Richardson. (iail Sellars and (leorge T. All this. plus (iavin Anderson and Steven Wanless‘s dirty hotrse selection in the back room and an extended license to guarantee a night of nigh on epic proportions. See Hitlist.

I Airborne at The Venue (all floors). Monthly. Next date (be.

I Ascension at 'l'eviot Row ['nion. l()..l(lpm 3am. £3 (£3). l7 Nov. Monthly. Fish otrt your fetish wear for this traditional night of goth. industrial and electro.

I Atomic Baby at La Belle Angele. Monthly. Next date I'i Nm’.

I Bivouac at ('luh .laya. 0pm 2am. £6. It) Nov. Monthly. Bring along your dancing pumps to let loose like a loon to chunky ('hicago house from the residents Not‘hy and Billy ’l‘r'ail.

I Blast at (’ltrh Mercado. llpm late. £lll/£S. 3 Nos. Fortnightly. Residents lluggy and Markell \yclcorne special guest l)ls Milk A; Sugar to their roof raising. floor-shaking house party. If you‘re feeling poorly. this night is ill he broadcast live throughout Scotland on l’orth l and ('lyde l and if you‘re starting early. check the official pr'e cltrh at .r\canthus.

I Blitz at We Venue (top floor). Monthly. Next date l7 Nov.

I C.C. Blooms at ('.( '. Blooms. ltlfitlpm 3am (bar from 6pm). Free. Weekly. l).l Ally is back again with more of her trademark hiin camp to house decknical expertise at this alyyay s hoaching gay \cnue.

I Conception at Park Room. ‘l‘eviot Row llotrse. ltlpm 3am. £2 (£l ). 3 Nov only. Belated llalloyyeen fancy dress bash at this fetish friendly goth night.

I A Deep Sensation at .\'oa. Monthly. Next date 3-1 No\.

I Disco Inferno at l-Zgo. 10.30pm 3am. £7 (£5 in fancy dress). I? Nov. Monthly. 'l‘hroyy caution to the \s ind and hurl yourself headlong into a fiery furnace of red hot disco. chllltll‘ [Us Nick Silyer'. .\l(‘ ()tis and DJ Loye yy ill he stoking it up in the main roorrr. while 1)] (‘asanoya plays more relaxed grooyes in the (‘octeau Lounge.

I District at Noa. “hillle 3am. £5 before midnight; £7 alter. 3 Nov. Monthly. t'nder'grotrnd house grooves \y ith ('r'aig Smith (llushl lush Recordings) and Adrian Milarski (Substantial) in the ‘llot Room'. Meanwhile. over in the ‘(‘ool Room'. 1)] lih‘.’ \\'trn? lay s doys n soulful heats.

I Divine Divas at 'l'he \entre (top floor). £6 (£4): two for one between H) and llpm. It) Nov. Monthly \Vornen only cltrb night featuring guest l).l Simmonc Black's eclectic selection. yy ith all profits going to Lothian (iay is l.eshian Switchboard.

I The Egg at ‘l‘lre \Vee Red Bar.

l lprn .lam. £~l (£3.50). \Veekly. Still the best mix of indie. 6lls garage. Northern sotrl. ska and soundtracks you're likely to stagger 2|L'ft)s\.

I Essential at the Liquid Room. ltHllpm 3am. £6 (£5). ll) Nov. Fortnightly. Radio liorth‘s Key in .lonesjoin forces \y ith Martin Valentine ('l'aste/l"riskodisctri for some 'essential‘ dirty liouse and LS garage action in the main room. In the cosy confines of the back booth. Smokey is the Bandit play ja/ly breaks and broken house heats.

I Eye Candy at ('luh Mercado.

llpm late. £1!) ( £S): £6 il outrageously attired. It) Nos. Fortnightly. Residents (iraeme l’opstar. Neiat Barton and Neil ('rookston host their infamous. glam house party. Rernernher to ‘l)ress glam or scr‘am'. I Fiesta Latina at ley iot Rosy l'nion. 9.30pm 3am. £-l.5()(£.i.5()/£3.5()). l() Nov. Monthly. lidinhurgh's longest running Latino night (ten years old in 2002? t.

shoyy casing hot rhythms to keep the winter blues at hay.

