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Film, television. music and sporting related memorabilia are today's hot ticket in the world of collecting. Hundreds of thousands of pounds are being exchanged for

everything from Clapton's guitars to original movie posters. If your ;, budget doesn't stretch to the 21m mark paid by George Michael for


John Lennon's piano. fear not as there are some essential items that can turn up in the most unlikely places.

First up, bubble gum wrappers. Those little bits of greaseproof paper are actually worth something these days. Usually priced from a few quid to anything up to £30. ones to look out for are TV and " ”—-" film related wrappers such as the Man From UNCLE and Joe 90. However, the daddy of them all is a yellow 1964 Mars Attacks wrapper (origin of the Tim Burton film). Banned from release when the powers that be decided the imagery was too violent for the child market. there are rumoured to be about nine in existence. The price for this scrap of paper? Around £1200.

Action Man. Every boy's idol and the only doll a guy could play with without compromising his red- blooded manly image. is a favourite. Complete with trademark crew cut and scar, prices vary depending on condition, rarity and accessories. but a good condition figure can fetch upwards of 21000.

We all hoard old tickets as a lasting memory of that great night out. so unsurprisineg some have a bit more than mere sentimental value. Exactly how much a ticket can fetch fluctuates depending on condition. if it's been used and the importance of the event. For example, a used Steps ticket ain't going to be worth much even to the most devout ten year old fan. but a 1969 Woodstock ticket can fetch thousands.

Autographs are always sought after by fans. but beware. Check they come from an approved dealer who isn't going to send you some scribble done by a second year philosophy student desperate for cash.

So. if that's whet your appetite. what are you waiting for? Your favourite childhood toy may now be worth a small fortune if sold in the right place. The internet is always a good place to pick up a bargain, but the larger auctions can just as easily lose you a lot of money as they can help you make it. (Gavin Campbell)




Based Glasgow Occupation Fashion accessory designer Background I always knew that l wanted to run my own business and I graduated last June. after doing a fashion and textile course. I don't know if setting up my own business was brave or stupid, but I've had a lot of help from the Princes Trust and a lot of the other local enterprises in Glasgow too. What kind of style do you specialise in? They're all really quite high fashion items, very funky and directional. It‘s mostly bags. and I do smaller accessories in with the handbag ranges, like these belts that are in just now that tie with all the ribbons. Where do you get your inspiration from? I try to go to as many of the fabric and other shows as possible. What designers influence you? I couldn't say one in particular. but l like the whole British scene.

What is your long-term goal? I am planning on expanding and getting more stockists down south. I'll be doing that from the beginning of next year to get the label more widely known.

What is your own favourite fashion item? I've got

and I take it with me everywhere I go.

Where can we buy your designs? Glasgow: Stons. 81 Queen Street; Hayes Clothing Co, 1 139 Pollokshaws Road. Edinburgh: Troon. 1 York Place. www.katfeeley.co.uk is coming soon. (Louisa Pearson)

if! it}.

an antique bag that I found in the west end of Glasgow I


Spend, spend, spend. . .


out from fresh cosmetics company Lush this month include the Happy Birthday bubble bar, specially designed to make anyone who’s a year older feel better about it. Formulated with bergamot oil, vanilla absolute and cocoa butter, it comes wrapped up in a big bow. More on www.lush.co.uk

I SOME PEOPLE consider men who don't shave to be committing an act of terror. and a new range from celebrity barber Daniel Rouah aims to put an end to the Miami Vice/Bill Oddie modes of thinking. Urban Rites is billed as ‘no nonsense. high performance and affordable' with key products such as the non-foaming ‘Smooth Shave“ gel, ideal for gents with goatees. then there’s ‘Sport & Travel' a multi-purpose cream that acts as shampoo. shower gel and moisturising shave lotion. Products are all under 25 and available exclusively from Superdrug.

I NOT MANY OF US imagined that the terrorist activities of 11 September would have an impact on our shopping habits, but the effects are manifesting in many ways. First up, there’s a reasonable chance you’ll have received at least one e-mail offering you gas masks, bio-defence suits and drugs or herbal remedies at ‘bargain prices’. The best advice is to ignore them and log onto the Public Health Laboratory Service website (www.phls.co.uk) to learn all you need to know about anthrax, botulism, smallpox and plenty of other


nasty biological weapons. We’ve already heard that women in the US are ditching stilettos in favour of trainers in case they have to get out of a building fast, and now in Japan, Triumph is launching a metal-free bra after underwiring has been setting off alarms in airports with tightened


I IF YOUR SKIN LOOKS worse for wear once the winter weather and constant central heating kicks in, look out for Elemis' targeted products for dry skin. Its ‘Enriching Plant Essence' contains sandalwood. avocado and evening primrose to maintain moisture levels while the SOS cream has lavender absolute and extract of chamomile to help soothe chapped skin. Find out more about the range on www.elemis.com

I ON AN ALTOGETHER different note, 3 November is the launch date of the Lord Of The Rings board game. Think strategy battle game featuring miniatures made to look like the actors from the film. Just imagine: your own tiny Christopher Lee or Sean Bean. Created by the people at Games Workshop, the game costs £40 and features 48 detailed plastic miniatures, and you can buy it in one of their stores or from WH Smith. More info on www.games- workshop.com/lotr

I IF SKIING IS YOUR thing. look out for the sale at Glasgow's AS Adventure (Crow Road. 0141 357 5353). Running over the weekend 3—4 November there'll be half-price ski servicing as well as special offers and giveaways.

1—15 Nov 2001 THE LIST 113