Joey D is the beating chaotic heart of wild fashion in the capital. epitomised by the founder's garrulous. life affirming laugh that follows his every sentence. An established designer and buyer in London who came to Edinburgh to chill out. Joey D didn't set up his shop for any sane or monetary reasons: 'It was just a laugh. sheer madness. it was just one of those things you get in your head and you think why not an in-yer- '. ace shop where you wouldn't put one. .t was just a laugh. then people started to like it.‘ Originally from the Midlands. Joey loves the fact that his shop attracts a Heinz variety of clientele: 'lt's across the board. we even have this old lady of 70 who comes in and buys things. You get all kinds and when they clash in the shop it's dead funny. I actually think they really enjoy it.‘

The shop itself is made up of Joey's n any amazing creations including tree stump clogs. screenprint T—shirts. crazy dresses. loud shirts. soft fawn leather flares plus a backroom of some of the most amazing shoes y0u have ever seen. So what are his favourite creations of the moment? ‘We've just made a new banana dress that's in the wmdow. it's a golden leather leopard skin dress. and the going—out straight jackets we've sold quite a few now. they've brought quite a lot of the worms 0! :t of the wood and caused a bit of a stir' The brims of his hats and the soles of his clogs may be getting Wider but this most freewheeling of couturiers has no plans of world domination: 'lts going to get wilder but I don't think a JD in every town w0uld make much sense. It's built more as a product. it's pretty virtual in the way that I never know what's going to happen and I'm the guy that's running it.‘

(Paul Dalel I Joey D. 54 Broug/iton Street. Edinburgh. 0737 557 6672


Fashion, music and interiors

You may have had this dream: you are standing in a Utopian space surrounded by all the things that make life worth living; cool books. curious toys that should never be taken out of their boxes . . . but stop. then you remember all your wages go on alcohol and rent and yOu can't afford to feed the cat.

The founders of Analogue Russell Ferguson and Julie Nicoll »- are about to stand or fall by their dream. Havmg arrived in Edinburgh three years ago. they have finally

112 THE LIST 1?) 9%; Nov I/iifil

scraped enough money together to launch this deeply adventurous venture.

'We are influenced by so called lifestyle shops in Tokyo. New York and Paris like Collette and Apartment where you find a real mixture of areas such as fashion. music and interiors all in one shop where the stock has been hand picked. almost curated. for being cool.‘ says Ferguson. Russell Ferguson's visionary ethos is unimpeachable: ‘lt's just a really visual space where we want people to be inspired and influenced by what they find. The main reason for Opening Analogue was to sell the stuff we love.‘

Designed by former Conran Group designer Alison Tudor lArcadia. Caffeine) and graphically laid out by spatial artist Edmundo Keefe. the Analogue space will be something very specral evoking a minimal feeling without the formality of a gallery. The shop aims to be a shrine to the esoteric and dwine with everything from Buro Desruct's Graphic Design books to Banksy's and Scrawl's Graffiti manuals. as well as posters and T-shirts. Add to this an open door policy to the work of local artists and deSIgners who wish to sell their work and you know that paradise is only half as nice as that shop across the road. (Paul Dale)

I Analogue opens Sat 24 Nov. 102 West Bow (Victoria St) Edinburgh. 0131 220 0601. www.analoguebooks.COL/k, e- n ia/l info ’ma/ ia/t x 11 let)ooks. (:0. t /k

.- ', ,V;"(:—_«>


We can’t stop you, you're going to do it anyway, so here’s a selection of the best products to keep you glittering through the party season.

Words: Louisa Pearson

I Karen Millen Face & Body Sparkle Dust Housed in a sexy compact you won't be afraid to be seen with. this will give you a subtle gold shimmer. £72. Boots

I Urban Decay Eye Max Duo Not so much glitter as a no- messing metallic sheen from these products. perfect for rock chicks. £79.50. Boots.

I Hard Candy

' . f‘ Sonic Glitter

Set Get disco. baby! Serious gold sparkle for your hair and eye lashes from the cult brand. £79.50, Boots.

I Trash 17 Glitta Up Duo Roll on your pink glitter gel then get busy with the UV nail polish to be queen of clubs. £6, Boots.

I 17 Flashy Lashes Sparkle Flutter these lashes under the disco lights and prepare to dazzle all around. £5.50, Boots.

I Boots Glitter Babes Sugarplum Face and Body Glitter Cheap. cheerful and it's even get little stars in it. Essential. £2.50. Boots.

I Glitter Bugs Handy enough to carry around with you. these are even fragranced with essential Oils to pick you up when you think you can't party no more. E2. 75. Lush.