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V I saw you Chuck Glacier hanging about Byres Road selling tickets. Where was the queue'.’ Box .\'o. [.7427/1

V I saw you exceptionally gorgeous girl in Borders who served me Latte for three nights. I‘ve just been dumped so come for dinner with me. Oh! you're the blonde girl. Box No. [7427/2

V I saw you Suzanne! At the Cube on Friday 12th October. your mates drank my pint and we chatted. 1 got dragged away coz my mate had 1 to many. was gonna ask for your number but lacked the courage. fancy a pint'.’ Box .\'o. [7427/3

V I saw you 2 years ago GM. and I will see you 20 years hence. All my love Poppet XXX Box .\'o. [7427/4

V I saw you prancing around the Research Club like you own the place I remembered your curly locks from a year back. playing fight club on (‘haring Cross and jumping off bus shelters like as if your name was batman. I think you're pure gorge. Box No. [7427/5

V I saw you 10th Sept. Auldhouse Retail Park. Glasgow. You drove a red Nissan and drove me wild. You spoke in ‘Scottish Power' and I lost all mine! Wish I'd spoken contact me. Box .\'o. [7427/6 V I saw you Bronzed Adonis. leave that mouse alone and check my pale and interesting drives. Wee Monster xxx Box No. [7427/7

V I saw you in BAR ()7. watching Ireland thrash Iingland at rugby. You had on a strapy white top then a denim shirt. Your friend had a grey Glasgow L'ni top. l was stood on the balcony trying to watch the match but ended up watching you! Come out fora drink with me. Box No. [7427/8

V I saw you Angelcakes on Park Road. Kelvinbridge with me living nice. Your Zorro, dreaming. Box .\'o. L7427/9

V I saw you black haired girl (a pressure. we lattghed about funk d'voids dodgy mix! Me tall guy. too shy and dumbstruck to keep talking. (‘an l try again‘.’ Box No. [.7427/10

I saw you - Glasgow

V I saw you with your ropey rollerskating pal and smiled. Memory of it a little hazy and wonder if (cue Stevie Wonder) it's tne your looking for? Box No. [7427/11

V I saw you on the 44 bus at L'nion Street. You tall dark and handsome tne very wet. Looking forward to riding with you again soon! Box .\'o. [7427/12

V I saw you walking home from the artschool (20/10/01). Can you not get trousers to lit'.’ Good job you've got a belt. Didn't see you at that party . . . pity . . . still waiting!! Box No. [7427/13

V I saw you Keira at Heather Nova gig in the Garage. Looking as cute as ever! Box No. [7427/14

V I saw you my tall. dark. handsome black eyed boy. You accosted me in the West End. 1 led you astray. Were those new clothes next day‘.’ Let's take the lift together sometime . . . gorgeous xxx Box .\'o. [7427/15

V I saw you Row S Seat 18 Malmo Symphony. I would love you to tinkle my ivories or blow my trumpet. the choice is yours. be greedy try both. fancy bumping into top you at Bennetts. it‘s a small world! Let your free spirit touch my life X L Box No. [7427/16

V I saw you Derek holding the door for tne at Asylum every day. You cute blond & spikey. me cute. dark & in love. Fancy friskin‘ me‘.’ Box .\'o. [7427/17

V I saw you my Shrek- Princess. seems like a long time since we got together. so glad we're still great friends. hope we always will be. regardless. You're so special... (delivery. needs and fried rice) Thanks for all your love and support with everything always. Can l do you up the bum now'.’ Box No. [7427/19

V I saw you looking fab in your kilt. (and out of it) with my red roses . . . can't wait to see the photographs . . . xxx Box No. [7427/20

V I saw you standing on the sidelines my Arthurlie starlet. Give me a call and you're certain to score. XXX cheeky monkey. Box No. [7427/21

V I saw you. giant-sized Sugar Daddy. at late night Hedwig. I want to give you a full physical examination is your inch still Angry? see you in Odeon 4 next weekend? Box No. L7427/22

V I saw you. Gary. chemist from Boots in Arta on 13/10. You made me laugh lots but your mates dragged you off to dance to Steps/Elvis. so l never got a chance to give you my number. Hope you had a good night! Lucy (little). Box No. L7427/23

V I saw you. May she be brave. have a strong heart to love with. strong hands to work with. feet to travel with. and always cotne home safe to her own. RAF. Box .\'o. [7427/24 V I saw you Saturday 13th October 3.30pm-ish at the Robertson Lane Health Club Glasgow. We smiled as l was leaving. I had to rush. Maybe you'd like to get together again for longer'.’ Box No. [7427/25

I V I saw you at the ltnax

cinema early show on the 26th April. 2001. You were mature. attractive female who wore glasses. You left in a taxi. Forgotten the films. But not you! Box No. [7427/26

V I saw you Lucy in the sky with diamonds come and twinkle with me at the GFT. Box .\'o. [7427/27

V I saw you funky ghetto fabulous Ian. Love you always Dorothy xxx. Box No. [7427/28

V I saw you stranger working in Borders cafe. The brown shirt. the English accent and sticky quiff make me sweat. How about a quiet night man to man'.’ Love and kisses. Jeff. Box No. [7427/29

