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Spend, spend, spend. . .

I MAYBE WE’RE imagining it but there seems to be all manner of sparkling decorations hanging up in the shops. This can mean only one thing - Christmas is coming! Ease yourself gently into the festive shopping mayhem by going along to the Museum of Scotland’s Christmas shopping evenings on Monday 26 and Wednesday 28 November, 6-8pm, Chambers Street, Edinburgh. Stocking a real mix of Scottish- made goods, from jewellery to ceramics there’ll also be a demonstration from Scottish basket weaver Lise Bech. Discounts, mince pies and mulled wine will aid the whole process. Enquiries on 0131 247 4128.

I OTHER CHANCES to get some original gifts in the capital will be at the Traditional German Market on Princes Street. running from Monday 19 November until Friday 21 December, daily 10am—8pm. As well as the Gluhwein stand to keep your spirits high, there‘ll be a range of crafts and edible delicacies. Hopetoun House in South Queensferry will be holding its ‘Present Event' with over 80 stalls crammed with Christmas gifts on Friday 23—Sunday 25. 10am—4.30pm. Details on 0131 331 2451. And look out for our Christmas gift guide in the next issue of The List.

I AFTER THE LAUNCH of their Per Una womenswear range, Marks & Spencer continue to break new ground by joining forces with aromacologist Daniele Ryman to create a new perfume, bath and body range.


The Aromacology range comes with six mood-enhancing aromas, ranging from ‘anti-stress’ to ‘confidencet Products start at £4 and are available at M&S stores nationwide.

I THEY SPONSORED Johnny Vegas’s latest tour, so who knows it that'll make you want to buy it. What are we talking about? Circ shampoo. a new brand designed for men worried about thinning hair. There are no promises it'll make you a comedy icon but to find out more and request a free sample visit

I IF DESIGNER bargains are your thing it might be worth purchasing the latest edition of The Good Deal Directory. This weighty tome comes in at £9.99 but could save you much more with its list of locations where you can buy top brand name goods at discount prices. Featuring over 3100 outlets across the UK, it could be your new best friend. Call 01367 860016 or log onto www.gooddealdirect for details.

I SEVERAL OF Scotland's leading designers will be displaying their wares in a rather different way at Save the Children’s Festival of Trees. This fundraising event sees twelve designer Christmas trees being auctioned at Edinburgh’s Royal Museum on Friday 30 November. Designers include Michelle Mone of Ultimo Bra fame. outdoor specialists Tiso and shoe designer Helen Bateman. For details: www.savethechildren.

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