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Planet 01‘ The Apes t lit 000

(Tim Burton. l'S. 2001 t Mark \Vahlberg. 'l'im Rtitlt. Helena Bonham ('arter. I l‘) minx. Burton'x remake oi the xcience iiction claxxic i'etainx more oi tlte entertaining xocial xatire oi l’ierre Boulle'x xotirce now] than the was original. Neyerthelexx. the iilmx .xhare a .ximilar plot: An axtronaut (little Mark Wahlberg taking the place oi manly. be-loinclothed (‘harlton llextoni ix marooned tilt the planet and captured by tltc war-like apex. lle meetx a liberal iemale chiinpatt/ee (llelena Bonham-('artert. who helpx hiitt excape. aittl leadx a i'eyolt againxt the .xiinian opprexxoi‘x. Ax you might expect. Burton'x :l/im exceedx the original iiliit in make-up while payirtg rexpectitil ltomage to it. lloweyer. the plot. tone and pacing ix a mexx arid thix i.x the leaxt Burton-extinc- oi Burton'x lilmx. ('amco. lidinburgh.

The Pledge ( 15) 0... (Sean Penn. ['8. Zillll ) JitL‘k‘ Nic‘lttilxtin. Rtiliitl \Vt'igltl- i’enn. Satn Shepard. l33 minx. in the cold mountain reachex oi .\'e\ada the lititl.‘ “l i' little girl ix iound. raped arid murdered. .-\ .xiniiile—mintled .\'ati\e American ix xw iitl) taken into cuxtody and a coni'exxion ix extracted. iollow irig which the man killx himxeli. An opett and .xlittt caxe . . . ior eyeryotie btit Jerry Black (ati adtttirably low key Nichtilxont. a retiring police oiiicer w ho tliitth tltey ltaye the wrong man. ('ouehed iii the conyentionx oi a thriller. l’enrt'x third iiliti ax director ix iirxt and ioreiiioxt a compelling pxy chological .xtudy oi a inrddle» aged man attempting to giye hix liie ttteaning poxt—retirentent. Jerry and Mary ()lxon Kromolow xki‘x xcript. adapted irom l‘riedrich l)urrenmatt'x no\ cl. keepx thingx aritbiguoux. l’enn counterx tliix. directing

w itlt ati ey en hand and caxting a xombre mood oy er tlte proceedingx. l'( i(‘ Renirew Street. (ilaxgow; l'( i(‘ ('incitiax. ladinlitirgli. Pokemon 3: The Movie (tn 0.. (Michael llaigney. l'S/Japan. liitil i \titccx tii\'eronica 'l‘aylot'. l‘ric Stuart. Rachel l.illix. ()(i minx. .'\x with the prey ioux iilm. Pokemon .i’ comex with a xhort. l’i'ltm Int:

l f. ». l

l’lte .lltlt'lt' SUI/l l’i/tut‘liit .-lm/ l’ri'liii. which ieaturex the popular. electricity powered yellow l’okeitton and hix brother. The main leaturc. .S/ie/l ()1 Ha (it/(iron II. cottceinx an orphan girl w ho‘x liotne ix turned into a

cry xtal caxtle by alphabet like l’okemon the l'now it. who tlteit makex her e\ cry w ixli come true. Still. one ior kitlx only. (‘irieworltL l-‘alkirk.

Pulp Fiction ( (mum (Quentin 'lararitino. l'S. l‘)‘)-li John 'l'ra\olta. Samuel .lackxon. l‘ma ’l‘hurtnan. Bruce \Villix. l5“ tiiinx. Much more ambitioux than It’ewrtoir How. the tittixl autiiit‘tl xcctitttl lcttltlt‘c til- the ‘)(ix hax ntany xcenex that crackle with 'l'arantino w it. atttl a iew otherx that iall ilat ax the w riter-tlirector bray ely experimentx. interlocking xtoriex iii the pulp crime tttantter concern hitmen. ailing bo\erx. gang boxxcx and their mollx. drug liendx. and axxorted riii-i'aii. .»\ xurprixe (‘annex l’alme tl'( )i‘ w inner ix a trip. all the way. ()deon. litlinbut‘gli.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark ( i’( ii We (Ste\en Spielberg. l'S. l‘).\’lt llarrixon l‘ord. Karen .-\llen. ll5 minx. l-ortl playx adyenturing archaeologixt lntliana .loncx. who almoxt bitex oii more than he can chew when he turnx tip the .i\rk oi tlte (‘oycnant iii .\'a/i inlexted wartime ligypt. Return to the breathlexx e\citement oi the Saturday morning xerial with thix rollercoaxter oi a tilti\ te. probably better than either oi itx xetiuelx. 'l'ongue ltt‘ltl \et'y firmly in cheek. l‘ilitihouxe. ladiiilinrgli. Recess: School’s Out ( t i .00 ((iltttt‘lx Sltt‘t'll. l8. llllll \‘tilx'tW til .ltttttc\ \\'oodx. l)abney (‘olcmair l)an (Kixtcllaneta. SI tiiiiix. l)ixnc_\ pltintlerx itx own xmall xcreen programming ior tliix ieaturc length \L't'xititi til' tl\ t‘at'ltitiit xt‘t'it‘x. /\’t't t'\\ conccrnx the adycnturcx oi a gang til pie (ttltilcxt‘t‘ttl kltl\. \\ lttixc to” call tltcltltlt‘\ ti natural leader. brainy itcitl. cute girl. tomboy and. criii. a little boy who xingx like a man. l‘or the big xcreen xchool outing. the gang ptit their imxchicyoux way x to good itxc when an e\ il e\ principal oi their xchool. Mr

