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The Terminator( I8) 000.. (James (‘anieron. l'S. I984) Arnold Schwar/enegger. Michael Biehn. Linda Hamilton. I07 mins. In 2029 machines have all but conquered the planet but a saviour is at hand iii the form of a new human leader. The machines respond by sending Schwarzenegger‘s cyborg back in time to 1984 on a mission to kill the future leader's mother. Inventive. excitingly-paced science- Iiction adventure with a notable performance from Arnie in his first villainous role. ()deon. (ilasgow.

The Thing ( 189.0... (John Carpenter. IS. 1982) Kurt Russell. Wilford Brimley. David (‘Iennon I09 mins. Scientists on an Antarctic research station thaw out an alien creature able to change its shape and horribly murder humans. Iixtraordinary effects in this tense shocker. which utilises the central gimmick from the original short

story in a way the 1951 version did not. New

Picture House. St Andrews.

Thomas And The Magic Railroad (l') O. (Britt Allcroft. t'K/I'S. 2000) Voices of Alec Baldwin. Peter Fonda. Michael Ii. Rodgers. 79 mins. This adaptation of the Reverend Wilbur Awdry books is aimed squarely at under tens.

Whilst children will he lapping tip the tale of

Thomas The Tank Iingine aiding The ('onductor (Baldwin) against the evil Diesel train. accompanying guardians will be wondering what happened to Allcroft's classic series narrated by Ringo Starr. Surely it was never this hilly enich Selected release. The Tigger Movie (I) .00. (Jun lialkenstein. IS. 2000) 77 mins. Identical in many ways to l977's 'I'lic .llmrv xii/ventures ()l Ilimtii' 'l‘hc I’onli. this new yarn based on A.:\. Milne's characters finds Pooh. Piglet. Tiggcr ct al still living a charmed life of tea parties and afternoon naps. Only this time. the w cc stripy fella's decided being one of a kind isn't quite as cool as he'd first thought and so a literal quest for the Tigger Iiamily Tree ensues. A happy ending eventually

makes its presence felt. because even Tigger is smart enough to recognise that with friends like Pooh. Piglet. Roo and Iieyore. who needs family'.’ (irosvenor. (ilasgow. Time Regained ( l8) 0”” (Raoul Ruiz. France. 1999) ('atherine I)eneuve. limmanuelle Béart. John Malkovich. 102 mins. Masterful adaptation of Marcel Proust from Ruiz. I922 atid Proust lays in his deathbed. recalling his past life. Through a series of beautifully rendered intertwinning flashbacks. Rui/ tells the author‘s life story while illustrating the way the mind blurs events from the past. (iI’I‘. (ilasgow.

La Vache Et Le President (I’(;) O... (Philippe Mtiyl. lirancc. 200i ) Bernard Yerlcs. lilorence Pernel. ('liristine

Btijeau. 90 mins. liight-ycar-old lucas never

met his mother: she died in childbirth. leaving his farmer father to raise him with a heavy heart but lots of love. When a cow on the family farm suffers a similar fate. Lucas steps in to take care of new calf and kindred spirit. Maeva. Btit tragedy strikes in the form of mad cow disease. which threatens the entire herd. including Lucas‘ bovine pal: oiin a pardon from the I’rench President can save her now. Things get a touch silly w hen the pair head for Paris. particularly Maeva's inadvertent trip on the Metro. Btit the father and son relationship is touching throughout. as is the underlying message about moving on after the death of a loved one. I’I‘II ('ineina. l-‘alkirk.

La Ville est Tranquille i 18).... (Robert (itiediguian. Iirancc. 200i ) Ariane Ascaride. Jean-Pierre I)arroussin. I32 mins. (iuediguian returns once more to Marseilles with this intimate epic. his most ambitious and tragic work to date. It follow s the overlapping paths of various characters: a night-shift worker (Ascaride) desperately tries to care for her heroin-addictcd teenage daughter (herself a mother); a iiiiddle-agcd teacher begins an affair with a young ex- con; while a former docker ( I)arroussin) struggles to make ends meet as a Ia\i driver.

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36 THE LIST I 1?) Nov 7001

Marseilles is depicted as being beset by racial tensions. social deprivation and municipal corruption. despite the cosmetic efforts of the authorities to rebrand the area as a tourist destination. Iirom the striking opening pan over Marseilles. (itiediguian‘s film is shot. scored and edited with admirable assurance. I’ilmhouse. Iidinburgb. Warren Miller Roadshow (PU) (Warren Miller. 200i ) Off the slopes and on the road again. Miller presents films of his own record-breaking ski jumps and crashes. (il’l‘. (ilasgow.

