DAVE DOUGLAS Witness (Bluebird) OOOO

Dave Douglas's third album for RCA (now rebranded under its historic Bluebird labeli allows the trumpeter a larger canvas than his earlier sextet discs. but. as he points Out. the large ensemble iten musiCians. sampler Yuka Honda. and narration by Tom Waits, on Witness is mainly broken down into smaller and more intimate units. Their musical interaction is often c0uched in a very abstract muSical language which is less overtly identifiably as ‘jazz' than its predecessors. and relates more directly to some of 00ugias' less conventional proiects on other labels. Inspired by revulsion at the war il‘. Eastern Europe. and those who profiteer 710!“ such tragedies. it is a

powerful and very tin‘er addition to Douglas increaSIrtgly in‘ii)rosswe discography.

iKenny l\.fi.alhiesoni


Glasgo‘.'."s 'i‘ost iconoclastic quartet link up ".'.’Itll the ever idiosyncratic Lol Coxhill. and the COl“l)ll‘i£t’.lOll proves to be a predictably happy one. They had hardly played together before making this recort‘ling. ‘.'.’l‘.l(ll) n‘ay have :: >ntributeu something to its freshness and spontaneltup Four of the sex-:3". (rec-:2; are inspire-:3 itj. pa "lungs l‘( :"txi..ced r)" the sleeve.

it {t- 'l“l>"<)‘.lES£i'.'().') is the

.iel ii .I. ~.. '. usc ..l.ic'

. ltfé I)(3’.'.'.(E(:"

(ll/f>:l<:(..l(,l (ll‘Zl (l T‘.l(1.'(}

defined groove or pulse laid down by bassist George Lyle and drummer Allan Pendreigh. George Burt contributes his uSual off the wall, non-cliched guitar \"u’OTk to excellent effect. while Coxhill and Raymond MacDonald Joust constructively on saxophones.

iKenny Mathieson) ALSO RELEASED Lloyd Cole Etc (ll/X B/Si More singer songwriterly tones from the ex- Commotions man. Sarah McLaughlin Remixed (Netwei‘ki Canadian Songstrel gets a going over from a host of trance and techno masters.

Various Artists World 2007 it/irginl A broad compilation collecting the finest contemporary sounds from the four corners of the globe. Juliet Turner Burn The Black Suit lEastWesfi Accessible. folksy sounds from new British \ocalist.

Tompaulin The Town And The City lUg/y Man; Considered indie strummings from English band named after the grumpy Irish poet writer.

Illa llllsllm Wu, amok mo.

0|" 5“! NOVEMBER

available at:-

Coda Musm. Unit 14 Waverly Centre. Edinburgh Tel; 0131 5574694 Coda Musm. Unit 21 Kingdon Centre, Glenrothes. Tel, 01592 611301 Coda Musm. 7 Almondvale South. Livmgston. Tel. 01506 431011 Echo. 305 Byres Road. Glasgow. Tel; 0141 3392996

108 THE LIST 1 17', 7‘43. .“ ,'

Separating the Parma ham from the Spam in the corner shop of pop this issue is Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai. Interview: Mark Robertson

Freeheat 'Retox' (Outafocus) Jim Reid's new familiar-sOunding rock venture. Its not a departure but they were one of the best Scottish bands of all time so its probably a good thing he's not tried to go drum & bass or whatever. It's a bit more lively than the Mary Chain. I know they were still doing some good songs but it's was a bit like watching a three-legged dog at the end. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ‘Whatever Happened To My Rock ‘N' Roll (Punk Song)‘ EP (Virgin) A case of deja vu as new LA combo do JAMC by numbers.

This is one of the most unoriginal pieces of music I have ever heard. At least Jim Reid has the excuse of actually been a member of The Jesus And Mary Chain. These fuckers have never been to East Kilbride so they've no excuse. Nagisa Ni Te ‘They' (GeographiCI Far eastern indie pop from respected Glasgow label.

It's exactly what you might expect from a pop band from Japan released by Stephen Pastel. Great. It's got a really nice Summery feeling to it.

The Wow Cafe ‘Over Kansas' (Play) Glasgow guitar outfit impress With debut.

Like Galaxie 500 with some kinda weird Slayer-like double bass drum rhythms. You can tell from the innner bag they got it pressed in the Czech Republic -- the place to make 7" singles. I like it.

Artists Against AIDS 'What's Going On' (Columbia) Massacre of the Marvin Gaye c/assm: for AIDS charities.

One of the biggest gatherings of cunts known to man. And no cunt convention would be without where do I start? P Diddy. Wycliffe Jean. cunts from Savage Garden. Cuhts from Staind. bandwaggon jumping Cunt extrordinaire Michael Stipe, who forgets all credibility when a TV opportunity comes up. What this is going to do to rid the world of AIDS I don't know. It may well increase the suicide rate among daytime radio listeners but I don't know what else.

The Strokes ‘Last Nite' (ROugh Trade) Retro power punk pop from New York skinny tie wearers.

One of the most over-rated bands of all time the American Menswear. (Goes into long-winded breakdown of how they have managed to 'keep it real' by getting an ER two singles and an album out of only twelve songs) I'll look forward to seeing them in the bargain bucket of Woolworths in two years time.

The Cure ‘Cut Here' (Fiction) Melancho/ic strum/her with funky beats from the emperor of goth pop.

That was really good. It was more the 'Love Cats' or 'Friday I'm In Love' kind of Cure song. It's a shame that Radiohead have taken their mantle as the serious student band as they don't get the respect they deserve.

British Sea Power ‘Remember Me' (Rough Trade) Spanking old school indie rock from new Brighton outfit.

Don't know anything about this but it had a nostalgic kind of Everything Flows' feel to it. Just a good record.

Slipknot ‘Left Behind' (Roadrunner) Nu metal upstarts blow away the competition.

Really good production. Really clear. really mighty. The way it shOuId be. Great.

Single Of The Fortnight

Bis ‘FukD ID “‘5' (Chemikal Underground) Limited edition sing/e of/oyous Weegie progressive electrokrautpop.

This is a fantastic records from Bis. Tltey Suffered from the build “em up— knock ‘em down music press thing really badly but there's so much going on here first a French-sOLinding lounge track and then an Eccy-electro anthem. It's brilliant.

I Mogwai play Barrow/and. Glasgow, Thu 8 Nov. The Single ‘My Father. My King' is out now on Southpaw.