I saw you Classified

I saw you - Glasgow

V I saw you. I slept with your best mate. Will you still sing those achingly beautiful songs for me. L7428/38

V I saw you showing off your new toggs. gm sexy lady how about a private showing!! L7428/39

V I saw you behind your PC. playing easy. Andy. there‘s a lady who wants you to sit on her lap—top. [7428/40

V I saw you bald. short. bespectacled chef working in the Arches. Let me rub cream on your hairy neck. [3/428/41 V I saw you all the staff in Brel. But you're so far away. Don't you know you take a little piece of my heart. Lock me in. [7428/42 V I saw you singing sad. sad songs. but they say so much. Brave Brave you. be blessed. Jamie. we love you. [7428/43 V I saw you at North Street. you. your mate. your fairy wings. your vodka. Then you did the splits and I saw your knickers baby! [.7428/44

V I saw you bunny-6-boobs at the halloween party. Your corset top was amazing. how ditl you manage to fasten it?! Want to bounce together sometime? Px [7428/45

V I saw you on the Motherwell to Dalmuir train. You got on at Cambuslang and sat across from me. You were lovely. dressed in a denim jacket and blue jeans. You had long black hair and gorgeous eyes. I was in a dark blue jacket. blue shirt and dark trousers. .My mate and her b/f were with me. but left at Rutherglen. You were eating sweets and left at Glasgow central at 4.55pm. 1 would love to buy you coffee sometime. [74.28/47

V I can't see you. You: long beard. shady cave dweller. fond of arms. Me: slow witted. scrawny former alcoholic. fond of arms. We have tnore in common than you think. Suggest a suitable rendez-vous. L7428/48 V I saw you and I'm a fool. I'm a fool to fall for you. but you know that it's true. when I say I love you. L7428/49

V I saw you id i like u to say

a big hello to all the peaplc in muschamp primary sltool and all the paple in rossctti and some on of the peaple are called nicola rebecca amber and amy atnd katherain and bobgy from Lucy thank xxxxxx [.7428/50 V I saw you at Tchai ()vna. You drank your tchai without milk. You had a pretty smile and the bluest eyes. You asked me fora light. I don't smoke . . . remember me'.’ [.7428/51

V I saw you Polo Lounge. Sat 3 November: You. brown hair and goatee. Me. bleached hair. stood near you. We spoke briefly when you were going upstairs. Can we continue our conversation? L7428/52

V I saw you with your dinosaur hair strutting around in the Tunnel. Your pancake dancing made my mouth water! Spoken to you before. guy with eyebrow piercingx [74.28/53 V I saw you at the gft on Nov 5th. 8:30. code unknown. Dropped newspaper. Walked out ahead of you at main doors (about last out). Attracted to big glasses and hat with flaps. [7428/54

V I saw you at the Room on the Nile. Wednesday afternoon. I was enjoying the view. Would like to have said hello but lacked courage. Fancy a drink sometime? [7428/55

V I saw you ()livia in Lowdown. We danced to some awful songs in particular The Weathergirls and we had some food in the Canton l'ixpress. You promised to give me some advice on design. Liked those vodka lips'l‘.’ Fancy some line food and wine'.’ [7428/56

V I saw you at First Minister's Questions. attempting not to howl with satisfaction at the mess he's found himself in. You - sultry. raven-haired Enterprise Minister: me - the admiring fan who wishes to consult you about a small business start-up. Let's meet soon and cross-fertilise our opportunities in an ongoing developmental situation (and have a laugh about Henry) L7428/57

V I saw you from my car. very cute girl in flared jeans and greenish top. stopping to admire an unusually large pumpkin outside Roots and Fruits. Great Western Rd. Tuesday afternoon. 6th October. You didn‘t see me. but you made me smile. Would love to go vegetable shopping with you sometime. [7428/58 V I saw you Polo lounge. Saturday 3 November 2001. You were wearing a white sweatshirt and had a goatee. I had bleached hair and a black t-shirt. I thought your friend was your boyfriend - that's why I didn't speak earlier. I spoke to you when you were going upstairs.

I tried to catch you but you left too soon. Fancy a drink sometime? [.7428/59

V I saw you Wed 7th Nov. B4 the Mark Thomas show (0‘ the Tron. You were being beautiful in between your 2 friends + I couldn't keep my eyes off you. We both smiled B4 you went for your seat. but I had to keep working! Please reply. coz I need your attention!!! [.7428/60

I saw you - Edinburgh

V I saw you at Eddie Reader (Liquid Room). You were at the front of the stage with 2 girls. You had a pink top on. I watched you more than Eddie Reader from the balcony. Please get in touch (I had a Yankees hat on). L7428/6l

V I saw you v. sexy Spanish waiter in tapas ole teviot 30/10. You can show me your patatas anyday. L7428/62

V I saw you Faz - everywhere. I know one place where you have been to. I‘ll show you mine if... [7428/63 V I saw you sexy lady. You speak Brazilian. you DJ Brazilian. 1 pure love you & you are dead clever and are nice to rats. [74.28/64

V I saw you I’at Butcher. You looked really comfy. PS. I fancy your leg [7428/65

V I saw you ya big blondc baywatclt hunk. I stole your belt. Let’s go otit for dinner and not pay. [7428/66

V I saw you in the mirror. You look lovely. me too. ('all tne for a drink sometime. ()nc's company. two's a crowd. Let's get together for a sweaty oncsomc. [7428/67

V I saw you Maya stunning Swedish star. Fancy a meeting in .-\ustra|ia'.’ Looking forward to seeing your sparkling cy cs again? [7428/68

V I saw you Rick. you gorgeous boy. You light up my life xxxx [7428/6‘)

V I saw you I heard your name was Bruno. Your sexy muscles drive me wild! Spin me like yott spilt your decks o- baby! [7428/70

V I saw you petite. dark haired and gorgeous. We talked about Timmy Magic at the Mambo ('lub - let's meet up - get in touch. [7428/71

V I saw you in Iguana on 26/10/01 looking very sleek. I‘ve never seen you like this before. You were a friend but I now realise you turn me on please get in contact: you know who 1 ant Cate. L7428/72

V I saw you my three sexy sisters. I‘ve been away for so long. you're still looking FINF. my ('ath. so glad to be back with you. [.7428/73

V I saw you in Iguana Nick. Your extra tight trousers showed off your small package but the spiked black hair and sweaty forehead hold a world of wonders for me. [7428/74

V I saw you snogging a man. not who I ever pictured for you. I thought you were fussy! [7428/75

V I saw you down at green velvet. took us a while to lose the plot but now we have let me spell it out for yoti. 1 want you naked wearing nothing btit leg warmers. [7428/76

V I saw you space chick. sittitig pretty. looking cool. lidinburgh wouldn't be the same without you ('athcrine. {7428/77

V I saw you crazy sculpture kid working your bitter rhetoric. You cart slag my man. but I know it's only cos you want me. Be honest. I'm sure I wouldn‘t complain. L7428/78

V I saw you Lubbly Lesley Lady. Well done on finishing. Now let‘s get pissed. L7428/79

V I saw you Craig with the eyes of frost you froze my heart. Come back and defrost me. L7428/80

V I saw you man with white trainers but you didn't stand out from the crowd! L7428/8l

V I saw you staring at tne and wish you hadn't you're not my type. L7428/82

V I saw you John. You are the second most beautiful man in the world. I love you. L7428/83

V I saw you John. I've always loved you even though you're scared of me: btit I've stopped drinking now... L7428/84

V I saw you your colleagues called you 'lamb'. I want you to come to my house and have some ham. it's not a scam. I love you John. [.7428/85

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