Art listings

Edinburgh Galleries continued


6 (‘arlton ’l‘errace. 556 444 l. Wed Sat 10am-5pm.

Jeffrey Blondes t'ntil Sun 4 .\'ov. French and Scottish paintings by .»\merican-born landscape painter Jeffrey Blondes including recent landscapes made

earlier this year on the Isle of (‘olonsay off

the west coast.

0Callum Innes Wed 14 .\'m- Sat 23 Dec. New works by the internationally renowned abstract painter. (‘allum Innes. Born in lidinbttrgh where he continues to live and work. Innes was shortlisted for both the Turner and Jcrwood Pri/es in I995. In I998. he won the .\'at West Him for Painting. lnnes is widely recognised for the original contribution he has made to absti'act painting. Much of his work employs the technique of removing fresh- ly painted areas of colour tising brttsh strokes or streams of turpentine. This is his second exhibition at the Ingleby (iallery. See llitlist. NH"! SHOW.

INSTITUT FRANCAIS D’ECOSSE 13 Randolph (’rescent. 225 5366. Mon Sat 9.30am l0pm.

The Garden Transgressed t'ntil Sat l0 Nov. An exhibition by j.umir Souktip and Frazer .\lc.\'aughton assembled from photographs and sketches of liuropean Temporary (iarden Festivals.

L’Eau L'ntil Fri 30 .\'ov. An exhibition and screenings of twenty small documentary films highlighting the ecological and economic problems of water.

Jacques Prevert t'ntil Sat I" .\‘m. France‘s I.irc en l’etc. a month devoted to reading. focttsc‘s on the work of Jactjttcs Prevert. poet. scripr ritcr and lyric w ritcr. This exhibition and presentation of films celebrates his versatility.

The Other Side Of The Mirror Thu 15 Nov» Tue l5 Jan. Dttncan of Jordanstone graduate. French artist Beatrice .‘vlaley re presents a series of drawings and sculpture. Si


66 Cumberland Street. 558 9872. Mon Fri 10am— 6pm: Sat l0am- 4pm.

Philip Reeves L'ntil Tue 2i) Nov. To coincide with retrospective exhibitions in lidinburgh and (ilasgow. silkscreen prints by Philip Reeves. Iounder of the lidinburgh Printmakers and the (ilasgow Print Studio. See also Talbot Rice (iallery and Hunterian .r\rt (iallery. (ilasgow.


65 The Shore. 553 5255. Tue l’ri

llam 5pm: Sat l lam 4pm.

Graham H.D. McKean l'niil Sat 3 .\'ov. Figurative paintings c\ploring the world of finance and commerce by (iraham H.D. .‘ychcan in this his lilth solo show with the gallery. \lcls'ean has donach the proceeds of his painting .llt'Im/m/iv to the l'nited Way September 1 Id) l‘und.

Eoghan Bridge tintil Sat 3 Nov. Sculpture.

James Somerville Until Sat 3 Nov. A solo show of paintings.

Mary Batchelor And Terry Kirkwood Sat Ill-Sat 24 Nov. landscape paintings by Mary Batchelor and 'l'erry Kirkwood.

Aliisa Hyslop Sat It) Sat 24 Nov. A solo show of paintings.

Allison Weightman Sat to Sat 24 Nov. ('eramics.


Department of Photography. Film & TV. .‘vlarchmont ('ampus. 6| Marchmont Road. 455 5203. Mon Fri 9am 5pm.

Towards Imagopolis Until Fri 16 Nov. An exhibition of film and photography by graduates and lecturers from Napier l'niversity. centring on how photography and lilm can explore architecture and the building environment. l-‘eatured artists include graduates lan (‘ampbell Matt l.aver and Leonora ()lmi. David Bellingham. Jim llamlyn. ('atherine Devlin. Paul (iray and Dan Dubowitz.


Belford Road. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon —Sat

lllam 5pm: Sun noon 5pm. (‘afe.

