The irrepressible Harri Sub Club has been digging deep in the dancefloor vaults to find four long-playing records that suitably suggest his diverse tastes in music.

Kraftwerk: The Man Machine (Capitol) Who says Germans don't have a sense of humour? Serious analogue action from the dons.


Fela Anikulapo Kuti: Black President (Arista)

Africa’s answer to James Brown blows up a storm on all three tracks of this 1981 masterpiece.


Dr Alimantado: Best Dressed

H Chicken In Town (Greensleeves) WOrth purchasing for the cover alone. i never mind the music. Dubtastic.

Various Artists: E/ectro 2 (Street Sounds)

Superb compilation album. especially Rammlzee Vs K. Rob. Beat Bop 8 Hashim and Al Naatiysh. Electro is aural sex . . . or so it says on the cover.

I Subculture at MAS, Glasgow. weekly ; Saturdays; SubCu/ture at the Honeycomb. Edinburgh, month/y Fridays. Next date Fri 9 Nov with guest [NS /2 and 0/2

(Prescription Records).

82 THI LIST 1~15 Nov 2001

I UTI presents ‘Mask Arrayed' at The Wee Red Bar. l lpm—3am. £8 (£5/£3). 9 Nov. Monthly. Underground techno night featuring a guest spot from Brainstornt. tlte lean. ntean DJ machine renowned for his sets at Pure. Radio Babylon and Nameless. Support comes care of the residents Tormod Mor. Jonny Oh! and Semaj.

I Vortex at The Venue (top floor). 10.30pm—3am. £8 (£7). l6 Nov only. The psychedelic trance night jumps from a Thu slot at La Belle to this one-off Fri extravaganza at The Venue featuring Dick Trevor (Flying Rhino). (‘harlie Munro and resident DJ. Birdie.

I Work at ligo. l().3()pm--3am. £8 (£6). 9 Nov. Monthly. Hard-working house night featuring guest DJ (iail Sellars (Acetate) and residents Pete Owen and Rob Hunter. I Zealous at Studio 24. Monthly. Next date tbc.

Chart & Party I The Bristo Square Experience

at Potterrow and Teviot Row House. 9pm—3am. Free. Weekly. The city's students run wild. soaking up ntaiitstreaiit house. crazy karaoke and plenty of alcohol.

I Cross Town Traffic at (‘lub Java. 9.3(lpiti~3am. £5 (£3). Weekly (not 2 Nov). (‘heesy' chart aitd dance with DJ Antes.

I Friday Funkln’ at The Ark. lllpm—3am. £4 (£2 ). Weekly. You've worked hard. now strut your funky stuff like there's no tomorrow to Big Dave's party mix.

I Jam at The l'nion. ll)piii~3am. £2. Weekly. Big ‘ole party tunes at this lleriot- Watt University club night.

I Lights, Camera, Action at Revolution. ll).3()pin~~3aitt. £5 (£3). Weekly. Fire eaters. snake charmers. esotic dancers. live PAs and a juiced-up cast of thousands at this big ‘ole showbiz bash. This fortnight (9 Nov). Beat lllb ltost their album launch party.

I Night To Remember at The Cavendish. l()pm——3am. £6. Weekly. ()r itot. given the all too reasonable drinks promos on offer. Over 25s.

I The Subway at The Subway. 9pnt—3am. Free before I lpm: £3 (£1 ) after. Weekly. See Thu.

I Tease at The Subway West find. 4pm~-3am. Free before i lpm: £3 (£1 ) after. Weekly. DJ Hammy plays chart tunes for the pissed-up vvorkies.

I The Time Tunnel at Club Mercado. l()pm-—3am. £5 (£4 with fly'er). Weekly. Trendy Wendy. Showbiz Jase aitd Betty Ford disrupt the space-time continuum with tunes front tltc olls right tip to right now. Or maybe it's just the alcohol.

I Why Not? at Why Not‘.’ l()pm—-3am. Free before 1 lpm; £5 after. Weekly. Mainstream chart and disco with Neil Donald and (‘raig Mc:\rtncy at this popular city centre venue.

Edinburgh Saturdays


I Baracoa at Baracoa. 9pltl~-litlll. Free. Weekly. Big Beat's Simon Hodge doits his sombrero and gauclto moustache for a scorchio selection of Latin favourites.

I Beluga at Beluga. Spm~ laiit. Free. Weekly. Stephen Brown lays down his definition of electronic soul (3 Nov). while Martin lveson kicks up ajau-fuitk storm in a special live show also featuring horn player. Peter Wraight ( ll) Nov ).

I Black Sauce at Bath Boti. 9pm laiii. Free. Weekly. (‘oitfucius say this new Oriental style bar got plenty good underground house music with Martin Valentine and Steven Wanless (Friscodisco).

I Cuba Norte at (‘uha None. l()pm-—lam. Free. Weekly. llot salsle lt's Sat aitd that means. er. ltot salsa at this epicentre of all things Latin.

I EH1 at [ill I. 9pm lant. Free. Weekly. lit the swanky surrounds of this salubrious style bar. rotational l)Js spin deep. fiiizky ltoiise for the drinking hordes.


