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Glasgow Saturdays continued

I Remedy at Ad-Lib. Monthly. Next date 17 Nov.

I Salsa Havana at Havana Bar. 9pm—2am. Free. Weekly. A wild mix of Latin selections. interspersed with commercial chart faves from Keith and Alexis.

I Subculture at MAS (in association with the Sub Club). 1 lpm—4am. £10. Weekly. Subculture has been going strong for over fourteen years and has become legendary. with its reputation going well beyond the Glasgow community . . . and it‘s all down to Harri and Domenic serving up quality sounds to a crowd which is always up for it.

I Superfly at the Woodside Social Club. 9pm—2am. £tbc. 3 Nov. Monthly. Halloween Special at the psychedelic cabaret club. featuring live music from The Marbles.

I Super Stereo at Soba. l lpm—3am. Free before midnight. £4 after. Weekly. Concentrating on the raw end of the funk spectrum. Jared & Stuart of Vinyl Freaks keep the crowd on their toes with occasional doses of disco and garage.

I Triumph at the Tunnel. l().3()pm—3.3()am. £9 (£7). Weekly. Colin Tevendale and Steven McCreery supply the dressed-up glamour kids with progressive house and trance in the main room. while Kevin MacFarlane and Stephen Lee mix up garage. disco and vocal house in room two. If you‘re not wearing awfully nice clothes. however. don‘t expect to get in.

I TWO Tun at Budda. l lpm—3am. £6. Weekly. Geoff Montford and Chris Harris get funky with a bang-up-to-date selection of US house and garage.

OVegas at the Barrow-land Ballroom. 9pm—2am. £12. 10 Nov only. Those dap- per gents Frankie Sumatra. Bugsy Seagull. Dino Martini and Sam Jose are back in town. but this time they have spe- cial guests The Ray Gelato Giants and King Voodoo performing live on stage. Have a dry Martini and enjoy the vibe. See llitlist.

I The Vibe at the Velvet Rooms. 1()pm~»3am. £6 (£4); £3 before midnight. Weekly. Keith Pyper breaks out the funky house and garage in the main room while Raymond Woods cools things down with hip hop and R&B in room two.

I Wired at Asylum. Caledonian University Union. l()pm—3am. £tbc. Weekly. Glasgow's longest running alternative indie night with drinks promos aplenty.

I Xposure at Archaos. 1 1pm -3am. £8 (£6). Weekly. Serving up hedonistic hard house and trance from this rejuvenated and revamped venue. your hosts Stevie Kerr. lain Thompson and Dave Gilmour keep the kids on their toes.

Chart & Party I Bankers at Bonkers. 1 1pm -3am. £4 before midnight: £5 after. Weekly. Cheesy

tunes. dance classics and those good old hits from the 80s.

I Boogie Nights at Media. 1 lpm—3am. £6. Weekly. Step back in time to revel in the tunes of the 70s and 80s. Arrive early to avoid a crushing disappointment.

I Classic PM at Fury Murry's.

l lpm—3am. £6 (£4). Weekly. Dance classics and party tunes. with altemative and rock tunes upstairs in Twister.

I The Garage at the Garage. l()pm-3am. £5 (£3) before 11pm; £6 (£4) after. Weekly. Super-commercial party sounds on the main dancefloor and indie classics in the Attic.

I Graduate Club at g2. 1 1pm— 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Designed to suit those who have always enjoyed a Garage-style night out. but feel a little long in the tooth when surrounded by fresh-faced. lager-stained youngsters. Steve Davis provides the party anthems.

I The Shack at Shack. l().3()pm—3am. £7 (£5). Cheesy chart tunes and commercial dance tracks from DJ Graeme. I Seduction at Destiny. l()pm-3am. £6 before 1 1pm; £7 after. Weekly. Tonight the club would like you to ‘dress to impress‘ while enjoying the usual commercial house ‘n‘ trance pap.

I Strawberry Fields at Strawberry Fields. l().3()pm—3am. £5. Weekly. Classic party nonsense from the 60s to last week.

Glasgow Sundays


I Bitch School at Nice ‘n‘ Sleazy. 3pm-7pm. Free. Weekly. The chaps behind Deathlehem (they have a way with names.


Whatever you’re into, get into

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Scotland’s number one guide to clubbing

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78 THE LIST L15 NOV 2001

it ~- . Chart toppers Silicone Soul play Relief, Sat 10 Nov

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bless ‘em) bring you four hours of the hard and heavy stuff. from Ozzy Osbourne to Slipknot. Moshtastic.

I Budda at Bar Budda. Spin—midnight. Free. Weekly. Colin Walker (New York Alliance) playing deep house.

I Divine Sundays at Brel. ()ptn—lain. Free. W*ekly. DJ Hush Puppy and friends host a laid-back Sunday session featuring all the best in Latin. hip hop. soul and funk.

I Fast Forward at Eat Drink Man Woman. 4pm—midnight. Free before 6pm; £3 after. Weekly. House music and chart anthems. with drinks promos an added bonus.

I Harri at Groucho St Judes. 9pm—midnight. Free. 4 Nov. Fortnightly. The Sub Club stalwart brings his high calibre house to the tnost stylish of Glasgow‘s style bars.

