)(I. 7" J: ALONG CAME A ,, , V SPIDER (15) 98 mins 00 -’ "'

I r tasi i‘l'r‘ ; \/ ,l,‘ \;'w but ‘>: ila'arr‘cv.“f ‘z'i i; and r a )5 DVD :‘e"'.a. ’sl ;es Fielder. U H. :2 t7:)'~..ll:l)*/ '\ ANIMAL (12) 93 mins 00 I'.‘ 3 Wit," 'tlt; t "‘l, t a ::i t; Jittt *1" VK v A :1. mini ' _; :rt 7‘! :iéx s? it‘gr ; 2 ?r\"7 ' 3.32 .r i. ti. .;;=:, , Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows Released: 22nd October 2001 Carrie Special Edition Released: 22nd October 2001 . .1 " classr‘ li -_,- .2: Meet The Parents Released: 22nd October 2001 " -' 3. i.:" "tl tg'.l,r;’t [)1; i\filii. tf‘ .'-:f. f .tilharJ3 Cast Away 2-DVD Set Released: 29th October 2001 ‘.'. .- ()suar .'.;.'r::r_,--' 'rr' irti'wx': .;'.ti' ..t::‘:i.’.!‘t‘:i "ix t ( r l". ;rl:::, The Contender Released: 29th October 2001 r z. .' r,' a':, r,~ ;a. and -:.'-Z.'.-i;. ’l Terminator 2: Judgement Day Released: 29th October 2001 an i- Uilbféti. xtra) "t "lz‘m. . . 3 ." ::’\i£i”, {if 2 cl fl.r'ftt, t j \ Unbreakable Released: 29th October 2001 '.'. ’; :y .r:"ra:rr“:‘, roller: up to Sir/C." Beam 5;: it

y., .,. ’i anti Stir“..r<;ll Transformers Th vember 2001

:irif) .'.'a!t. Extra: 'rw

Released: 1st No


Jacks: ,r ‘.

e Movie

1‘s and tii-i; cr-:;:-~.:::'



t)t‘()‘.’(}S her theory abOut Z'ie x-rhole male/female brill cow thing. This is when they fall in love and realise that it is basically a big pile of bull rn more ways than one. rl-‘ox Pathe VHS and DVD t'tifttétii (Jane Hamilton)


A ‘t-,-e~good comedy :r'a'r‘a about a group of gray, ‘r.eri<is in downtown 1.5x iil2i)l()£l(1ttlltg the big 3- . get together '.-;-:;rkl', and play baseball erg. badly. The film .ioesn't shy away from tackling serious issues. coking at peer pressore. '.."{; tir‘possil’nlity of "i".‘ét.'t(;(3 and alternative ‘a'r‘ lies in an entertaining. "Teilrge'it ‘.'.'ay. it's the first " e from Greg Beltrami .').‘:'.'.'s<)n's Creek) and has a 'eatr'ely unknown yet .fr‘thUSSH‘JO cast. The most recognisable actor is .4171") islalormy (Frasrer's ’téifti x'rho rs scene- stealrngly good as the rr‘etttor to the boys. as is ga’, Vilglll Andrew Keegan anti Ben Weber as a plain gin, feeling ugly. A (:liarrr‘ing film with a granitic late in humour. '13:,Lurrriira ’lr'rStar VHS and DVD rental) (Jane l lzr'r‘iltorii

ROMAN l IC DRAMA COMMITTED (15) 94 mins 00

\“Jrrter—tlrr‘ector Lisa Krueger wants very badly for her film to be a qurrky Arnerrcan indie comedy. Site's assembled a decent cast including

i .rke \"Vrlson. Casey Aifleck. tf‘R's Goran Vrsnjrc and Mark Ruffan - brilliant I:‘ You (Jan Count On Me. iii it i leather (Srahairi ll‘ilt\t:f; for a weak lead as .( >1. at '.'.|i(} (Jolrne. who fair/‘31:; her husband to lexas when he leaves her 2:, find himself. Jclrne's arisen/anon}; about love and rife are merely cloying .'.'tl(:i(;‘ they're intended to

be insightful and humorous. The result is deeply irritating she comes across like a born again prig-cum-stalker. Best recommendation for Committed is the soundtrack by cool Tex- Mex/ outfit Calexico. (Buena Vista VHS rental) (Miles Fielder)

COMEDY THE DISH (12) 101 mins 00..