Ultragroove at La Belle Angele, Sat 3 Nov.

1. WM

Over the past two years. Ultragroove has been flying the flag for the best house music. When past line-ups at the club have featured everyone from UK veteran Terry Farley to the master of the disco re-edit Joey Negro. it comes as no surprise that the Ultragroove team have pulled off another coup this fortnight. securing the services of bona fide legend Kenny Carpenter.

For the general clubbing public. Carpenter is a not. perhaps. a name that trips off the tongue too easily, but among house devotees. the veteran spinner is considered a founding father of the genre. mentioned in the same breath as fellow New York pioneers Walter Gibbons and Tony Humphries. Carpenter's big break came in 1980 when. after five years as a lighting man at underground NYC nightspot Galaxy 21. he had the good fortune to be spotted by Studio 54's Michael Stone. filling in at The Inferno as the resident took a break. Within a week. Carpenter found himself installed as resident in chief. In the blizzard of publicity surrounding Studio 54's stellar celebrity clientele. few today are aware that the club was a hotbed for the musical experintentation that gave birth to house music as we know it. and Carpenter's fluid mix of dubbed-out disco. peppered with emergent electro. punky post—funk and synth workouts lay somewhere between David Mancuso's catch-all technique at The Left and Larry Levan's hedonistic. acid-fuelled aesthetic at the Paradise Garage.

While many of his contemporaries fell foul of the New York scene's excesses or faded into obscurity. Kenny Carpenter continues to champion the music he helped define. After honing his seamless technique at clubs like The Tunnel and the Wild Pitch parties through the 80s. graduating to influential New York radio station WBLS. Carpenter now merges the classics that made his name when house was in its infancy with bang up-to-date releases.

Ultragroove's latest date. then, is a chance to catch a true veteran identified as one of ‘the forefathers of house' by no less an authority than Frankie Knuckles who continues to push the boundaries of house music two decades on.

(Jack Mottrain)

I Flashback at Flashback. 8.30pm lam.

Free. Weekly. DJ Venus serves tip an even mix of chart pap front the past four decades. ()ver 31s only .

I Four To The Floor at Rush.

()pm lant. Free. Weekly. Fl Segundo's DJRedo playing fiiitk. soul. jazz and all that inspired hip ltop.

I Greazed Up at The Spider's \y'eli. Monthly. Next date 3-1 Nov.

I Illgotronik at .‘vleatlovv s Bar.

9pm lam. Free. 17 Nov. Monthly. Another fearless foray iitto musical mayhem featuring futuristic tccltno. deep house and dtib with your kooky ltost. ('yris.

I Immersed In Music at l’ivo.

9pm lam. Free. Weekly. Nic ('av cndislt hosts the progressive prc-club party" to the [pi club at The Venue (3 Nov ). The following w cck ( ll) Nov ). it's tcclt time with Kev Wright.

I Made In Iguana at lguaita.

9pm lam. Free. Weekly. (’olin ('ook (l'ltragroovei plays some real house ntusic. front the cvperiiitental to the tough and tribal with random Latin influences thrown in for good measure. 'l'ltis fortnigltt (.3

Nov ). (‘Ollll'sltiilk‘tl by Bootsy (sadly not Bootsy ('olliits). who'll be posing the ai‘gtiiiicnt that (‘D l)Jing is the way forward.

I Mission Jnr at Studio 24. 7 input. £5. ll) Nov. Fortnightly. Baby itictallci's go bcscrkley' at this all-new pie-club. If you look old enough you can go the distance and stay ptit for Mission proper which kicks off at llpiii.

I Oxygen at ()\ygen. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. Life's a gas at this swanky style bar. with funky breaks and hip ltop to house grooves front llighcr (irotind's Lindsey Todd (3 Nov) and lleadspin's Allan Dunbar ( ll) No\ l.

I Skank at The Meadows Bar. ‘)pni-~lam. Free. 3 Nov. Monthly. Dub reggae. ska and rocksteady at this (‘aribbean-tltemed pre— club.

I Soul Resistance at The Wash (formerly The ('arwash). 9ptli~ lant. Free. Weekly. Northern sotil. rare groove. ltaittiiiond ja/l aitd freakbeats galore with your host (‘raig Jamieson (Modern Lovers). I UrbannHangSuite at Bann's.

l lpm 3am. Free. Weekly. Ligltt vegetarian snacks served to a strangely swinging soundtrack from Sort of l'gly.

I Waxworks presents at l’opRokit. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. Rotational residents (iareth Somerv ille. 'l'hc Squalor Show and Mr Todd dish the funky ltousc. hip ltop and sotil for your pie-clubbing deligltt.

I Yush! at ('ity ('afe. 0pm lam. Free. It) Nov. l'tH'llllg'llll}. AJ. (Yush Recordings) selects the upbeat ltip hop. funk and ragga. llc'sjoinetl by the fresh prince of RS; B. the Mad Ambassador.


OAcetate at The Liquid Room.

ll).3()pm ~1atii.£l2(£l()). 3 Nov. Fortnightly. llotisc hero (iraemc Park (Bed. Renaissance. Sliiiidigi joins an all-new res- idents line comprised of Murray