I see yOur southern neighbour Time Out has done a big cover feature entitled 100 Best Reasons To Live In London, including such unique London attractions as ‘great restaurants‘. ‘international newsagents' and “free museums and galleries'.

Can I suggest that The List does a feature entitled “100 Reasons Why London Should Remove Its Head From Its Arse'?

Andrew Douglas via email


Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

Nice to see that once again the people behind Edinburgh's Hogmanay celebrations have managed to exclude the majority of us who actually live here and pay extortionate council taxes year-round to fund this sort of thing. I logged onto their website to find out about getting passes for the street party only to find out that the ballot had closed on 15 October.

Nice of them to advertise the fact it had even opened. Of course there's always the option of joining the ‘First Foot' club which apparently has loads of benefits but as far as I can tell actually means your 'free' passes will cost you $15. Gee thanks. Guess this means that yet again I'll be joining the hoards of residents watching on TV while the t0urists have a great time. Anthony Nash via email


Resignation of Henry McLeish

With world affairs currently in such turmoil, how disappointing and parochial that the media in Scotland should think it better to direct such time and energy into turning an expenses molehill into such an out of proponion mountain.

Margaret MacPherson

via email


Re: The Sopranos (issue 427)

I had to email you and tell you how excellent it was to see James ‘hot tamaleee‘ Gandolfini on the cover of The List. I was even more ecstatic to see that you designated four whole pages to The Sopranos.

The Sopranos hit list was a Super idea. Great appropriate character-revealing quotes.

I cannot believe what an excellent series it is. That is what is so remarkable about The Sopranos. its American and it is good. HBO keep on movin'. I am missing British television as the television here in Toronto is crappier than the biggest pile of crap.

Did you see the photo of James Gandolfini on his bicycle. With a handkerchief on his face making his way down to the WTC on t 1 September? I don't know if it is appropriate to say what a cool guy or not. but it seemed a positive natural thing to do. I like him a lot.

The magazine looks amazmg, we love getting it. makes us homesick.

Jennifer Franklin via email


Re: Phil Kay at Ryan Adams (issue 427) I'd like to pass my condolences to Phil Kay for losing his pint and marring an othenvise perfect night. I was standing behind hiii~ and can remember every detail of the bounder who stole the drink.

I w0uld happily contribute to any Photofit to catch the thief because it is a crime that someone could not fully enjoy even, momentous second of an imiitaculate gig. Simon Harper Vibe Magazine Via e-mai/


Re: We’ve been framed (issue 427)

I think Mr Scott Rae's comments about the

quality of the photographer's work in the

Framespotting feature definiter looked a

little out of place when. in the same issue.

Adrian Brannan displayed a pair of truly

exCiting images of modern photography. Although his comments did seem to go a

bit too far. it last month‘s quality continues.

the feature can only improve.

Ian Clifford

via e-mail


Re: Surface Noise

After reading about the Performing Right Society Foundation Awards in The List's Surface Noise column. Tiernan Kelly. one of the CLII'alOtS of Instal. the Arches' forthcoming electronic and experimental music festival. applied to the foundation's Live Connections Scheme to support the development of a performance for the festiyal.

He was successful in securing one of only eight awards nationwide this year to finance his performance project. an interactive experimental electronic composition and perforniance. The results Defaa/t can be seen and heard at lnstal on 9 December.

See. do appreCiate you!

Sandra Marron T he Arches Glasgo'.v

The Sopranos: both American and good

Student protest against Balfour Beatty Edinburgh University halls of residence

9 2 Adam Barnett Student

Very interesting and I'm glad it's been brought to the students attention.

happy to be lli‘.'t)l\.’(}( i.

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Will Garton Natalie Community Student and Morgan- Sergeant organism Klein Kirkness People seeiv‘ Sf...;z.".‘ For t.‘t.‘."‘t!"

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