2 Rachel Whiteread tintil Sun 9 Dec. £2 (fl l. London-born Rachel \\'hiteread is one of Britain's leading artists. Making casts of the insides of ordi- nary objects. her notorious Home in which the interior of a derelict Victorian house was cast in concrete. was demolished amid much contrtwersy in I993. She went on to win the 'l‘urner Pri/e later that year. Since then. \‘v'hitercad has continued to cast objects including the inside of bath tubs. wardrobes and whole rooms. This major c\l)il)ition. co-organised by the Serpentine (iallery in l.ontlon shows fifteen major works including two new works of the upper staircase and terracotta lloor cast from \\'hitcrcad's new home and studio. at former synagogue in Bethnal (ireen. See Hitlist.

Souvenirs: Postcards By Ian Hamilton Finlay t'ntil Sun I l Nov. The first l'K showing of I00 small-scale works by Ian Hamilton l-‘inlay. who since the 60s has produced limited-edition postcards combining text and visual imagery.

3 Blue Lemons: Transformation In The Work Of Ian Hamilton Finlay Mon 5 Nov. 12.45pm

((iy mnasium ). Ken (‘ockburn. poet and editor of The ()n/er (MT/tines discusses the work of Ian Hamilton Finlay.

The Impact Of Modern Paints Mon 12 Nov. l2.45pm ((iymnasium). A talk by Tom Learner. (‘onservation Scientist at Tate Modern.


The Hound. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Sat 10am 5pm: Sun noon 5pm. Home to

livino'r th‘l: (i.\i.i.t~.i<v all/11'IJNlVlzRSl'I'Y or lioisut'ktai ()l.l) (‘oiii-tii-L. Sot'in Bruntaa

Ill November—15 December 'l‘uesday—Saturday Ill-5

PHILIP REEVES A RE'I‘ROSPECTIVE .\ long overdue show of the austerely beautiful paintings by this distinguished artist. anti in the Round Room

new wall drawings In Part] Keir

l‘Rl'l' l‘\l‘\lS

92 THE LIST' "I la. "

Scotland's linest collection of European paintings and sculpture from the Renaissance to Post-Impressionism. From The Madonna To The Moulin Rouge: Recently Acquired Drawings Until Thu 31 Jan. A display of over 40 drawings and watercolours recently acquired by the gallery. ranging from devotional images of the Madonna to spontaneous sketches of the Parisian music hall. the Moulin Rouge. Many of the works have never before been exhibited due to their sensitivity to light. There are drawings by 16th and 17th century Italian masters Agostino (‘arracci. Pietro Testa and Domenico Ricci: a preparatory sketch for the figure of lirminia by (iuercino; views of lidinburgh and Newhaven by Alexander Nasmyth: an anatomical study by 19th century French draughtsman (‘harles Francois Sellier and Joseph (‘rawhall's watercolour White Drake.

General Sir David Baird Discovering The Body Of Sultan Tippoo Sahib Fri 2 Nov. 12.45pm. David Wilkie's painting is discussed by Allan (‘arswelL curator at the National War Museum of Scotland.

Poussin and Humanism Fri 9 Nov. 12.45pm. (‘laire (‘olebrook from the University of Edinburgh puts Poussin‘s work under the spotlight.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 624 6200 (recorded informatitm 332 2266). Mon—Sat l0am--5pm: Sun noon-5pm. Cafe. Free. The Fine Art Of Photography Until Sun 13 Jan. The Scottish National Photography (‘ollection established by the National (iallerics of Scotland contains around 25.000 photographs dating from the beginnings of the medium to the present day. This selection of 200 works shows the cream of the collection featuring David ()ctavius Hill and Robert Adamson's Newhaven lishwives; Anne Leibovitz‘s portrait of a nude John Lennon embracing Yoko ()no; live Arnold‘s portrait of Malcolm X in Washington DC: Andreas (iursky‘s San Francisco ( 1998);

Patricia Macdonald‘s aerial photographs of

Loch [even and David Shrigley's Black Snowman ( I996). See review.

Larry Towell: The Mennonites Until Sun 3 Feb. The first UK showing of work by (‘anadian Magnum photographer Larry Towell. The 50 photographs on display document the lives of the Mennonites. a non-conformist religious sect based in rural (‘anadian and Mexican colonies. Towell worked with the community throughout the l990s. and this photographic essay provides a sympathetic account of this insular society.

