Ian McWhinnie - New Works l'tttil Sat 17 Nov. Decorative ceramics by Ian Mchinnie feattrrirrg ligurative images combined in a variety of forms and surfaces.

Paul Cassidy - Cover Versions Until Sat 17 Nov. New prints by Pattl Cassidy' inspired by Pop Art and pop mtrsic including screenpritrted interpretations of ()()s albtrrn covers.

THE GLASGOW PROJECT ROOM Top floor. ()4 ()sborne Street. 553 1473. Tue— Sat noon~5pm.

Duncan Campbell and Kevin Hutcheson Sat 3—Sat 11) Nov. New work by Dttrrcan (‘ampbell and Kevin Iltttcheson. two artists who both employ text in their work. NEW SHOW.


Ground Floor. Princes Square. Buchanan Street. 331 8163. Mon-Sat I1lam (rpm; Strtr l lam—5pm.

New Artists A varied selection of work by up-and-coming artists featuring sculpture. textile design. photography. paintings and jewellery.


The Mackintosh (iallery. 167 Renfrevv Street. 353 4501).

Lines Of Continuity l'ntil l-‘ri 30 Nov (Atrium Gallery: Mon- Thu 10am 8.30pm: Fri I1)am—4.3()pnt; Sat 1(lam noon). An exhibition celebrating the comic book medium. focusing on Japanese manga and the American super hero genre. The show is also accompanied by related classes and seminars including tutors Steve Yeowell (Zenith. 3()()()Al)l. (irant Morrison (X—.llwt. The lttt't'sihles) arid Mark Millar (l 'ltt'mute X -Men. The Authority I.

Design From 1860: Phillips Decorative Arts Exhibition 8. Sale Sttn 4 Thu 8 Nov (Mackintosh (Iallery: Sttn 3 5pm: Mon Wed 10am 4pmt. Phillips presents a preview of decorative arts to be sold at auction on Thu S Nov inclttding design by ('harles Rennie Mackintosh. li.A. Taylor. (ieorge Walton and many others.


3 Park (‘ircus. 333 3555. Mon Thu 10am-7pm; l-‘ri Itlam 3pm; Sat 1(latn-noon.

Commuting: Paintings by Anna Lobner Thu 15 Nov liri 14 Dec. A series of new paintings by Anna I.obner rellecting her visual experiences while commuting between (ilasgow and Dusseldorf over the past two years plus drawings from her public art project [film 3' liml shown last year at the Art (iallery and Mtrsetrrn. Kelvingrove and Bulkhead. NEW SI‘IOW. Mutterland Wort: Rose Auslander 1901-1988 l'ntil Sat 11) Nov. A documentary exhibition of photographs arid selected poems. chronicling the life of (ierrnan poet Rose Atrslander.


101) Duke Street. Mon I‘ri noon 8pm; Sat & Sttn noon- 5pm.

Photographic Exhibition l'ntil Strn 4 Nov. (‘ornmissioned by l.oretto Housing Association and Scottish Ilomes. the notorioth fortner hostel for homeless men. the (ireer liastern Hotel. which closed irt August. is the venue for this exhibition of photographs. Taken by Duncan of Jordanstone graduate Kirsten Schetrerl who worked as a support worker in the hostel. the photographs document the plight of homeless people. lixhibition extended due to popular demand.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY liniversity of(ilasgow. X3 llillhcad Street. 331) 5431. Mon Sat 9.30am 5pm. liree. Philip Reeves: A Retrospective l.’nti| Sat 33 Dec. Principally known to the printmaking communities of Iidinbtrrglr and (ilasgow. Philip Reeves. born irr 1931. is one of Scotland's leading abstract artists. His work is inspired by the Iattdseape atrd trrore recently. his imagery reflects the urban scene. To celebrate his 7(lth birthday.

this exhibition features innovative prints from the I951ls to the present day. See also Talbot Rice (iallery. lidinburgh.

Philip Reeves Print Retrospective Wed 14 Nov. lprrr. Lunchtime ten-minute talk on the retrospective exhibition of works by Philip Reeves.

