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ine was a huge big boxing glove. My brothers had Jelly Babies on it. What are we talking about? Bean bags. of course. During the 80s boom every self— respecting kid had their own variation (not many adults had the mental or physical flexibility needed to get off their chair and onto the floor). But what about now‘.’

Can we ‘grown-ups‘ ever find the same kind of

comfort‘.’ Making do with those wonderfully modern minimalist cttbes. tastefully covered in black faux leather just isn't enough. It's time to return to the days of carefree. unashamedly indulgent furnishings with help from a young Scottish designer.

Stargoyl is the brainchild of Yadia Lenders. a veteran of the music marketing and PR world who decided she‘d finally had enough of the ‘l’op ldols' direction the business was taking. Instead. she decided to turn her hobby into a business. ‘I basically made cushions and things for myself otrt of fun fur because I really like the feeling of it.‘ she says. ‘Then different friends would say “(‘an you make me one?” I thought that perhaps there would be a market for it. so I started making cushions and putting them out there.‘

Of course. starting a business is never that easy and lenders experienced more than a few ups and

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downs when exhibiting for the first time at the Bright Ideas show. ‘()ne of the first people I saw was this horrible woman who walked by my stand and said. “I could make that for £2“. But someone from the BBC happened to walk by needing furnishings for the Live & Kicking studio. It was a complete fluke. but it made it all worthwhile.‘ Since having her cushions. poufs and bean bags grace the TV screen. Lenders is now focusing on selling them to the public at large. Stargoyl products shout ‘fun‘ in a big way. You‘ll find cushions shaped like hearts. stars and flowers.

‘Someone from the BBC walked by needing furnishings for the

Live & Kicking studio; it was a complete fluke’

furry handbags and throws and her unique ‘sweetie' collection. ‘Both my boyfriend and l are kids candy addicts.‘ she says. ‘We‘re always going to the shop and can’t resist coming home with some l’ar‘ma Violets or something.‘ This sweet tooth inspired the collection. including the piece de resistance. her huge Liquorice Allsons.

Stargoyl is bringing the

fun back to furnishings. Words: Louisa Pearson


Using not only fun fur but mohair. wool and silk. the Stargoyl range is completely hand-made by Lenders in her attic in Troon. Not professionally trained in design or manufacture. Lenders has picked up her skills through trial and error (‘l've made some hom'fic mistakes‘) with a lot of helpful advice along the way from her boyfriends seamstress mother.

Finding retail outlets to stock her product is another challenge. as goods are often taken on a sale-or-retum basis. the prices are marked up and then there's no guarantee they‘ll be well displayed. It's a situation which has led Lenders to draw comparison with the music industry: 'So many young people out there are making clothes and doing all kinds of things. We need to promote people inside our own country and give them more of a chance.‘

In the meantime. Lenders has set up a website to showcase the Stargoyl collection. and she‘s awaiting orders and enquiries with open arms.

Stargoyl, 01292 318379, e-mail info®,