A Tribute To Edwin Morgan Until Sun 3 Feb. Scottish artists Ron O'Donnell and Steven (‘ampbell pay tribute to Glasgow‘s Poet Laureate lidwin Morgan. Around eight to ten images by each artist. including portraits of Morgan. will be combined to create an all-round tribute to the writer. his life and his works. Urania: An Artist’s Urge To Fetish In Poetry And Photographic Portraiture Wed 7 Nov. l2.45pm. Photographer Maud Sulter gives a talk.

Fifty Years In Pictures Tue )3 Nov. 12.45pm. The celebrated photojournalist. Glasgow-born Harry Benson gives a talk on his 50-year career.

Men & Beasts: A Study Of The Wild Men And Tame Animals Of Scotland Wed l4 Nov. 12.45pm. Poet Valerie (iillies and photographer Rebecca Marr talk about their recent collaboration and exhibition which is currently on show at the Royal Iidinburgh Hospital.

NEW-CONTEMPORARY-ART.COM ()n-line gallery.

Miniatures One The opening exhibition for this new on-line gallery which showcases the work of tip-and- coming artists from (ilasgow and lidinburgh with all works available to btiy.


14 New Street. 558 7604. Mon—Sat

l lam-6.30pm. Until late on Bongo (‘lub nights.

Nude Sat 3--Tue 13 Nov. A range of diverse styles feature in this exhibition of works by members of the Life Drawing class.


61 Bread Street. 477 4522. Mon Sat

I lam—6pm.

AOP (Scotland) Book Launch and Exhibition Wed 7 Tue 20 Nov (Gallery I). To coincide with the Association of Photographers Scotland’s launch their fourth directory. Book 4. an exhibition of work by some of the fittest photographic talent working in Scotland today. NEW SHOW.


2] St Leonard's Lane. 662 I612. Mon-Sat l0am-5pm; Sun noon-4pm. Made In The 21 st Century Until Sun 1 1 Nov. A diverse range of traditional crafts made in the 2lst century featuring scroll painting. shell and terracotta sculpting and mask making by craftsmen from Bengal; footstools made by (‘astle Upholstery in North Berwick covered in kilims which are made in India; and a collection of ‘Halil Ibrahims‘ (tent dividers).


75-79 (‘umberland Street. 557 1020. Mon—Fri l0am~6pmz Sat l0am—«4pm. Jewellery Sat 3 Wed 21 Nov. Contemporary jewellery by invited artists.

Abigail McLelIan Sat 3 -Wed 21 Nov. Paintings.

Ann Ross Sat 3 Wed 2| Nov. Italian land and cityscapes by Ann Ross. Laurence Simon Sat 3 Wed 2t Nov. (‘eramic sculpture.


l7—l9 Barclay Place. 477 2933. Tue—Sat l0.3()am—6.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of paintings including reproduction art Van (iogh. Dali. Monet. Kandinsky. Miro - originals and work by up-and-coming local artists.

PATRIOTHALL GALLERY (WASPS) Patriothall Studios. off-IX Hamilton Place. 225 I289. [Edinburgh's unique artists-led gallery space with an exciting programme of exhibitions throughout the year.

Elemental Until Sun 4 Nov (Tue Sun noon 6pm). New paintings by Miriam Vickers including landscapes and life drawings.

Alice’s Garden Party Fri 9 Wed 14 Nov (daily 2 6pm). A mixed media installation by 'l'oyoko Shimada which draws inspiration from tradition and modernity. nature and culture. spirituality and materialism. ()n the opening night. Shimada will perform a cross-cultural tea ceremony in which the public can participate. NEW SHOW.


25 Marchmont (‘rescent. 229 2063. Mon Fri 9am 5.30pm: Sat l0am 2pm. Inaugural Exhibition A photographic gallery and framing workshop featuring a range of framed mounted images with space for local photographers to show their work.


(‘lerk Street. 667 7776. Mon -Sat

l0am 5.30pm.

Diane Barnes: Home And Away Until Sun 4 Nov (l.othian and Hope Scott Room). Recent paintings of recent travels to Kenya and India as well as works closer to home by Diane Barnes.

Anne Gilchrist - Natural Portraits Mon 5 Nov Sun 2 Dec (l.othian and Hope Scott Room). Paintings and drawings of the natural