Fantasy To Nightmare: A Glimpse Into Callot’s World t'ntil Sat 12 Jan. Jacques ('allot 1 1593 1635) was one of the greatest artists of the 17111 centtrry and one of the lirst to trse etching as a creative medium. This exhibition of selected prints offers an insight into (‘allot's varied artistic output.

Jacques Callot: A Window Into 17th Century Life Wed 7 Nov. Ipm & Thu 8 Nov. 5.30pm. A talk on the current Jacques ('allot exhibition.

Glasgow 1901: Views Of An Exhibition l'ntil Sat 19 Jatt. (ilasgow's lnternatiortal lixhibition of 191)] featured elaborate exhibition halls. gardens. tea and coffee ltouses. pavilions front around the globe and a new civic art gallery. Scottish artist Muir'head Bone ( 1876 1953) recorded these sights and a small collection of his works is presented it] the display. Glasgow 1901 Thu 1 Nov. 5.30pm. Perilla Kinchin disctrsses (ilasgow's International lixhibition of 1901.


IS King Street. 553 3541). Tue Strrr

Illarn (rpm.

Notes On Ideas And Processes l'ntil Sun IS Nov. (ilasgow-based artist James Robertson presents a work-in- progress exhibition in which visitors can enter the space at regular intervals to clteck on any developments. l'sing everyday materials. ranging from furniture. clothes. sound and light. Robertson explores ideas and experiences related to memory. botlr collective arid personal.


183 Bath Street. 333 1991. Mon l-‘ri 10.30am 5pm; Sat 11).31)am Ipm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of traditional and contemporary paintings including works by ILA. Walton. (‘ar‘lo Rossi. John Rellany. John llouston. William Miller l'ra/er artd Sir William .‘vlac'l‘aggart.


373a St Vincent Street. 331 5379. Panel Discussion Sat 3 Nov. lprn. A panel discussion on the recent public art project ()ctober. which took place at various vetrttcs in (ilasgow's St Vincent Street. featuring the work of 31 artists.


I 1 Mitchell Lane. 331 (r3b3. Mon. Wed. l-‘ri & Sat 111.3(larn 5pm; Tue Ilatn 5pm; Thu I1).31Iarn 5pm; Strrr noon 5pm. £1 (includes entry to all exhibitions).

4x4 Apartment Avant-Garde l'ntil Wed 33 Nov 1RC\‘1L‘\\'(i£tllL‘l‘y I. (iallet'y

goers are invited 1o visit the living spaces of

sixteen Japanese architects and a number of their designed residences in this interactive exhibition. 1'sing DVI) presentation. play'station3 arid the latest Sony TV. VIL‘WL‘t‘s can L‘chl‘icllc‘c it taste of contemporary Japanese lifestyles.

Into The Blue l'ntil Strn 35 Nov (Young Designers (iallcry t. l'inal designs for a series of wall-mounted sctrlpted features for five sites within l’eterlread's towrt centre. which have been researched and developed by children and members of the community.

Re-design l‘ri 9 Nov Sat 3 l‘cb ((iallery 4). Designed by the A/trmis. the 1K premiere of this exhibition features the work of leading Japanese architects. graphic. product. lighting and fashioner‘ designers. photographers and writers. all of whom have redesigned 31) everyday

objects. Items incltrdc teabags. toilet rolls. matches and paper plates. l’urt offlhtpun 301)]. NI W 81 10W.


Station Road. Milrtgav ie. 578 3847.

Tue I’ri Itlarn Ipm. 3 5pm: Sat 3 5pm. Creating A Presence l'nlil Sat l7

Celebration Matches by Kaoru Mende forms part of Re-design at the

Nov. Drawn from Lillie An (iallery's collection. a display of works which explore humankind‘s presence within the natural landscape.

Mnemosyne t'ntil Sat I7 Nov. (ilasgow- based artist Iona Montgomery explores past lives and cultures through mythology. archaeology and fossilized forms.


301) Bath Street. 331 (I733. Tue Sat

9am (rpm.

Emil Schult l'ntil Strrr I I Nov. The first Scottish showing of paintings by limil Schttlt. who found fame as part of legendary (lerman electronic rnusic pioneers Kraftwerk. designing the band's artwork. This exhibition features paintings on plexi glass. employing graphic brushstrokes onto the transparent surface.