What’s Cooking I I8) 000

((iurinder ('hadha. I'S. 2001)Alfre Woodard. Mercedes Ruehl. Joan ('hen. 109 mins. Thanksgiv ing Iias long been dreary dramatic fodder for American filmmakers btit Asian—Iinglish director (‘hadha (Blur/'1' ()n The Bench) gives the subject a much- needed kick tip the backside with her outsider's perspective on the secular festival. The multicultural issues explored in (’hadha's debut feature are also in evidence it) this warm comedy drama. which focuses on four ethnically disparate l.os Angeles families. (’hadha and co-writer (and spouse) Patil Mayeda Berges shift fluidly from one mouth-watering dinner table to another. mixing the political and personal in a way reminiscent of John Sayles. I’I'Il Cinema. Iialkirk‘. MacRobert Arts (‘entre. Stirling. When Worlds Collide (l') 0000 (Rudolph Mate. I'S. l95l ) Richard I)err'. Barbara Rtish. Larry ls’cating. 82 mins. Producer (icot‘gc Pal was the James ('aineron of his day. and this disaster movie makes 'Ii'Iu/n'c look like a paddle iii a kids' pool. Another planet is on a collision course with Iiarth. and so scientists rush to build a super rocket which. in the manner of Noah‘s Ark. w ill spirit the lucky few to safety. St Brides ('entre. Iidinburgh.

Where The Green Ants Dream ( I5) 0... (Werner Ilcr/og. (ierniany. I984) Bruce Spence. Wandjuk Marika. Roy Marika. 100 mins. Aboriginies battle to protect their homelands froin a mining company that wants to start digging on sacred sites. .\'ot a documentary. btit a dratnatisation of real events with a cast of local .»\borigina|s. Iiilmhouse. lidinburgh. Wild About Harry( I5) 000

(I)eclan I.owney. Ireland. I999) Brendan (ileeson. Amanda I)onahoc. James .\'esbit. 9I mins. Blackly comic rom-com about a celebrity TV chef w hose home life is about to implode w hen he's mugged and wakes tip in hospital unable to remember any thing since I974. t'(i(' Renfrew Street. (ilasgow: t'(}(‘ ('inemas. lidinburgh.

Windhorse ( l2) 0... (Patil Wagner. I'Sfl‘ibet. I998) 97 mins. Iixplosive drama in which an aspiring Tibetan singer wins favour with the ('hinese government. but faces a crisis of conscience when her cousin. a Buddhist nun. is arrested by the police and tortured for her beliefs. Part of the Tibetan l‘ilm I’estival. liilmhouse. Iidinburgh. Wittgenstein I l5) .00 (Derek Jarman. l'K. I993) Karl Johnson. Michael (tough. Tilda Swinton. 75 mins. A made- for-TV guide to the coolest 20th century philosopher that Britain has any claim to is a home-grown intellectual‘s dream scenario. Arranged in inescapany ‘Jarnianesquc' tableaux. the vignettes are enjoyable in themselves. bill the cinematic limitations of trendy academia are clear. Biography rather than enlightenment. (it'osyenol'. (ilasgow. X-Men ( 12) 0... (Bryan Singer. IS. 2000) Patrick Stewart. Ian McKcllen. lltigh Jackman. 104 mins. This adaptation of the popular Marvel (‘omic sees super-powered mutants outlaw ed in America of the near future. Magneto (McKellen). the master of magnetism atid Holocaust survivor. will not stop at mass murder to protect his own kind; Professor Xav ier (Stewart). a telepath. seeks peaceful co-existence with humankind. To further their ends the two old foes employ rival teams of mutants in a deadly game of chess. It's a diflictilt balance. satisfying the fans w ithotit alienating those unfamiliar with the comic book. Xu‘fl'll pulls it off with speedy pacing. imaginatively staged action set pieces and a smart script full of witty dialogue and a message about race prejudice that's not ov erplay'ed. (‘atnco. Iidinburgli.

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Julien Donkey-Boy ( l5) (Li )0. The Idiotsrl8) 8.30.

Man Bites Dog I I8) 1100. SATURDAY 13 NOV

Julien Donkey-Boy ( )5) 0.00. The IdlotsH8) 8.30. SUNDAY 4 NOV

Julien Donkey-Boy ( 15) 5.00. The ldiotsrl8) 9.00. WEDNESDAY 7 NOV Jamon, Jamon ( 18) 0.00. Golden Balls ( 18) 8.30. THURSDAY 8 NOV

Jamon, Jamon ( )8) 0.00. Golden Balls ( 18) 8.30. FRIDAY 9 NOV Jamon,Jamon I )8) 0.00. Golden Balls ( )8) 8.30. Funny GameS(I8) 11.00. SATURDAY 10 NOV Jamon, Jamon ( I8) ().()(I. Golden Balls ( I8) 8.30. SUNDAY 11 NOV

Jamon, Jamon I )8) 5.00. Golden Balls I )8) 9.00. WEDNESDAY 14 NOV Nightwatchil8) (1.00. Donald Gammell’s Wild Side ( 18) 8.30. THURSDAY 1:3 NOV

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