Kill or cure .

Eat, drink and drug your way to a healthier morning after. Words: Mark Robertson

hile the full fried breakfast. replete with

bacon. sausages and an egg or three is

among the most commonly accepted of hangover cures. it is neither the most exotic nor original of methods to combat the after-effects of alcohol.

The Greeks were keen on cabbage to rid themselves of excess bevvy lurgy. and a concoction called menudo comes highly recommended in foreign pans a mix of cow‘s stomachs and chillies. If that seems a little unpalatable what about sheeps' eyes‘.’ ()r dried eels and almonds? Soot‘.’ Or how does a big plate of beans sound‘.’ Pulses are brimming with Vitamin B l. or thiamine as it is known. which is a chemical that prevents the DTs. Lest we forget the cure for all aches in the 19th century: sultana bran.

Ever seen Tony Soprano with a hangover? Of course not. The Italian diet is rich in two elements renowned for their hangover curing properties extra virgin olive oil and fresh tomatoes. This may also help explain the popularity of a Bloody Mary. vodka and tomato juice providing the cure with the cause in one glass.

As much fun as aspirin. paracetamol. ibuprofen and even codeine are. pain killers will dull the neurological sensors in the brain long enough to calm you down a bit but don‘t manage more than a temporary patch-up job. Vitamin supplements too will help. but not exclusively.

The sad fact is. of course. that alcohol dehydrates the body. so what‘s a fella to do but replenish the lost fluids? The sensible among us would reach to the tap for a neckful of Adams ale. Pure water in abundance will go some of the way but will not replenish the lost sugar. That’s where fizzy drinks come in handy.

Whether lrn Bru became famed as Scotland‘s other national drink because of its resemblance to whisky or that it is lauded as a substitute for single malt the morning after. remains unconfirmed. That other sugary nectar Coca-Cola cannot be disregarded either given its caffeine injection high.

Should all help fail. the final option is to keep on drinking. It‘s never a cure. of course. as the hair of the dog will eventually have you looking more like the arse of a cat. but it does mean that eventually you‘ll forget you ever had a hangover.