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When the dinosaurs were dispatched from an already dying planet by a very large chunk of rock plummeting from outer space, the world was left in limbo. What could come along and take their place? Miniature horses, large killer birds, woolly rhinos and walking whales, that’s what.

Walking With Beasts takes up the (pre-hi)story at the point which its phenomenally successful predecessor ended; apparently, 360 million people from Newington to New Zealand watched Walking With Dinosaurs. So, Kenneth Branagh takes us 56 million years back in time, introducing us to friendly types such as the Australopithecus (‘southern primate’), Leptictidium (‘delicate weasel’), and the classic mammoth.

Not so winning in the personality stakes are creatures like the tall cat- swallowing terror bird Phorusrhacos (‘rag bearer’), the largest and hungriest species of ant ever, Formicium Giganteum, and the large feline Dinofelis aka the baboon and antelope killer. One look at these freaks of nature and you almost want to frolic with a sewer rat.

(Brian Donaldson)

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