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34 THE LIST ‘. “3 tin. LIEC',

Isabelle Huppert debases herself and her young companion in the brilliant

but disturbing psychological drama The Piano Teacher

Benedict (.-\tnoltl would that lie'.’t liatcltcx a xchcme to end xummer \acationx by cattxing permanent w inter. Selected releaxe. Reservoir Dogs ( 1.x. m (Quentin 'l‘arantino. l‘S. l‘)‘)3i llaryey Kcitel. Tim Rotlt. Michael Madxen. itit) tninx. .\ gartg oi hoodx. known only to each other by colour- coded nicknamex. meetx at ati abandoned warehouxe to iigure how out their rigorouny planned lteixt went xo draxtically wrong. The bext debut in yeai'x irtiin w riter-dti‘ector lliil'ililllllti. \\ litixc xly lt\lt \ ltilcltc‘t' \L‘tltlccx the audience trito complicity. Brilliant iii c\ciy xeitxc til the word. l'iliitliouxc. ladinlitti'gh.

Rien A Faire lfii 0.. (Marion \t'llltilH. l’rance. 3(ttil i \alei'ia Bittni ’l'edcxchi. l’atrick l)cll'lxola. INS iiiittx. Who would liayc thought unemploymentcould pro\c the great etiualtxer iii loye'.’ \crnou\ ll.(l\t l'.li'i xuggextx botlt the poxxiliilily aitd impoxxibility oi bicaking the claxx tliy ide tit tliix xtudy oi a relationxliip between middle claxx l’ierrc (l)ell' lxolai and working claxx Matte t’lcdexcltii in a northern l‘raiice coaxtal town. \et'notn'x iilm iiiigltt lack de\axtating cntottoital eiicct. but it‘x a linely nuanced xtutly oi xocial tli\ ixioiix. lt‘x a iilm ironically xuggexttitg the ‘claxxlexx xociety' comcx irom loxx oi work rather than itx plentiiul pt'cxcnce. and that lterc. again. claxx makex ttxeli ielt. ('anteo. ltdinlittrgh.

Ring t lSt O... (lltdeo \akato. Japan. l‘NSi .\'anako Matxuxliiiiia. Miki \akatani. lliroyttki Sanada. “5 minx. .\ horror iilm phenomenon in xoutlteaxt :\\l;t. tlic xtory turnx on art excalatmg urban myth w itlt a body count |t licgmx w itlt a teenage girl tcllittg her iriend about a my xtci'ttiux

\ itleotapc that workx like a may naxt_\ chain letter. l'npleaxantly. myth ttiitix titll to lie iact. 'l‘lie original induxtrial electronic were by Kt‘llll Kawai deliyeix itx xhaic oi the cliillx. while the xudtlen llaxltliackx and ltttitttt‘tth til \[itltltlttl t‘titittt't'lttitt lit'l\\ L't'it the murderx tn the modern day and the paxt come at you hard arid out the blue. :\

terriiy mg ioy to behold. (iilmoreliill( i I I. (ilaxgtiyy.

Rope ( l5i .... l.’\ll'l'L‘tl llitchcock. l‘S. 1948i Jamex Stewart. John Hall. l‘arley (irangcr. Si nitnx. .lttxt ax the two young gay protagonixtx play an intellectual game til murder to pro\e their xupci'iority. llitcltcock xhowx oil hix xkillx by conxtrttctiiig the moyie iii uncut teri~ minttte takex. Sonic oi the dialogue ix a little philoxopliically hea\ y. which weighx down the parlour ittn oi the concept. but it doex pi'oy ide another c\ample til the xltttltgt‘ly pt‘i'\t‘l'xe litu‘lttttlitilh til the director. liilinhottxe. ladinlitirgli.