V I saw you little lIy-lisher in my new flat. Do you conte back‘.’ Thanx for heavy help. Your German teaching slave. Box No. [7427/30

V I saw you 17th Oct. Red legged lady working in Borders coffee shop. How your colgate smile makes me bop! X. Box .\'o. [7427/31

V I saw you chewing on a shoelace. oops sorry. that was tne. Happy birthday to the chicken provider. Love from Frodo and Mirren. Box No. [7427/32

V I saw you chubby ginger girl with Dorchester Superkings. Lets get together and customise T-shirts. Box No. [7427/33

V I saw you Scooby Doo in the Tron. L' were drinking gin and l was thinking sin. Box No. [7427/34

V I saw you Sebastian at the Tron. Glasgow. 7/10/01. You appeared from nowhere: just as l was leaving. Next day. our paths crossed again. against all odds. Peut-etre nous pouvons reconetre encore‘.’ Box No. [7427/82

V I saw you in Borders cafe. You were reading a paper. looked tip & smiled at me. I smiled back. How's about it'.’ Box No. [7427/35

V I saw you ‘C“ you are the most beautiful man I've ever seen. call me. Box .\'o. L'/427/3(i

V I saw you in the Tron. you are denim woman. you are more enchantineg vibrant than a pair of Levi's. Find me. 10/10/01. Box No. [7427/37

V I saw you gorgeous raven- locked damsel. in the Tron with 3 guys. (‘an 1 be one of the trinity? Box No. [7427/38

V I saw you ya big sexy beast. Amy H. You are alright'.’ I am pissed'.’ I am where‘.’ You with the lovely hairdo! Box No. [7427/3‘)

I saw you Classified

I saw you please note

V I saw you in the Arches bar

on Sat 13. You were lovely-de- lovely. delictatious. A stripey scarf & white sleeveless top. Best girl by far. Box .\'o. [.7427/40

V I saw you long auburn- haired temptress. You were with 3 complete losers ck a raven- haired minx. If you are already spoken for can you give me the minx's address'.‘ Box No. [7427/41

V I saw you in the smallest disco in the world. remember to whip it and whip it good. Da da da ra da. Box No. [7427/42

V I saw you bar man in the Arches Cafe" Bar couldn't lift you cappuccino because of plastered arm. (‘ute specs-cute pecs. Let me lift it for you. Box .\'o. [7427/43

V I saw you (‘aroline 1)e_ja vu r ti out?! Box .\'o. [.7427/44

V I saw you and u changed my life. showing me how great it is to have u by my side! Thank it for that. I). I love u. K. Box No. [7427/45

V I saw you you have strawberry hair and momentous globes and pins of an enviable magnitude. 1 like you. you smiled (0‘ me in Burger King in Central Station. Box .\'o. [7427/46

V I saw you bombardicr looking like a foxy duchess in the Arches (are. (ioodoh! Love ti lots xx. Box .\'o. [7427/47

V I saw you liraggel. In fact I see you every day. Just you enjoy yourself. loads of love Alan + Ian + Kale xxx. Box No. [7427/748

V I saw you T.K (0 I saw you at I’ruillly. You sexy man Arches through and through. Big Boy. Box No. [7427/4‘)

V I saw you in Braeltead. shopping for sltoelaces. ho ho what a surprise! Happy birthday Roo. lots of love from you little Ling xx. Box No. {7427/50

V I saw you sexy Jules Q. ()n Byres Road. You looked good enough to eat. Yttm yum. Box No. [7427/94

cuscowmnmmaun ll I. EVENTS cums

V I saw you in Tinderbox. little blonde bombshell. I think your name was Janey. ('all me big hunk. Box No. {7427/51

V I saw you die wunderbarste l‘ratt der welt sass mir gegenttber am 19.10.2001 in der tinderbox. Iclt sage ihr: ich liebe dich! Box .\'o. [.7427/52 V I saw you on city sightseeing bus. Petite brunette laughing far too loud. (‘all me dolly. Box No. [7427/53

V I saw you skinny. yellow T-shirt. snakebelt. in Tinderbox. Were you in that band‘.’ The fttuy fur'.’ Hope your enjoying your new career. Love anon. Box No. [7427/54

V I saw you strap it on in the 13th Note ('1th toilet you sexy bitch. put down that bass and come get your hands dirty. Oh yeah . . . Box No. {7427/55

V I saw you wearing a safari suit getting eaten by zebra . . . will you be wearing your cork hat at ()ptimo this Sunday. sorry? ['11 bult!!. bttgh. GIiT!! Box No. [7427/56

V I saw you boy called James. You used to take theatre studies. Liked your voluminous quill. and green and red tops. Saw your hands and arms one day you have beatttiful bones! X. Box .\'o. [7427/57

V I saw you in l‘ttsion. Tall. skinny. lloppy haired vegan boy. didn't like the egg well tough. suck me beautiful . . . 1 think yr ditty electro band suck also. strap on beeatch. Box .\'o. [7427/58 V I saw you whisky man distinguished and with a few friends in the 'l‘ron. Please notice me. (stalker). Box No. 17427/50

1—15 Nov 2001 THE LIST 125