world by Anne Gilchrist. featuring pencil studies of plant life in Scotland and Iiast Australia.


()3 Dublin Street. 557 0480. Tue—Sat

l lam—5pm.

David Forster Until Sat 3 Nov. A solo

show of recent paintings by David Forster exploring the notion of imagined narrative behind the visual experience.


l5 Rutland Square. 22‘) 75-15. Mon--Fri 9am—5pm: Sat 10am—4pm.

Art Works: Projects For Public

Space Until Fri 2 Nov. An exhibition of

artists‘ proposals arranged by Art in Partnership revealing some of the innovative ideas artists have developed in response to briefs. Proposals featured in the exhibition include Aberdeen Beach by Vito Acconci and Sculpture at Tyrebagger by Mark Dion and Simon Beeson.

Andrew Doolan Architects: A Profile Mon 12 —Fri 30 Nov. An exhibition highlighting the work of Andrew Doolan Architects over the past 2| years. Previous projects include the Ingratn Square in (ilasgow and the Point Hotel and Iidinburgh (‘ity Travel Inn in Iidinburgh. NEW SHOW.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith Row. 552 7l7l.

Stella Ross-Craig Until Sun It) Mar (lnverleith House: Tue~Sun

10.30am 7 3.30pm). Botanical drawings of

British plants by Stella Ross-Craig. Born in I‘)()() in Aldershot of Scottish parents. Ross-(‘raig began her career as a botanical artist in 192‘). working for the Royal Horticultural Society and the Royal Botanic (iardens. Kew. The drawings on display were selected by the artist herself. and none has ever been seen by the public before.

Portrait Of The Nation Mon l2---Fri 30 Nov (Exhibition Hall: Mon—Fri

l0am- 3.30pm; Sat 8.: Sun noon—3.30pm).

Marks & Spencer‘s year-long project. Portrait ()f'l’lte Nation stops off in Edinburgh as part of a L'K tour. Created by artist David Mach. this 30m long collage comprises 250.000 photographs submitted by people from all over Britain. NEW SHOW.

Art In Vienna In The Time Of

Freud Thu 15 Nov. 6.30pm. £8 (Lecture

Theatre). Director of the Scottish National (iallery of Modern Art. Richard (‘alvocoressi gives a lecture in aid of the Scottish (‘hild Psychotherapy Trust.


The Link Gallery. 23 Tipperlinn Road. 22‘) 3555.

Men And Beasts tintil Thu 28 Feb. A collaboration between poet Valerie (iillies and photographer Rebecca Marr comprising black and white photographs and poetry documenting man‘s relationship to beasts and the land at the turn of the century.


The Pelican Gallery. I Lauriston Place. For further information call Artlink. 22‘) 3555.

7th Annual Staff Exhibition L'ntil Thu 3l Jan. Artworks by the staff of the Lothian Ifniversity Hospital NHS Trust featuring painting. drawing. needlework. stained glass and photography.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings (iallery. I00 Princes Street I50l. Daily l0am (rpm. Superhuman Until Fri 23 Nov.

Recent work by the award-winning South

African artist Nigel Mullins.


l6 Dundas Street. 558 I200. Mon—Fri l0ams ()pm; Sat l0am-4pm.

Denise Findlay L'ntil Sat 3 Nov. New


Photography by Chris Close forms part of the AOP (Scotland) exhibition

figurative paintings of females by Denise Findlay. working in mediums of collage. paint. pastel and charcoal. Peter Hayes Until Sat 3 Nov. New

workers during a recent Stills training programme led by artist Lindsay Perth with the help of Billy McCall.

ceramics. TALBOT RICE GALLERY Susan Cross Until Sat 3 Nov. New University of lidinburgh. South Bridge. jewellery. 650 22l I. Tue-Sat l0am 5pm.

Aspects Of Scottish Drawings (1 BOO-2001) Mon 5 - Wed 28 Nov. A selection ofdrawings by Scottish artists featuring the Scottish (‘olourists. Anne Redpath. James (‘owie. Alberto Morrocco. Iilizabeth Blackadder. Jack Knox. John Bellany. Peter Howson and many others. NEW SHOW.