Rugrats In Paris: The Movie tt'» 0.. (Sttg Bergtpixt. l’aul l)emeyer. l'S. liitil t \‘oicex oi (‘hrtxtine ( ‘ayanauglt. Suxan Sarandon. Debbie Rey noltlx. 7"" minx. llic tiltllt‘x til. lltti\t’ tllttiit‘l‘ t'ltttl under 5\. 'l'ornmy. ('htickic. l)il. l’htl and iii. and tormenting big couxm Angelica. make a great kidx cartoon. Better than itx [il't‘tlt't‘t‘xxtiL Rue/ith /II l’ilI'H lt.l\ lltt‘ gttlig‘ dexcentling on l:uroicptarlantl tread litirodtxney i. w here conmy tttg .'\lif_‘t‘llc‘.t ii\ex tip tiiotlici‘lexx ( ‘liuckie and litx gttllilile iatliei. (hax. with the \ illamoux (‘oco la Btittcltc \\ llti ltttlt‘x t‘lttltlt't‘tt. il‘ti x.t\t‘ (Illllk'lxlt'

the kidx hijack the giant robotic Reptar and race ior \otre l)ame to xtop the wedding. l.i\'ely. w ell-paced entertainment ior younger children. aiitl juxt .xtnart enough ior moxt atlttltx. (il’l‘. (ilaxgow; Stet' ('entury ('inema. lidinburgh.

Rush Hour 2 ( I3) 0.. (Brett Ratner. l‘S. 3001 i Jackie (‘hatL (’hrix 'l‘ticker. Xhang Ziy i. S‘) minx. (‘han and 'I‘ucker i‘e-team ior a big-budget xetittel to their mediocre aetion—cotiiedy hit. The baxic xet tip remainx the xame. bttt with the rolex reyerxed. 'l'ucker ix a iixh—out-oi-water l.:\i’l) ctip bemuxed by the language arttl ctixtomx oi('han'x home turi'. llong Kong. The tttix-tttitlcltctl lititltliex are ttteitttl it) be tilt holiday. but the bombing oi the local l'S embaxxy leadx workaholic (ban to John l.onc. hix late iather'x exgpartner iii the llong Kong l’olice. now a 'l'riatl gangxter. While the action remainx in llong Kong. the \erbal humour aitd xlapxtick action play

\\ ell; lilll once il xltil'tx tti\ \t‘gth. Jeii Natlianxon'x .xcript i'unx out oi xteam.

How ever. (tour/ting 'Iiget: [Iii/(lei! Dragon xtar Xiyi. ax‘x \‘icioux henchwoman. makex quite an iinprexxion. Magnum 'l‘heatre. li'\'liiL‘.

Scary Movie 2t 18) O (Keenan Wayanx. (S. 2001 i 'l‘im (‘urry. Jamex \\'ood.x. 82 minx. in a cinematic eiiyironmeiit w here paxtiche. homage. payittg tribttte (call it what yott w illt ix poxitiyely encouraged. tliix ix clear eyidence that the trick i.x yery' tnuch krtow ing when tti xtop. Vikingar (’inema. l.arg.x; ‘I‘he ('ircuit ('inema.

l.i\ ingxton.

Scary Movie ( IS) 0... (Keenen lyory \Vayanx. l'S. 2000) Marion aitd Shawn \Vayanx. ('armen lilectra. Shannon lili/abeth. SS minx. l’okitig iun at the whole teen xlaxhcr moy ie phenomenon. the plot iollow x the lirxt Scream moy ie (originally to be titled. yup. Sea/y .llzit'ret: .\ maxked murderer xtalkx atid murderx liiglt xchool kidx iii a xeli-conxciouxly ironic manner. it parodiex The [Run] Slit/inn. I‘lie .llulrit. I‘llt' li/tlil' iii-It'll l’l‘rtit't‘l. I‘llt' l‘itlil't‘llxl illitl any thing elxe that getx in the way. and the xurprixing thing ix it actually workx with the gagx coming thick and iaxt. Big Stoopitl Fun. The (‘ircuit (‘inema. l.iyingxton.

The Score ( lb'i CO. (0/ Frank. t'S. liltil t lidwartl Norton. Marlon Brando. Robert De \iro. 123 minx. (iiyen xuch a lieay y weight caxt. The Score ix .xotiiething oi a tlixappointttient. 'l’he xet tip ix line. He .\'iro'x \eteran thiei w antx to retire irom crime to run a Montreal jal/ club. But long- tinte triend and i‘ence. Ma\ (Brando). perxuadex liitii to team up with Norton'x cocky. ambitioux young thiei to pull oii one lthl ltt‘i\l - tlte tlteit til it pt'icelexx \L‘L‘plt'c‘ l'l'tittt Mtiitll't‘dhx litii'll’LNVlil'xL‘ (ltlxititttx llouxe. Norton giy ex the bext and i‘laxhiext periormance. bttt the iilm ultimately xidex with the \aluex oi the older gttard [it'tilt'xxttitlttL tlt‘pctttlalile. :tlttl ithl it little dull. (ieneral releaxe.

Le Secret ( 18)... (\it'gime Wagon. l‘i'ance. 2001 i .'\nne ('oexenx. 'l‘ott) 'l‘tidd. It)? tttiiix. Btixy Marie ((‘oexenxi ix a wltite 35 year-old married l’arixian who. pretty xuccexxiully. xellx ency clopaediax door to tltitil', Her new lti\ L‘i'. ’l'titltl‘x Bill \Vc‘sl. ix ti