I Freefall Edinburgh at the lloneycorrih. lthlpm 3am. £l3 (£l()). 3 Nov Monthly. In my rniud. it's a hit rntich asking folk to pay as rnrrch as £ l 2 to hear Michael Kilkie. Stuart Duncan and (‘raig (ice play pt‘ogl‘cssiy‘e hritlsc. l)(itlhtless some out there \yould agree.


I The Funk Train at Potterrow. lOpm—3am. £5 (£3). 17 Nov. Monthly. Hop aboard for righteous soul and filthy funk. Please note that only students and their guests can gain entry to this night. 0 Headspln at The Bongo Club. 10.30pm—3am. £7. 3 Nov. Monthly. Another four-deck freak-off care of the Headspin homies. joined this month by guest DJ extraordinaire Mark Rae (Rae & Christian). All the best soul. reggae and hip hop gets at seeing to from Steve Austin in the back room and there‘s a free mix (‘1) for the early birds. See Hitlist.

I It at The Honeycomb. l()pm»—3am. £10. 10 Nov. Fortnightly. Wey-hey if you like your tribal house rumblings because the prince of percussion. Steve Lawler. is back to rock this progressive house party. He‘sjoined by residents (‘raig Smith and Jon Mancini and given the calibre and 1 O U T quality of this night. early arrival makes

sense to guarantee entry.

I Joy at ligo. l().3()pm-- 3am. £10 (£8). l() Nov. Fortnightly. Maggie and Alan's meaty house institution. including Trendy Wendy and Sally Finlay‘s saucy mix of chart. pop and garage in the downstairs suite. Arrive early to guarantee entry as Joy's hitting capacity most dates of late. I Last Night A DJ Stole My Wife at Po Na Na. l lpm- 3am. £3. Weekly. DJ 4th Varmint. keeping it real with the old skool to nu skooi beats thing.

I Latin Explosion at The Mambo Club. ltlpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Your weekly dose of high octane Latin rhythms (run exclusively by women). with dance classes starting at 9pm for beginners and for more experienced salsa aficionados at l()pm (priced £4 ys hich includes entry to the cltrb).

I Latino Loco at lil Barrio. l()pm-~3am. Free before I lpm; £2 after. Weekly. The original Latino chart party continues with the freshest beats from the barrio from DJ llector' and his Latin ptiSSC.

I Luscious at (‘lub Java. ‘).3()prn—late. £6. 3 Nov. Fortnightly. 'l‘he name's the same but the 1)] is now Stuart Perdie from R(a"I'I’ and the music policy hasjumpcd from t'K and US garage to ftrnky house. If you‘re on a budget and/or a lazy arse. you'll be pleased to hear that if you catch a cab from the city centre straight to the venue. you can reclaim your taxi fare (with receipt) from the Luscious door staff. Maximum claims are £6. so don‘t take the piss.

I Luvely at The Honeycomb. Monthly. Next date 17 Nov.

I The Mambo Club at The Mambo (‘lub l()pm -3am. £4 (£3 with llyer) before midnight; £5 after. Weekly. Sir ()ssie takes his ragga. hip hop and reggae showcase on an African tip. mixing it up with Socca and other indigenous tlavas. I Messenger Sound System at The Bongo (‘lub. l lprn 3am. £7. l() Nov. Fortnightly. Live combo Nucleus Roots unleash some spiritual stylings and bowel-shuddering bass via the mighty dub reggae sound system. You can also catch the another Messenger session with Nucleus Roots on l5 Nov. See 'l‘hu.

I Mlngin’ at Studio 24 (upstairs). l().3()pmv 3am. £6. 3 Nov. Fortnightly. No-nonsense. gay—friendly clttbbing where it's the filthy house and twisted trance from the residents Brian Dempster and Alan Joy that matters and not the Llécor. dress code or attitude.

I The Mission at Studio 24.

l lprn-Jam. £5 (£4). |() Nov. Fortnightly. Astoundingly popular haunt for the alternateens of the capital featuring three rooms of up-to-date darkness.

I Opium at ()pium. ltlpm 3am. Free. Weekly. The all—new rock bar ctrrn club complex takes hold of lidinburgh‘s after- hours scene like a Rottweiler to a small. defenceless child. In terms of music policy yep. you gtressed it! it's rock. nu-metal and alternative/indie from resident gal 1)]. Marsha.

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