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The Big Lebowski t txi 0... (Joel (‘oen. I'S. l‘)‘)7l Jeff Bridgex. John (ioodiiian. Stey e Btixcemi. I l3 ltiitix. 'I'he ('oen brotherx giye their unique tyy ixt to a ('handler-exque I.:\ itoir. ax 7(lx hippy throwback Jeff "l'he l)ude' l.ebo\\ xki iBridgexi ix drayy it into the xordid affairx of hix millionaire namexake. Suddenly he hax to ,xleuth hix way through dixorganixed crime. 'I‘radcmark oddball characterx. xurreal imagery and excellent performancex grace lliix \ it‘ltttixti comedy. l'(i(‘ chfreyy Street. (ilaxgoyy.

Bloody Angels i ISI .0. ilx'arin Julxrud. .\'or\xay. 3001 i Reidar Sorenxen. (iaute Skiegxtad. Kierin llolinen. Us minx. When a young girl ix raped and murdered in a xmall Norwegian toun. the tyxo eldext mm of a rey'iled family are blamed. When one of the xonx turnx tip dead and the brutal \ictimixation of their family beginx. it ix time for big city cop .\'icholax Ramin (Sorenxeni to xolye the crimex and preyent Vigilante retribution. Although the denoucment ix eaxily' anticipated. Julxrud'x debut ix a thriller full of pathox. xuxpenxeful drama and humour. See reyieyy. I’ilmhouxc. iidinburgh.

Bound i llx’i O... il.arry and Andy \Vachoyyxki. [8. 190m Jennifer Tilly. (iina (ierxon. Jo l’aiitoliano. 07 minx. li\-con (‘tit‘lx'y' ((icrxhoni ix xcdueed lay \iolet

i'l'illy i into helping xteal .82 million from mob money -Iaundcrer (’acxar i l’antoliano i. but the xting doexn't go xmoothly. After a xlighly cliched opening. oo/ing \y ith xtcamy lexbian xc\. thix nco-noir thriller comex into itx my n. lightly plotted and full of xty lixli qllll'l'x\. ilx xtory t‘akex unpredictable in ixtx to keep any fo the characterx holding all the cardx at one time. (‘ameo. Iidinburgh.

Boys Don’t Cry 1 lxi 0000.

(Kimberly I’cirec. I‘S. :lllllll llilary Syyank.

('hloe Sey igny. l’cter Sarxgaard. ll-l minx. \Vritcr/director Kimberly I’eirce'x firxt feature ix baxed upon the life of Brandon

Teena. the traiixgendercd Nebraxka girl \y ho li\ ed her life ttx a male. and \ylinxe Itiy e affair \\ ith a xinalltoyy n girl named Lana ’I‘ixdel met a bloody end in I‘M}. Syy'ank ix ximply axtonixhing. 'I’he credibility of the film rextx entirely upon her performance. but it'x a burden xhe xhoulderx \yith conxummate xkill and grace. A humbling example of braye. beautiful. brutal filmmaking. (it‘t)x\eli()t'. (ilaxgoyy. Breakfast At Tiffany’s l ISi 000. (Blake Iidyxardx. I'S. l‘)(il iAudrey Hepburn. (ieorge l’eppard. Patricia .\'eal. Buddy Iibxen. Mickey Rooney. l 15 ininx. ‘lloyy' Do I look." axkx original yyaif llepburn in the role of borderline xchi/ophrenic Ilolly' (iolightly. ‘\'ery (loud. I inuxt xay I'm ama/ed' repliex I’eppard in the role of fruxtrated \\ riter and part-time gigolo l’aul Varjak. The iconic Ilepburn hax neyer made neuroxix look xo good. and \yhile the film may haye numeroux redeeming leaturex (not leaxt the exquixite cinematography by Franz I5. l’lane and the .x\\ inging .xoundtrack by Henry .\Ianeinii. it ix xhe \y ho remainx rexponsible for making it xuch a \yell-loy ed elaxxic adapted from the noy‘cl by 'l‘ruman ('apote. (iroxyenor. (ilaxgoyy.