35 Parnie Street. 553 7999. Mon Fri 8.30am (rpm; Sat 10am (rpm: Strn llarn (rpm.

Love l'ritil liri 31) Nov. Paintings by Ali llendrick.


371) Sauchieball Street. 333 7531. Mon Sat 10am -5pm; Sttn noon 5pm.

The RGI 140th Annual Exhibition l'ntil Sttn 18 Nov. £3 (£1 1. The I4()th annual exhibition of The Royal (ilasgow lnstittrte of the line Arts. featuring guest exhibitors David Hockney. Peter llowson. John Byrne and David Mach. along with work by artists from all over Scotland.


The (‘otrrtyard 71 73 Albion Street. 553 9895.

Pivotal Art l'ntil I‘ri 3 Nov. New litre art consultancy Pivotal Art present an exhibition of photography. sculpture. paintings and works on paper by artists front the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. irrcltrding llelen Denerley. Leonie (iibbs. Mark Johnston. Steven McKenzie and Jarttes 1.umsden. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


73 Robertson Street. Suite (i. l’loor l. 348 371 1. Tue l"ri noon ~5pnr.

Jim Lambie l'ntil Hi 33 Nov. New work by (ilasgow artist Jim l.atnbie. renowned for ltis psychedelic lloors.


331 West (icorgc Street. 343 97.5.5. Mon Fri 10am 5 31lprn; Sat Itlam 3pm.

The Autumn Exhibition I'ntil l-‘ri .11) Nov. Paintings by a selection of artists including l't‘l‘gltssott. Ilttntcr‘. ('adell. Blackatlder. llowson atrd many others.



()n-line gallery. w w \\.IIL‘\\-1‘ttltlc‘lll[i(tl';ll'y- art.cotn

Miniatures One (In-line gallery showcasing the work of tip-arid coming: artists frorn Glasgow and lztlirtbttrglt.


6 Wilson Street. Merchant ('ity. .553 0703. Tue. Wed & I'll Ilarrr (rpm: '1 1m llarn 7pm; Sat |1)am (rpm: Sun 1 51m. Mixed Exhibition Work 12y conterrrporary up and coming Scottish based artists.


(‘entre lior Developmental Arts. IS Albion Slt'cel. 5.53 3S33 Mon i'li 10am 5pm.

Young Talent 2001 Sat 3 1 ii 311 Nov (open first Sat front noon). An exhibition o1 work (mailed by children and young people.

QUEEN’S CROSS CHURCH 871l1iarscube Road. 94o ()frllll. Mon l-.i l1larn 5pm; Sttrr 3 5pm.

Skinny Ladies And Antimacassars Wed 14 Nov. 7pm. Members £5; tron ttrernbers L'o: students £3. l.i/ Arthur gives a talk.


118 Douglas Street. 348 (r3So. Mon l'l‘i 11).31)anr 5pm: Sat Illdtlarz; Ipm. COIOUI‘ Play 2 Sal 3 S;rt31.Nov,()il paintings by Sylvia .\IIen.


3 Sauchieball Street. 35380111). Daily Illanr (rpm. Later or: concert niglrts. Tuscans Abroad The (r Strn 35 Nov. Tttscany with its ditittct landscape has long been the inspiration lot many artists. This exhibition. however. looks at the reasons behind the emigration of many 'l‘uscans from the region in search of a better standard ol lile. ’l ltrottglt archives. photographs and tiltit‘t‘ls. the reasons for their departtrre story is told.


(r littrnlieltl Road. (iifl'nock. o W 1301). Tue Sat Illarn 5pm. Sun noon 5pm; (‘r‘essvvell I ane toll llyr‘es Road). (HS 1301). Tue Sat 11am 5.31)pnt;Sttn

noon 5pm. Scotland‘s largest selection of affordable original art with an on line gallery featuring over 10111) paintings. Blair Thomson and Rachel Sedley Sat 3 Strn 11 Nov. landscapes arid ligtrraltve work by final year students at (ilasgow School o1 Art.

I -li> Nov 2001 THE LIST 89