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G o B a n a n a s this Christmas in Glasgow’s George Square lat-9.24m December


.Book now on 70141420 4070

1 14 THE LIST 113-29 Nov 2001

Quiltro Cabernet Sauvignon 1999

dogs' lin the non Ned MD 2020 sense). It’s a big. friendly Chilean

price. Laced with basketfuls of blackcurrants. and a overlying layer of chocolate wrth a silky smooth. berry. spicy Curranty finish. Fantastic value. but get it before even/one else does.

Quiltro Chardonnay 1999 (Chile. £3.99. $23.99 used to buy you a really decent bottle of plonk. Then those days passed. and every now and again we're lucky enough to see a resurgence of the £4 bargain. This is one and it's loaded wrth pineapple and citrus fruit on the nose which gives way to peach and butterscotch flav0urs on the palate. and a soft vanillin toasty oak.

Advertrsmg feature

EDINBURGH Filmhouse Cafe and Bar 88 Lothian Road. 229 13932

Relaxed. atmospheric cafe bar. serving great value snacks. salads. specials and brilliant cappuccinos —- 10am till late.



The Lane

EST—:39 Sauchienall Lane. Glasgow. 1332 889‘.)

21 Hour restaurant offering three different menus to suit you \.'\/hate\./er the tune. Wonderful surrounds and excellent service.

lChile. 523.99%. This label refers to ‘mad

Cabernet Sauvignon at quite a bargain


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Duc du Garenne Old Vine Grenache 2000 (France. 23.99). Same here with this bottle. Old vines produce very few grapes. but the ones they do produce are extremely intense and loaded with flavour. A wine of this status doesn't appear often. but it's here now so we're all happy. From the south of France. there are very complex dark berry fruit aromas on the nose and flavOurs of black cherry. plums and a touch of white pepper.

own" E L AT H

Comte Cathare Marsanne/Vrognier 2000 (France. $5.49). This goes one stage further than organic farming. 'Biodynamic' is the name of the game here: picking grapes on full moons and working in harmony with the planet. It may be bunkum, but this crowd have never released a wine that is anything less than very impresswe. This is a blend of two very trendy white grapes that leads to a ‘.r“/Onderfu||y full. aron‘iatic style Of Wine. with smatterangs of melon and rose petal. lGordon Haggartyi

I A// wrnes [IVZII/QD/Q from Oddb/ns.

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