Bridget Jones’s Diary 1 iii 0... iSharon \Iaguirc. l‘S/I'K. 2()()l l Renee [c'lly\c'ge‘i'. llugh (irant. (‘olin I-‘irth. ()(i minx. Brit/eel .lulti'y '\ 1mm ix that rare thing. an adaptation that \axtly improyex on an o\ er-rated original. in thix caxe llelen l’ielding'x bextxelling neyx xpaper column- eum-book. Jonex hax a rather nice job. and lookx rather nice. but \yorriex a lot about her appearance and career. In betyyeen \yeighing herxelf and ranting about the modern male. xhe entanglex herxelf \y ith naxty boxx Daniel ('leay er ((irant l. before taking up u ith nice .\lark Darcy il’irthi. On paper. Jonex \y ax a xiiiyelling. neurotic week. on film xhe'x a xniyelling. neurotic \\ reek \\ ho alxo happenx to be conxixtently' hilarioux. And /.ell\y eger addx a touch of

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28 THE LIST ' fix. '

Jimmy Spud receiving some coaching from archangel Billy Connolly in the woefully uneven Gabriel And Me

warmth to what ix exxentially a \y holly unxy inpathetic. brittle character. .\'e\\ I’icture Ilouxe. St Andre“ x. Brotherhood Of The Wolfi lSi

.. t('hrixtopher (ianx. lirancc. 2001 i Samuel Le Bihan. .\lark l)acaxcox. Vincent

('axxell. Monica Bellucci. limilie l)etiucnne.

l3—l iiiiiix. In lh'th century I‘rance a terrifying bcaxt ix terrorixing the (ieyaudan region. ripping itx \ ictimx to xliredx. Adyenturer and xcientixt l‘ronxac il.e Bihan i. together \y ith hix .\'ati\e American companion. .\lani iI)acaxcoxi. ix dixpatched by the King to inyextigatc the phenomenon. Aided by a my xterioux Italian courtexan iBelIucci l. l‘ronxac'x iny extigationx unco\ er a \\ itch. a wad xociety and the xinixter brother i('axxell i of the beautiful nobleyyoman t/x’uu'lm‘x Detiucnnei \\ ith

\\ hom l-‘ronxac ix enamoured. 'l‘hix bi/arrc It) l‘t'itl Ul- liliti genrcx lll\ltll'iL‘;ll t'UltidilL‘L‘. martial artx. horror - ix lay ixlily axxembled. yet xtrangely muddled and empty. (ieneral relcaxc.

Captain Corelli’s Mandolin I IS) ... iJohn .\ladden. I'K/I ‘S/Ia'ancc. Zillil l \icoIax (Kige. l’cnelope ('ru/. John llurl. Ill) iiiiiix. 'l‘hix adaptation of l.ouix de liet'tiiet‘ex‘ bcxtxellcr xeex (ireece taken by the Italian Army during \Vorld \Var ll. ('aptain ('orelli and hix xtiuad of opera etilliltxitixlx arriyc on the ixlalitl of ('cphallonia. caiixiiig much uproar. And

\\ hen the (‘aptain ix billeted to Dr laniiix' tilttt'll liottxe. ('ot'clli and [lie I)octor\ beautiful daughter. l’elagia i(‘ru/ i. fall in forbidden loy e. Madden hax xtuck to hix gtiiix and made a moy ie at once dixtinctly liuropean and likely to appeal to American audieneex. ('ommercial. unfaithful to the book. but xtill head and xhoulderx aboyc any of the ey c candy llolly \yootl liax to offer. Dominion. Iidinburgli; MacRoberi Artx ('entrc. Stirling.

Caravaggio i txi 0000 (Derek Jarman. l'lx'. 103m \igel 'I'crry. Sean Bean. 'l‘ilda Syy inton. t)t) ininx. Jarman'x biographical xtudy of the brilliant Italian Renaixxance painter eentrcx on the artixt'x triangular relationxhip \\ ith a [on -life gambler and hix proxtitute |o\ er. a paxxion that ix to rexult in murder. Aiiibitiotix and accexxible \Hit'k that lilitlx a delicate. cinematic etiuiyalent for the xubtle xliadingx in ('arayaggio‘x briixhyyork. (iroxyenor. (ilttxgim.

Cats And Dogs it’(ii 0..

Han rence (iuteriiian. I'S. llltll l Jeff (ioldblum. liIi/abeth I’erkinx. .\liriam .\largoy Iex. 37 ininx. 'I‘hix refrexhing approach to cute talking petx filmx ix a kind of xuby erxiye lamie meetx Minion: Iiii/Myyi/i/e. 'I‘liexe dogx don‘t lllxl talk. they tixc xury cillance equipment and haye a xolemn mixxion to protect xcientixt (ioldblum ax he inyentx a cure for dog allergiex. 'l'he catx are c\ il. hell-bent on conquering the \Hii'ltll their xpecial agentx ha\e deadly ninja xkillx and \ ieioux \yeaponx. 'l‘hc aiiiiiiatroiiic effectx are of a pretty high xtandard. but it'x the animal trainerx you're in real ayyc of. ’I'he occaxional yyander into xentiiiiental territory and xlmy mg up of pace can be forgiycn by

the madly original idea. Iiyely action xequeneex and knockabout humour. (ieneral releaxe.

