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Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Fri 2 Nov. Sometimes you crave something dark, distorted and experimental. Tunes that confuse and excite with their innovative rhythms and hard, pulsating sounds. Music you can lose your identity to. What you need then is Test, one of the few purveyors of real techno and experimental electronica currently operative in the Central Belt.

As Test reaches its fifth birthday, those out there harbouring this strange addiction to techno are slowly making themselves known. As a source close to the club explains: ‘Nobody else was playing that style of music, particularly five years ago. We try to do it differently, there are no promoters or managers. We build on quality not names and the punters have learnt to trust our taste.’ Our informant continues, ‘this music is huge abroad but still very small over here. More solid, more experimental, more sophisticated, it’s anything but clichéd techno.’

And for techno lovers the birthday bash will be a real treat. Neil Landstrumm’s joining the resident DJs, Shandy and Dave Tarrida, with a full live set, providing an early opportunity to catch tracks from his latest long player She Took A Bullet Meant For

Me. Sure to be packed with hard ass funked-out breakbeat, twisted electro and kicking mechanical beats, our source explains this element of the show saying: ‘Neil is trying to pioneer new sounds. Despite the fact he’s a resident, it’s taken us five years to get

him to do a live set.’

Entertainment on the night also includes the wonderfully monikered exponents of all things freaked out, The Tokyo Bitches (aka DJ duo Robbie Famous and Virgin Surgeon), who’ll be playing the ‘Wheelchair Lounge’. Their mind-warping sonic selection will be wrapped around a live performance from Sand, playing a strange and unique sound that even the band’s electronics expert, Tim Wright, has trouble categorising. ‘When we played in Austria we were described as electro metal voodoo jazz, which I think

FETISH TORTURE GARDEN Studio 24, Edinburgh, Fri 9 Nov.

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sounds as good a description as any. Each member brings their own angle, my element is electronic dance music and experimental jazz, the trombonist and guitarist come from a punk background and the bass player from academic electro acoustic music’. Their performance is being funded by the Performing Right Society Foundation who provide grants to increase awareness of new music projects. And with good reason. ‘We played the Vienna Opera House recently and it went down amazingly well,’ explains Wright. ‘We also provided music for a ballet in Tokyo. No-one clapped but we got rave reviews and went on to win all sorts of awards.’

Add to this Test’s abstract take on decor and lighting and, in the words of Shaun Ryder, your melons are gonna be well and truly twisted. (Henry Northmore)

Scotland is to get a decent fetish night travelled from the ri<:".h ::T' l '1giar‘;l.trf; finally we can throat! off those all round Scotland t:: be there." Calvinist fears of the flesh, and that lo the {itinentnrous or: riot yet penitent penchant for Lutheran self- denial is. like. so last season. So let's have a baeehz‘inalian feast. celebrate perversity and get down to Torture Garden at Studio 24.

'We've been running the xix/orld's biggest fetish Club in tendon for eleven rnore enri- out pl>e "r; in: :> years now in venues like lvlash. Found. Stilvl.‘ Fabric and The Ministry Of Sound and All this rr‘. a three rm ‘rrrrtarz', .Kt’i-t we've toured Europe. Arneriea and (:r'eated th three '. "114; :f‘:- nit". _:" Japan.’ says (:o—founder‘. DJ and Visuals designer Davrd TG. now collaborating wrth Edinburgh's Katal‘ysl Promotions (Scottish Cyberball. Hell On Earth). "But this year we \nrere really looking to expand around the UK so we have done a few events in Brighton and the Midlands and we did a guest appearance in Edinburgh; our first full event in Scotland and the (:r'owd ‘.'.'ere great. really enthusiastre they had

rn'tiated. he‘s; are-u, i he deser i:»:,- t" :; itight'.2 ‘lt's a <;or‘steirri><"‘ar‘. ‘et s“ :r":: body art <:iil>,' he says. ‘r tani "X.‘..':;';}. breakbea s. rots of ‘.lf3t.{‘.. :;":;r:.:tr:;'r::.

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2001 2002 is out on Thursday. if", November. As well as selecting Scotland's Top fit) (:lub nights .rneluding Top 20 (Blasgox'x. Top 20 Edinburgh and the lop it} outta/ith the Central Belti. tnis year's guide r'ieiudes nex'rs reports on the most exerting events due to hit in the coining rnonths. an in depth expose on Scotland's dance rnusre labels and Lisa

l Ierning's photo feature on “New faces like Garth ()r‘.iil<sf‘.anl< 'l)l(2ftll'(3(tl. Currently l‘léikl ig waves on the club

COLOURS HAS BEEN voted “Best UK Club Night’ for 2001 by Muzik magazine in a recent awards ceremony at London’s Planet Arches. Collecting the award, Colours promoter Ricky Magowan commented ‘lt’s a great honour for a homegrown Scottish club to scale the heights amid the corporate giants.’

f DINHUHH l SlYll BAR fr“. (it, Cafe ‘.'.'.ll be :aurtehrng a Vestax ()pen [)eeks DJ 4i;>f‘it)‘}itil()". ‘ater this l‘lOltlfl. lne eo'npetition is open to any bedroor‘r l).J ‘.‘.‘l‘.() is not. or never has been. a guest or a resident at an estanhshed (:lub night. To er‘ter. r‘iake a 30 min or. tape rnrnr drse or (If) bearrng a r‘ianrr‘urr‘i e.‘ sexen tracks. label it ‘.‘.'rt1".‘,<>u.' full nav're and tank listing and send .t alor‘g with .t'l .inp'itiat'en tori". invariable from Utrer [Make Heeerdsi to: the t3 1‘. (late Vestax [).J Comp. tliie' Dislm, Lir' (Itittlxixirn Stun-(rt. l dinrturgn I Hi ll’lS. the \‘i():§illtj date for entries is iEuridtix. Z’ir Nt)\.(?t“:l‘r-."l .ir‘d treats will ittfxt‘ pain-c from Monday ;% untri \.".e.ir:esda\ ll) [)et‘mirber, he f nti. ‘.'.'|H take Write .it t a lieiie Angele on l'rursrlm. l.<[)r‘-t:t:-r'1ber, \.‘-./|Ifl

rig. tn; lllr.'t‘f; up fer grabs.