Graham Stewart Mon 5~Wed 28 Nov. Silversmithing including functional pots.

Jessie Matthews Mon 5v-Wed 28 Nov. Textiles.

Chinese Contemporary Art t'ntil Sat 3 Nov (White (ialleryl. The first showing of contetnporary painting and sculpture brought directly from (him which reveal a blend of both traditional and modern themes and techniques. l ASl CHANCE TO SEE.

Jacqueline Donachie t’ntil Sat 3 Nov (rottnd room). (ilasgovs -based artist Jacqueline Donachie's new work Edinburgh Society looks at the many student Clubs and societies of the University of lidinburgh. For the shim. Donachie will create a small podium and walls with the names of each of the societies in alphabetic order in an attempt to see whether lidinburgh’s students lit the standard stereotypes. LAST (,‘l lAN(Zi TO SEE.

Philip Reeves Retrospective Sat 10 Nov Sat 15 Dec (White (iallery i. To


5 Barony Street. 478 7440. Tue-Sat l0am-—()pm.

Contemporary Scottish Art And Design A gallery and shop featuring a changing selection of hand- woven and embroidered rugs and textiles from the Turkmen. Uzbek. Beluch and Aimaq tribes of (‘cntral Asia.


Reiach and Hall Architects. () Darnaway Street. 225 8444. Mon~Fri 2—5pnr

Matt Rogalsky: Ellipsis Mon 5 Nov—Fri 7 Dec. An installation by Matt Rogalsky in which snippets from live radio are processed to reveal the silences between words along with breath and background sounds. which in turn are amplified in the gallery space. NEW SHOW.


44 High Street. 557 8360. Daily 10am—6pm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of paintings by predominantly Italian artists. featuring still life. landscapes and figurative. with all works for sale.


5X Ratcliffe Terrace. (367 woo. Mon ‘)am-~5pm: Tue» Fri ‘)am--opm: Sat 10am—5pm.

Mixed Exhibition Until Fri Io Nov. A mixed show of limited edition prints and original paintings.


23 (‘ockburn Street. 622 (i200. Tue—Sat 10am—5pm.

Face On Until Sat 10 Nov. (‘urated by (‘raig Richardson and Mark Durden. this exhibition examines and recontextualises new and existing photographic and lens-based artworks which involve a social exchange between the artist and their human subjects. Featured artists include Roderick Buchanan. Philip-Lorca di(‘orcia. Alexa Wright. Jennifer Bornstein. Alfredo Jarr and Adam (‘hodzktr

Noctivagation Until Sat 10 Nov. Digital images produced by six youth

. summoning _, ,, ., . ammonites “generating

listings Art

at Nexus Galleries

coincide with a parallel retrospective exhibition of prints at Glasgow's Hunterian (iallery. a major exhibition of collages and paintings by the (ilasgow- based artist Philip Ree\es. The show features o\ er o0 \sorks spanning Reeves‘ career since lte first arrived in Scotland ill l‘)5~l. See also lIunterian .'\rt (iallery. (ilasgtm. Ni Si 170‘...)

Artist In Conversation \ved I4 Nov. 5.15pm. (ilasgovs —based artist Philip Ree\es talks about his work. the subject of this major retrospccli\c e\hibition. Paul Keir Sal II) No\ Sal l5 Dec (round room l. .'\berdeen horn artist l’aul Keir creates new \sall drawings in the gallery is round room space.

Artist Talk \Ved l4 \ox. lpm. l’aul Keir talks about his work.


3o I)undas Street. 550 0300 Mon Fri llam (ipni: Sat ll).3()am lpm.

Davy Brown l'ntil Sat 3 .\'o\. Recent paintings.

Norma Hansell and Gillian Goodheir Sat l0 Sat 24 .\'ov. Recent paintings.



‘\ .‘ ' THE LIST 93