Central Station t iii 0... I\\;tllet' Sallex. Bra/ii. 109M \iniciux de ()Iiyeira. i‘ernanda .‘ylontcnegro. llll minx. Sugar coated neo-realixm or a tilm that xtarcx

boy erl} in the ey e‘.’ Sallex‘x international hit ix the xtory of a young Rio dc Janeiro xtrcet urchin and a former xchoolteacher \y ho go on the run together in a film e\plorcx that l.atin American mainxtay: the xcarch tor a mixxing loy ed one. (‘ameo. lidinburgh. Chapayev il’( ii i(icorgi \‘axilycy. Serii \axilycy. Rtixxia. Will 03 iiiinx. 'I'hix landmark of So\ iet cinema alongxidc Hull/(whip l’rilt'III/iA/ii tellx the xtory of the epony moux ciin \yar hero u ho lead the Red Army agaiiixt the “line in Siberia. l-‘ilnihouxc. Iidinburgh.

Cinema Paradiso ll)( il .00. i(iiiixeppe ‘l‘ornatorc. ltalyxl’rance. l‘).\‘.\‘i l’hillipc Noirct. .lacqttex I’ert'in. Salyatore (Xixcio. I23 ininx. 'l‘old largely lli flaxhback. the \y inner of the 10‘)“ ( )xcar for cht l-"oreign l’iliii tracex young Sabatoiex inlatuation \y ith hix \ illage cinema. and hix groyy ing friendxhip \\ ith itx pi'oiectionixt iplay ed to perfection by \oiret i. lzxxentially. it‘x 'Ioi'natore'x lament for the joyoux nioy ie~ going e\perience of Iiix youth and a recognition of the price \ye pay for our maturity. The l.tlliilel'e. Iidinburgh.

Code Unknown 1 l5 i ..... i.\lichae| Ilancke. l-rance. Ititil i Juliette Binoche. ()na I.u Yenke. |.uininita (iheorghiu. I In minx. llaneke l/‘HIUH (iii/my axkx Ito“ can \ye xtart to think and feel more about otherx and a Iexx about ourxelyex'.’ IIe aiixuerx by xlioyying iix xemi-atomixed modern ll\ ing in modern day l’arix. foeuxing on .i handful of characterx \\ hoxe actionx ha\c chain reactionx btit \y ho are obliy roux of their effect on otherx. But be pro\ idcx no eaxy anxyy erx for hix audience. inxtead Ilanekc pt'exettlx a xet’iex of perfectly i'ealixed littt unlinixhed dramatic xcencx- ‘inconipletc .iouritey x. be callx them \yliich lcaye tix to drayy concluxionx toi otirxelyex. Ii\traordinary. (il‘l'. (ilaxgoyy.

Le Crime De Monsieur Lange ll)(ii .... iJeaii Renoir. l‘i'aiice. 1935i Rene l.ele\ re. .lttlex Bert). ()tlL‘llL‘ l'iltll't‘llk‘. ‘lll inmx. 'I‘hc employ eex of a publixhing tirin xct tip a collecti\e \\ heii their lecheroux and oppt'exxi\e boxx my xtci‘iotixly dixappearx. Renoir‘x comedy -thriller-romancc combincx fantaxy. politicx and naturalixni. making thix one of hix moxt completely enioy able

moy iex. (El-VI. (ilaxgoyi.

The Crimson Rivers I fit 00. t.\lttlliiett Kttxxi“ ill. i'i‘aiice. :Illll I led” Reno. Vincent ('gtxxel. Nadia l'ittt'ex. Ill.R miitx. Kaxxoy it/‘x fourth film ax director ix a gruexoiiie. gloxxy .S‘pirii-xty le murder

my xtery adapted by Jean-t‘hrixtophe (irang from hix on n bextxelling crime noyel, Reno and ('ttxxel‘x police detectiy ex are in\extigating tyyo xeenimgly unrelated caxex: a brutal inurder outxide an .\lpine uniyei‘xity [my n and the dexeci'ated gra\e of a child in xubiirban Sar/ac. 'l'he action and xuxpenxe xctiuencex are \ery xlick. but once the

my xtciy ix xoly ed the film looxex inipact.