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I saw you Classified

I saw you - Glasgow

V I saw you Miami Vice postcard. (‘lairei’ (‘athiel’ You liked ‘Beautil‘ul ad'. Please try again with a yiable phone number so we cart talk. (i'wan. g'wan. g'wan. Smile twice! [.7428/46

V I saw you Italian Stallion in the Arches cafe. me stnall + Irish obsessed with potatoes. can I go for a ride sometime'.’ [.7428/1

V I saw you Rob. at the Steyie building. Sorry didn’t make it to see ‘(ihost Shirt' but would love to see you again'.’ Andy x. [7428/2

V I saw you Stuart but more to the point you heard us & didn’t complain. She was no lady. She was easy like a Tuesday evening. [7428/3

V I saw you Jonny baby. I Iuy u. It's B. [7428/4

V I saw you after the CCA opening looking dozy and confused and scanting fora cig in Borders. I love u like fury. Love Catwoman. [7428/5

V I saw you blowing your own trumpet in Brel. Let me swim in your eyes enjoy warm skin massage my soul let the angels in. Kim. [7428/6

V I saw you Dogger. looking extremely l'oxy in Borders. I could warm you up more than that soup. Bloke. [7428/7

V I saw you single and smiley. lidmund. I'm back in (ilasgow looking for mine. (‘an you help'.’ "la". [7428/8

V I saw you Harry Potter looky-likey in the (‘uldyp ('ast us a spell magician. [7428/9 V I saw you looking like a lady in Brel. Britney .\looncat we line you. [7428/l()

V I saw you I see you eyery morning!! Hey Mr! I luys oo!! .\luch. Ileapness! xxBoyxx. [7428/1 l

V I saw you and 1 line watching you banging your bongos. Come. take it easy l'or; while. Will you be my l.ord‘.’ [7428/12

V I saw you. l round you missing. Bob please come home. I'll be in Brel on the l4th. Jude. Remember you're easy. [74287]}

V I saw you legging it away

l‘rom me ((1 Argyle St party alter

Tokyo Bitches nite. Sorry! I‘rigid... [7428/14

V I saw you playing the lecy bo‘ at the bowlin you were one line beeeatch. [7428715

V I saw you over the table looking gorgeous. reading the paper doing the crossword and though wow! Sat 27 Oct 2001 6pm. [7428/16

V I saw you the Ginger Fairy in Alaska. Keep tip your controversial tactics. man. You heard! [7428/I7

V I saw you lilling in a postcard while women looked wistl‘ttlly on. \Vake up! The world is yr. okster. [7428718

V I saw you 'I’amara. - baby!! Bearing that cute wee tattoo! I know what it means. will you hroye iii"! XxXxX. [7428/[9

V I saw you Ian + Sharon we used to do distribution together. then we did lunch. Now...l don‘t think you loy'e me anymore. [7428/2t)

V I saw you Stuart (‘. [just can’t get you out of my head. I saw you yesterday for the lirst time in two years! (iet in contact! Xxx. [7428/21

V I saw you Buddy. you is sound! [7428/22

V I saw you Joe. “When are you gonna realise my friend?" We will TIiST your soul saying theory on the 14th. The midnight runners. [.7428/23

V I saw you barmaid in Brel. combat trousers and short shiny black hair - I was the chubby speccy oriental cat with a crewcut and outrageous shirt from Burtons. You are nice. [7428/24

V I saw you Tee in the Arcth bar - you‘re my really good mate - don't ever lose touch [me Aileen x. [7428/25 V I saw you at Superfiy: What a night! Duncan you are a cabaret syengali and not on old relic. We feel love! [7428/26

V I saw you Chuftie gals diggin' it up at Arches 6; Alaska. You hot horny. club goddesses! - My life is complete with you in my world - [‘hufl Ii. Gal xxx. [7428/27

V I saw you Master C. on my big red seatee languidly laid back! You brighten my day. I dream of secluded car parks. secret gardens & candlelit baths - can it get any better than this'.’ .‘ylmmmmm (ireta. Xx. [7428/28

V I saw you in Deep Pan Pix/a on Wednesday 3 1 st ()ct. about3 ish. You were wearing a blue and white .\'Y top. You were with about 5 guys. X. [7428/2‘)

V I saw you Sassy Lassie slurping hot choc tk scol‘ling sticky buns! You look cute in your minnie the minx jumper - ('all me il~ you want to get in to mischief! [7428/30

V I saw you Hey Jude. [7428/3l

V I saw you looking gooi‘y playing I.cccy Bo at the Bow lin. .‘yly lriend wrote an “I Saw You" but he’s a spunky dobber. You'd like my shoes better. [7428/32 V I saw you. good morning llcartache. w hat's new. I'll be in Brel on Wednesday il~ you want to come soothe my soul. [7428/33

V I saw you Blair suit + tie - see u(a work. [7428/34

V I saw you Marianne + Ho in the Art School again. getting it WRONG! Why do we ney er end up at the same parties‘.’ Lost your number. please reply. .\'x Mr Big. [7428/35

V I saw you Chris the drama queen with your sexy stubble - let’s read Shakespeare together! [7428/36

V I saw you I‘:\'tl with llantc red hair & your sexy Danish accent - Lets talk dirty... [7428/37