Rear view Phil Kay

y son the infant is a thief. He is a completel

the same spot.

He managed to get three out without me seeing. when I am not averse to actiyely-idly planning how one could hest walk out of a shop most easily with its produce. Sometimes shoplifting is just the method hy which it is

quickest to get through the attainment process: one with sunglasses from an airport shop under the coy chamois leather snowstorm.

I paid for one hall and when we went out. there were three tnore looking like tiny exhihits. far out of their display howl. fish ottt in space. lielix sees them and does hardly ey'en notice that they should not he there and so makes for them all

innocent and we can just take them upstairs to the room.

like the time me and his sister saw a shepherd on Buchanan Street. with his crook. six-and—a-hali feet

long with an ornate iy’ory' hook end. look a shepherd' she was so used to seeing them in the hooks and stories we giy‘e them. it was as regular as a tnilkman. It was like something hackliring in a good way . . . hitting a Red (‘oat oy'er your shoulder.

Back here me and lielix are drawn to remaining as fugitiyes within the scene of the crime. A crimina always returns to the scene of the crime. hut not if hasn‘t left it yet. We hide under the helly of the heast and try the only plan: to play with the halls so muclt and practice tricks. master them and learn from them and make it

90"“ Fardell

child criminal. He is innocent and innocence is the greatest fortn of non-guilt. He is innocent to the fact that there is a crime at all. He managed to bounce three halls out of the gift shop at the musee of transport. We were playing with them in the shop. houncing three at a time and trying to take it all in the three houncings and the direction and to temper a frail ahility to lose it with a deeper knowledge that you must he able to monitor three halls houncing tip and down at once on. tnore or less.

'er of a I)ale Winton

y undercover-method

good at them.

seem as if they have been ours for years and wear them in a bit.

Deflect them from the reality that we-haye—these-balls—exactly-as—the— ones—in-the-shop-are—in—colour-and—appearance-shape~and~style. make them see that indeed these balls are exactly as the ones in the shop. In fact we inyite comparison. because we got them yesterday in this very shop. and haye been playing with them ever since . .

. and haye got damn

In the ship room there are hundreds of massive models. some look like

they are built on a 1:1 scale. hig little ships. Imagine a ship went down

time I walked away

transporting all these models. and the sury'iyors had to use them to stay afloat. And imagine lighting off Gary Larson for the last liner.

They are in hig glass cases all at ahout half ground. approximately the height of wonder for a child. The room is 4—1 metres long. With three houncy halls and the greatest of the world‘s shipping.

a third of a fathom off the

we were replete in super ahundant sufficiency. Nothing could go

We saw a shepherd on Buchanan treet, with v his creek, 2, "‘six-and-a- _ half feet »- long



he tripping along: he is inye

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c3. (‘7)5-b‘xd gum? {c y';.j{ «min In.“ M to n

'ifcuahf alarm a. .s‘e‘lecti.‘m (r J U

wrong: we cotlld only play and I’elix could do no wrong.

It is a huge joy to he somewhere of human construction where a kid is truly free to run around. In a way. it is a shame for the museum to take the meaning of transportation so literally and only exhihit such manifestly physical methods.

What a hoy he is. .so

magically tminhihited. sttperhly hungry. constantly

ntiye and compassionate

enough to fall asleep at night to the sound of me phoning

round to get a hahy

to stand in the glorious sounds made by .\logwai. I thank him.

sitter to leaye at nine-o-ftye

mg, Knowing when to leave...

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