This delightful Australian comedy is directed by Rob Sitch. who has assembled a similar team to that of his previous film, The Cast/e. The film tells the story of the role of the hick bush town of Parkes in the historic Apollo i 1 mission of 1969. Here. a radio telescope dish relayed the telly pictures of the moonwalk to the world. The Dish comments on cultural divides between the US and its satellite states wrth otrret. dry humour comprehenSrble to other such service states as Britain. Sam Neill leads well as the boss of the radio dish, negotiating the complex iSSues of his co- workers with their big- shot NASA Overseers with elegaic sinipliCrty. Funny. and gently beautiful. (Warner VHS and DVD rental) (Steve Cramer)

ALSO RELEASED Bergman Collection (Tartan Video DVD retail) Three more classrcs from Swedish auteur Ingmar Bergman: Through A Glass Dark/y. Winter Light and The Silence. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Columbia TrrStar‘ VHS retail) Ang Lee's magnificent martial arts period drama available Subtitled and. for the philistrnes. dubbed.

The Emperor’s New Groove (Buena Vista VHS and DVD retar/i Disney's comic tale about an egotistical eastern emperor who's turned into a llama.

0 Brother, Where Art Thou? (Momentum DVD retail) The Coen brothers' superb screwball comedy about three convrcts on the run in Americas Depression-era Deep South.

Down From The Mountain (Mornenturrr DVD retail) And the Nashvrlle concert movre featuring the musicians who performed on O Brother's soundtrack.



THE LIMEY Channel 4, Mon 5 Nov, 10.35pm 0000

Steven Soderbergn made

this thriller between Out Of Sight and Erin Brockovrch. and it's an unashamed homage to

608 and 708 British crime

films. Think Performance. think Get Carter. like the films of that era. The erey mixes bruta

realism with arty aesthetic

with Soderbergh reall, nailing his homage. However. a lot of Viewers found the title character ageing Cockney hard-nut \"".’:Isoi‘ (played by Terence Stamp) off-putting arxl too much of a caricature. The set-up has Wilson taking a trip to los Angeles to avenge his daughter's death. Hrs dealings with Hispanic thugs. the West Coast criminal elite and FBI agents prompt Wilson to reson not Just to some serious GBH. but also to rhyming slang. In terms of style. the fractured. non- chronologrcal editing works like a dream. getting right inside Wilson's head. But Soderbergh's real coup :; casting two cinematic icons. Stamp and. as the villain. none other than Captain America rriniser‘. Peter Fonda. (Miles Fielder)

COMEDY DRAMA LINDA GREEN 8801, Tue 6 Nov, 9pm .0.

The BBC \.enture rntr: Big Bad Wor/o’ territory \.'.rt'it this caustic anti staunclfly-(twitteri rrttre half-hour slot detailing the love travails oi a

Mancunian singleton litt-

eponymous heroine played wrth sortable giee by the lovely Lr/a l‘arbuck is a junior iriariager at a repair garage by (la). and

The cliched but cute Linda Green

a szl‘.ei .(/ltl‘t;tl lint; ciiaritetrse ii, ll.()f‘;'.. A cro'k colleague

fancies; tier but does netting) ai,:,:rt rt ‘.'."iirle s'w;

:s i". mats and stuns lm-i; l)a..i i/lorrxzsey's 'oi‘g; "an/i. Sui/hilt) Cass rifeiez;'..rai

rnrseiai tl-:;’. has been kicked mt )i 7' -::'

tie ()‘.'.l‘.f3 t,-, " i;

i<'li..i\‘t;'f> rl-iJ'ul. r"'.> 1) a raw, .:: t'rt)!i

> "t: ' tr Bar. , aarr( , /‘:’,‘r . (tutti T't! : (i i'a'rta 'l‘::( T; ' lira. ' ' :eiitfi ae“ t; r‘ '.“' t t. l (nt'ft 'r‘a' t , ' MRI" tit; r [)(‘11: [)ttt (1() tf‘r MR CHARITY BBC2, Mon 12 Nov, 10pm 00 r’.’ t)" i "i it t) ' ricer, r‘o: " t' ontnePH i. ,. ":;.t>rr‘ r > 'tl t,t,. ( f) 1 ‘.'.'orr1en'.'.ut'r churns-cl accents "whim rri::;..-'..i-;:::;t.rr..r a t: 1:. :i

purpose. int:- ‘.'.()li‘.(3lt

‘.‘.(T'r\ ". UH: t,l)t:li.. 5i (il/

(Era'xirr It: i: , |\:}\l, i‘ 'tt:' (3' 1' (t t .s:: ‘ux'x; Sic-rifle! t"!‘( \":l;

l’ ':;'. ti I t

11‘. (1'. 7.."i \} CHIV'U ' :ti' iik,’ \ , H-‘Iit, \ .(il I) A, it'll i“ It . ti'riiir ;' ..t' it“."t 'h‘. (L t x 4 t\' n ‘i x