I saw you Classified

I saw you - Edinburgh

V I saw you drum and bass boy you sat next to me on the plane to London August 10th. Met you again at Manga with your brother. Would love to see you again. Box No. L'l427/60 V I saw you Woman in Black. Princes Street Friday 19th 2:30ish. You stylish. Asian. dressed in black. Me brown hair. beard. white polo-neck with rucksacks. You were tnoving fast. I was heading for a train but the world stopped for a second. Let's give it a spin. How about coffee? Jamie Box No. [1/427/61

V I saw you at Cafe Q. putting the bottles out. with wavy brown hair. You leave wearing a black and blue windstopper. I bottle out of saying hello. Are you as serious as you look? Could I give you something to chuckle about? Box .\'o. L'l427/62

V I saw you in the Garage nightclub queue. The light was reflecting off your bald head. making me quiver. I saw your eyes through your speks and I nearly fainted! Box No. U/427/63

V I saw you Derek at Sainsbury's. Meadow-bank on Sunday 14/10/01. you packed my bags (one of many that day?).You have a lovely friendly face. Good luck with your adventure. Box No. U/427/64 V I saw you BMi air h. small black-haired. going for row 2 on LHR to Edi 12.35 Oct 12th. Followed you on. and was smitten! Smite me again? Box No. L7/427/65

V I saw you buying Weetabix & Malibu. and then on a treadmill. You've got a beautiful smile! Box No. U/427/66

V I saw you saucy minx with top hat and pinstripes dancing on a table breathing OXYGEN on Sat 20th Oct. Will you be my private dancer. or will you call me a little chancer? Box No. U/427/67

V 80 I haven't seen you for some time now. taikodomimttrixbarbie. but I miss your wicked grin by the bathroom door! Keep whipping Claire and Sandra into shape take care! Box No. U/427/68 V I saw you gorgeous. bespectacled. smiling waitress in the Holyrood Beanscene. You: efficient. benevolent maker of Mango smoothie. Me: shy but smitten cod nutritionist. Can I buy you a fruit juice? Box No. U/427/69

126 THE LIST 1—15 Nov 2001

V I saw you sexy Sheena samba-punk rocker at the last Bloco Vomit gig see you at the next one. West End Backpackers Hostel Saturday November 3rd. Box No. U/427/70

V I saw you and 3 steeples. upside down from a bench I stole a kiss frotn you and you shoved me in shopdoors. I love you Vodka lips x Box No. U/427/7l

V I saw you Friday 12th October 6.30pm outside Cameo. You gay female in brown/grey suit. short blonde hair. Me suitably impressed. boyish female. black top. Levis. Fancy a date? Box No. U/427/73

V I saw you At Mori. U think I'm straight or gay! Who knows. I could be Bi! Sexuality isn‘t the issue. Let‘s get to know one another. Box No. L'/427/74

V I saw you at Mori. Mr Q.C guy talking about sex again. Ifl probe you fully will you make a deffo with me? Box No. L'/-l27/75

V I saw you You Crazy Fools (BA Baracus Style). Give us your Top 5 once again . . . Claire you naughty girl! Love A&J xxx Box No. U/427/76 V I saw you Alicia. backstage at the Traverse. during festival. 1997 you had red hair and wore jeans and check shirt? Loved you there and then as always. Graham xxx Box No. U/427/77

V I saw you In the Blue Moon. working those tables. More delicious than bannoft pie. more bitchy than Patsy! Can I share your taxi? Box No. U/427/78

V I saw you K.H in Crazy Paula. You‘re so beautiful. See the show again in Aberdeen. Box No. U/427/79

V I saw you guitarist 4 the Magnificents: You are so hot. mysterious and full of life of stylin‘ guitar licks. Put me on the guest list? You rock my world. Stud. Box No. U/427/80

V I saw you I didn't see you at The Stand. 8th October. but I sent you a token of my esteem. Do you want to discover the name of the rose? Box No. L'/427/8l

V I saw you but I needed to pee and then you were gone. next time I‘ll ask you ifl can do it in your bellybutton. Mine’s a penny sweet! Box No. U/427/84

V I saw you frothing at the mouth. eyeballs straining. sweating. pulsating. quaking. shouting at the wall and motors likesay. Box No. U/427/85

V I saw you sexy bearded man at the Film and Video Access Centre let's make a movie with lots of skin! Box No. U/427/86

V I saw you trendy guy in dark blue (P) with your beautiful feet bare in those sexy sandals. Leith Walk. Monday 15 October 2.00pm. I’m the guy you caught staring hard! You/your toes look good enough to eat! Would like to see more of you. How about a foot massage for starters? Box No. U/427/93

V I saw you looking like a fox. My way all wayz doll! Love you xx Box No. U/427/87 V I saw you in EH1. You were looking fine just before going to work at Le Sept. Box No. U/427/88

V I saw you Matthew and I adore you! You are my Mr Big Stuff. Come and stay with me. Bubba and Thug. xxx Box No. U/427/89

V I saw you Bristol Boy waiting for the 26. Why didn't you invite me to JTQ? You and your shoes walk my way. Box No. U/427/90

V I saw you tall. black. spiky haired. black-rimmed specked with German shirt on Man. I‘m in love. Call me! Box No. U/427/9l

V I saw you sitting in my seat. in the Filmhouse Café bar. You were fat. smoking a fag. We had words. Box No. U/427/92

V I saw you on a bus. in a Church. on a plane. in the lift. in a queue, in Starbucks!. in Room 1811. on Top of the World! Thanks for a lovely holiday. Love AMM x Box No. U/427/l8 V I saw you - grey hair. tight trousers. walking like there was a secret in your socks. You looked at me - I turned away. Now I want a second glance. Box No. U/426/62

V I saw you Traverse staff. doing the do. providing the drink. Give me ajob - please...Box N0. U/426/63

V I saw you - specs. tight jeans. eighties trainers. I’ll be your eighties trainer - relax. just do it. when you want to come. baby. Box No. U/426/64

V I saw you poncho-ed temptress. smoking like you had a badger in your eye. Love me like a nocturnal creature should. Box No. U/426/65

V I saw you sitting on nails to keep awake (Traverse 02-10). Does my love for you bore you that much? Please say ‘I don‘t.‘ Box No. U/426/66

V I saw you Barty. you have a baby blue automobile. Let's go somewhere a bit more cool than the Corinthian next time. Celtic Godess (I wish) but thanks. Box No. U/426/68

V I saw you Gill. I checked you out. got the green light. best move I have ever made. Missing you as I write this. many kisses. Love J. Box No. U/426/69

V I saw you Ian B. growing a tash in the comer while shaving your tram lines into an Adidas style. - giz a kiss Box No. U/426/71

V I saw you. glasses man. licked up to the eyeballs with sweet Leffe lager. Behind your lenses. there‘s just a bunch of lads! Box No. U/426/72

V I saw you Natalie. You dropped your things going home from work and I took you home on my bus. I would love to speak to you again. James Box No. U/426/75

V I saw you scrubbing the Cameo cinema floor - if I was getting paid £5 an hour I wouldn‘t put up with that! Ps - you‘re gorgeous. xxx Box No. U/426/53

V I saw you Madonna. J-Lo. Posh. Debbie. Britney. Saffron. Scary. Macy etc in the Three Sisters on Sat 29 Sept. Box No. U/426/24

Only one I saw you.

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