I Hip Hop Session at Tchai-Ovna. 3—7pm. Free. Weekly. A Sun relaxation hip hop session aimed squarely at those after a spot of detoxification. since the venue is a non-smoking tea shop that looks. conversely. like an opium den. Drink obscure teas. play chess. give your body a rest.

I Man With No Suitcase at the Griffiny. Free. 4 Nov. Monthly. An evening ofcult visuals. cool themes. killer beats. competitions. prizes and the multi- channeled Killerwatt Swap Shop.

I Moda at Moda. Spin—3am. Free. Weekly. A saucy selection of soul. R&B and house from rotational guest DJs.

I Moloco at Moloco. Spur-midnight. Free. Weekly. Martin St John spins stompin‘ northern soul. roots. rock and reggae.

I Nico’s at Nico‘s. 9pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Billy Milligan. the lan Mellis of dance music. supplies a wide-ranging cheeseboard.

I Paul Cawley at Groucho St Judes. 9pm—midnight. Free. 1 1 Nov. Fortnightly. The Fenetik fellow with some beats. breaks and hip hop.

I R&B at Bar 10. 7pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Relax with R&B cuts and take advantage of the generous drinks promos at this city centre style bar.

I Scratch ‘n’ Sniff at Mc(‘huill's. 9pm—midnight. Free. New pre-club venture. featuring Danny Barbour playing house. garage and whatever else he fancies.

I Soulsa Presents: Vinyl at Strata. ()pin—midnight. Free. Weekly. ()fticial pre- club to the tnain event at Vault. featuring quality house. latin vibes and choicest disco from Andy Unger. Shae-l) and special guest DJs. Passes available here for Vinyl at Vault.

I Sunday Social at the Arches. 4pm—midnight. £5. 4 Nov. Monthly. The all-day chill-out fest that is the Sunday Social returns with a roster of live acts. DJs. VJs and performance goodies to get you in a sociable mood on the Sabbath. This month entertainment comes care of live combo Blue States. Addictive TV‘s ‘Spaced ()ut‘ DVD release. Sidewinder and Tape lied. See Factfile.


I Bennet’s at Bennet's. l l.3()pm—3am. £3. Weekly. Tom plays tunes loved by twelve-year-old girls. plus some bangin‘ handbag. to equally appreciative gay men. Funny old world.

I Bite at the (‘athouse l().3()pm—3am. Free before 1 1.30pm: £2 (£1.50) after. Weekly. A milder mix of indie and rock than you‘ll find at the city‘s premier rock venue on Fri or Sat.

I Bump ‘N’ Grind at the Velvet Rooms. 1 lpm—3am. £4 (£2). Wind down the weekend with DMG‘s mix of R&B and street soul.

I Chittlin’ Hoedown at the 13th Note Cafe. 1 lpm—2am. £1. A new night devoted to pretty much whatever the DJs please. including dub. hip hop and electro with added splashes of indie stuff.

I Club Tropicana at the Garage (Attic). llpm—3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. lndie. both classic and contemporary. with a healthy dose of Britpop.

I Dream at Strawberry Fields. l().3()pm--3am. £15. Weekly. Fifteen nicker might seem a bit steep for a night down Strawberry Fields. but in addition to hanging house anthems and saucy dancing girls. the bar is totally and utterly free. Much like a stomach pump on the NHS. I Liquid Cool at Babaza. 9pm—3am. £5. Weekly. A.J.. Kris Keegan and Ian Thompson playing top-notch vocal garage and house to a club packed with hyper- hedonistic twentysomething revellers. all of whom seem to have forgotten that they have work in the morning. If quality tunes and glamorous antics are your bag. Suns at Babaza are unmissable.

I Optimo at MAS (in association with the Sub Club). llpm-3am. £5 (£4); £6 on guest nights. Weekly. lixpect absolutely anything from Lady Miss Roland and Twitch 8; Wilkes. including gut-busting techno. country 8; western. punk and painfully cool electro-pop. plus whatever the hell they feel like playing. Arrive early to avoid the mammoth queue.

I Pure Funk at (‘lub Budda.

1 1pm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Glasgow reacquainted itself with its long-held love of the funk this year. with a brace of nights devoted to the genre. including this one in the bijoux environs of Budda.

I Soulsa Presents: Vinyl at Vault.

l lpm--3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Mighty popular new residency from Andy Unger and lady Shae-1). devoted to quality disco. proper garage and house. liarly arrival more than makes sense.

I Solvent at Alaska. 1 lpm—3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Colin Davie gives us another reason to go out and get completely trollied on a Sunday night. Playing funky house and whatever he fancies to a crowd of up-for-it Sunday night revellers who just don't want the weekend to end. If the launch night is anything to go by then this night should definitely be one to head down to.

I Sunday Best at Shack. l().3()pm—-3.3()am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Jitn Da Best plays pop. dance and R&B.

I Sunday Shelter at Ad-I.ib. Monthly. Next date 25 Nov.

I Transistor at the Polo Lounge.

1 1pm---3am. £tbc. Weekly. Real pop for real people with DJs Niall McMurray and Wayne Dixon.

Chart & Party

I Atmosphere at Destiny. l()pm—3am. £3 before 1 1pm; £4 after. Weekly. Full-on party action accompanied by generous drinks promos.