioned in terms of a label that has injected more outside credibility into the Glasgow music scene than any other. Over 100 quality label releases in the past decade are the simple fact of their current stature in the industry. That is the only PR that matters. Respect to all involved in the industry. the name is irrelevant. Mark Flanagan via email

DESIGN FOR LIVING Re: Kicking against the bricks (issue 426) l was somewhat surprised to read yOur correspondents description of the national programme launch at the Lighthouse as a ‘low-key event‘. Mr Abrahams came along to just part of a day at the Lighthouse that involved hundreds of people and culminated in an evening lecture by award winning, London-based. Scots architects Rab Bennetts and Catherine Findlay.

l was also disappointed to see within the article so many factual inaccuracies viz: the

Lighthouse is not a ‘gallery' as asserted. it is a multi-purpose centre. Further. to describe the $900,000 national programme that the Lighthouse will deliver over the next three years as ‘administering government funds for various community schemes' is a gross misrepresentation. The grant to the Lighthouse is to support annual touring exhibitions on aspects of architecture. create the nation's virtual architecture centre. progress a fund for innovation and yes. develop a number of community-based initiatives.

As Scotland‘s national centre for architecture. design and the city it is absolutely appropriate that the Lighthouse receive the ‘bulk' of the money set aside to deliver certain key aSpirations of the architecture policy. Finally. references to the Lighthouse's past financial position are no longer worth responding to other than to say that. if you look at where we are now. as our three year plan demonstrates Scotland has a vibrant. innovative and internationally admired national centre for architecture design and the city.

Stuart MacDonald Director

The Lighthouse Trust 56 Mitchell Street Glasgow


Re: Framespotting (every issue).

I have yet to see any interesting or inspired photographs in your regular Framespotting

Patrick Composer

It is wonderful but I think it should be qweter and the people of Glasgow should learn to respect

tellets are blocked, but I'm haVing a really good time.

WNW.“ I".

Outstanding budding and tonight is fantastic.

feature. All of the photographs featured have. to me. been dull. pointless and lacked any visual appeal. What are the photographers trying to say? What are they trying to do? All the pictures l have seen featured are. in my opinion, pointless. Scott Rae

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Re: Jeepers Creepers review (issue 426)

Just what kind of drugs had your reviewer taken before going to see Jeepers Creepers? It's quite clearly in the running for turkey of the year and yet The List awarded it four stars.

He mentions a ‘frightening encounter' and ‘well-crafted suspense.‘ Well excuse me but is this his first horror film? It's hard to see how it could have been more predictable. with every cliche in the book packed in there.

Bee Bannister via e-mail


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The DJs are manager Failed iiiiisittian terrible and the It's an I‘m hoping to take

up residence in the artist's flat. it is; lovely to see the beautiful people enjoying themselves.



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