I saw you - Edinburgh

V I saw you at the Forest (‘afe 3()/l() laughing in Spanish. I ain't shy so I guess I’ll see you soott in a dream or in the street. [7428/86

V I saw you at .\lori. you both were kissing. fancy ntaking it a 3some. [7/428/87

V I saw you Adam (0‘ 'I'he lloneycombe. Went to Belgitutt - lost you when I got back! Want to see you! [7428/88

V I saw you Peter. l9. ‘bitin‘ on (‘hannel 4...and Tony. 22 being funky...You'ye got some touglt cotttpetition in tlte girls though? [7428/89

V I saw you Niek at the Venue l9/l(). I promise I didn't leaye you. Who else carries sticky tape in tlteir pocket'.’ [7428/9()

V I saw you Tax/a. looking hot in your new boots. ('all me soott you kinky-booted sexy thangl [7428/9l

V I saw you itt Tray. my stereophonics. matrix spok. sms me...l like your new flip top. xxx [7428/92

V I saw you Susie with your upside down sntile. ’I‘rayerse

3 I . l().()l looking gorgeous in your sexy pink polo neck. [7428/93

V I saw you Lisa P. fags up your bum. smellin' doggies btutts. you dirty ntinx. [7428/94 V I saw you sexy lady behind the bar (a the City Cafe. blonde hair. glasses and a smile to die for. Did you see me with your sparkling eyes‘.’ [.7428/95 V I saw you Ioakim you foxy boy. Yoti looked Spanish btit told me you were Swedish. If you hadn’t been that tall l would haye snogged you! Iiancy a long Iiinnish sottl sessiott'.’ [7428/96 V I saw you Thursday night qui/ in the Abbey. 6'1". long blonde hair (you need your roots done). Let me be your w'itchy-poo. [74.28/97

V I saw you ('atrina. at the 'l‘rayerse I‘riday 19th. You on friends hen ttight. me jtist back from (ilasgow wearing hat. I really enjoyed our chat. If you fancy more of same. get itt touch. (‘hris x. [7428/98

V I saw you. Paul (Nationwide). you sold rue my ttew mortgage. You were such a cool fella and though I think you will be attached. if I don't try l'll neyer know. If you are single get in touch. I'd like to take you for a beer. [7428/99

V I saw you \Vatet‘stone's basement girl. l asked for 'l ()f The Vortex. you didn't have it. I look away Yeats instead. I.et's stop the poet's dreaming of angels‘.’ I mean. something like that. [7428/lllll

126 THE LIST 15-29 Nov 2001

V I saw you Baby B l8.2.()() in .\'TB then back at NQI‘. .\'ow I see you every day - and today I will see you attd surprise you at the Tower. Happy Birthday. I love you. [7428/l()l

V I saw you elfchild. in front of the TV' when I'm trying to watch litba. (iet ottt the way woman. gies peace. [.7428/102 V 'AIIO Treacle I saw you in my dreams. I thought of you Sintpsons. For me it was just another night itt Bangkok - send rue a phone number and I'll give you a bell [.'/428/l()3

V I saw you dancing upstairs at Pure wearing a brown leather skirt and silver hairbartd. l was smiling at you btit was unable to stop dancing. Fancy a drink sometime? [,'/428/l()4

V I saw you Derek (a‘ Tackno 28th- [f had horns on and deftnately gave me the horan We met previously & wish I had taken ur number. (let in touch please .... ..[.7428/l()5 V I saw you playing the April fool with your original hairy jumper. Nothing has been quite the same since. Dr I.urye. Promise promise. Lots of it. Paleface. [.7428/106

V I saw you Jim at the Ilallowe'en Ball in the Assembly Rooms. I looked for you in Joy to no ayaill (iet in touch with Scott. ['/428/l()7

V I saw you .\Iister Star and Miss Hayden. I cant be freittds with you anymore. You'ye led me of the rails. l‘ottlds xxx PS We are all grounded for a month. oh apart from luyely and snatch and . . . etc etc [.7428/|()8

V I saw you Iiltie and Weigan - sorry we neyer made it to your party. and the glitter ball missed it too. Lots of loyely lo\‘e - guess who'.’ xx [.7428/109

V I saw you Ikea girl in Grassroots (‘afe NM 3. You: stunning girl with brown eyes. me: sitting opposite surrounded by John Lewis bags dressed in black trying to look deep. Iiight months so far and time the thief eyery weekend. You phoned as I wrote this. lets see ifl forget the sparklers! L7428/I It)

V I saw you Grant and (‘arl at the HK Sevens a few years ago. I was the blottde Kiwi Chick. I'm itt Iidinburgh now wanting a beer! Have the best photo to show youl [.7428/1 l l V I saw you H.I..W eyery morning waking next to your beauty. Love that angel smile. Keep that glow. Yours IR [.7428/l l2

V I saw you British Midlands Man. (‘("s Saturday 3rd Noyember. You kept standing on me. gorgeous apologetic smile. ti just back from Dublin. went to buy U a drink but you were gone. Were it a figment of my imagination'.’ [.7428/l 13

V I saw you at (‘afe (irand: You. with your cute smile. seryed my (‘anadian mate and l mochas. or was is mowchas. I.ets make it more than just the mochas next time. [.7428/1 14

V I saw you frothing at the mouth. eyeballs straining. sweating. pulsating. quaking. shouting at the wall artd motors likesay. Box .\'o. L7427/85

V I saw you sexy bearded man at the Film attd Video Access (‘entre let‘s make a movie with lots of skin! Box No. [.7427/86

V I saw you trendy guy in dark blue (1’) with your beautiful feet bare in those sexy sandals. I.eith Walk. Monday l5 ()ctober 2.00pm. I'm the guy you caught staring hard! You/your toes look good enough to eat! Would like to see more of you. How about a foot massage for starters‘.’ Box No. [7427/93

V I saw you looking like a fox. My way all wayz doll! Love you xx Box No. [7427/87 V I saw you in lilll. You were looking line just before going to work at Le Sept. Box No. [74.27/88

V I saw you Matthew and I adore you! You are my Mr Big Sttiff. (‘ome and stay with me. Btibba and Thug. xxx Box No. [7/427/89

V I saw you Bristol Boy waiting for the 26. Why didn't you inyite me to JTQ‘.’ You and your shoes walk my way. Box No. [7427/9()

V I saw you tall. black. spiky haired. black-rinmted specked with (ierman shirt on Man. I'm in [me (‘all me! Box .\'o. [.7427/9l

V I saw you sittittg itt my seat. in the l‘ilmhouse (‘afe bar. You were fat. smoking a fag. We had words. Box .\'o. [,7427/92 V I saw you on a bus. in a Church. on a plane. in the lift. in a queue. in Starbucksf. in Room 181 l. on Top of the World? Thanks for a loyely holiday. l.o\‘e :\.\I.\I x Box .\'o. [7427/l8 V I saw you - grey hair. tight trousers. walking like there was a secret irt your socks. You looked at me - I turned away. .\'ow I want a second glance. Box .\'o. [7426/62 V I saw you Trayerse staff. doing the do. proyiding the drink. (iiye me a job - please . . . Box No. [7426/63

V I saw you - specs. tight

jearts. eighties trainers. I'll be

your eighties trainer - relax. just do it. when you want to come. baby. Box No. L7426/64

V I saw you poncho-ed temptress. smoking like you had a badger in your eye. Love me like a nocturnal creature should. Box No. [7426/65

V I saw you sitting on nails to keep awake l'l‘rayerse ()2-l()). Does my low for you bore you that much'.’ Please say ‘I don't.‘ Box No. [7426/66

V I saw you Barry. you haye a baby blue automobile. Let's go somewhere a bit more cool than the (‘orinthian next time. (‘eltic (iodess (I wish) bttt thanks. Box .\'o. [.7426/68

V I saw you (iill. I checked you otit. got the green light. best move I haye eyer tnade. Missing you as I write this. many kisses. Loye I. Box No. [.7426/69

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