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The Changing Room

Stirling. Scotland

24th November-22nd December Unit 35, The Crawford ArcodeKng Street, opening times : Wed-Sci 105 Sun 12- 4 email : into a. chongingroomsolcouk 0&0 : http://www.iuckykifchencom Carated by Diskono knee”: or SAC '"'er“o"ct‘c 90ers r Sco“ood

Horst-9e _ calmigwu M MICHAEL - _

28 THE LIST 15-29 Nov 2001

AJ. (131... (Stcyen Spielberg. 1S 2001) Haley Joel ()smont. Jude Law. 1-11 mins. Stanley Kubrick spent years planning shit/Feud Intelligence. inspired by a Brian Aldiss short story. ‘Super-toy s [an .-\11 Summer Long‘. ()n his death. the project was bequeathed to Spielberg. Together they have created a future world where the human body is completely commoditied. Forget cyborgs '- tlie robots in this film are pure artificial intelligence. The question is. can they be programmed to fall in loye'.’ However. the immense difference between the two filmmakers' approach makes this a torturous two hours. as you are tugged between two extremes: Kubrickian cool and Spielbergian sentimentality. Selected release.

Aberdeen 1 181.... tHans l’etter Molatid. Norway/1K. Zflflfli Lena Headcy. Stellan Skarsgard. (‘harlotte Rampling. 1(15 tiiiiis. Helen (Ramplingi is dy ing of cancer. Her filial wiin is to be reunited w itfi her estranged husband Tomas tSkarsgard 1. So she emotionally blacktiiails her daughter. Kaisa illeadey i. into taking a trip to Norway to bring her father home to Aberdeen. But Tomas is a morose alcoholic arid Kaisa no better. bingeing on cocaine atid casual sex w hen not earning promotions in her London law firm. .»\nd so a simple round trip is complicated by inebriation atid the emotional fallout. Like all good road 1110\1CN..'ll)(’l't/t’(’ll is about what happens en route to its destination. The Lumiere. Fdiiiburgh.

Absolutely Fabulous (Absolument fabuleux) t 15i t(iabrie1 .»\ghion. France. 3001 i Josiatie Balasko. Nathalie Baye. Marie (iillain. (‘laude (iensac. 105 mins. .-\ghion takes Jennifer Saunders British teley ision comedy. :fliwlutely' l'ii/iuluuy. and giyes it a French cast and setting. pulling together a number of ideas in separate episodes of the original. Part of the French Film Festiyal. (ilasgow Film Theatre. (ilasgow ; The Filmhouse. lidinburgh.

Aliens 1 18) 0.... (James ('ameron. (S. 1986) Sigourney \Veayer. Michael Biehn. 137 mins. Reyiyed from a 57-year .snoo/c in deep space. Warrant Officer \Veay er is cajolcd itito joining a marine rescue mission to the planet that is home for the original alien beastie. L'nrelentingly paced with a terrifically gutsy performance from \Veayer. this ticryc- shredding sequel not only matches its predecessor but cannily surpasses it. .-\n Oscar winner for special effects. ()deon. (ilasgow. Q Amelie t 15) .00.. tJean-l’ierre Jeunet. France. 2001 l Audrey Tautou. Matliieu Kassoy'itl. Serge Merlin. 120 mins. :\s with his two prey-ions French fantasies. Delicatessen atid T/lt’ (in (ll/.0.” (‘lii/i/ren. Jeunet creates a fantastical world. here reimagining l’aris' oldest quarter. Montmartre. Within it the eccentric ady'entures of his eponymous heroine tplay ed by captiyating elfin newcomer Tautoui unfold in a manner as

complex as a Swiss timepiece when Amelie decides to bring happiness to deseryitig people by playing elaborate practical jokes on them. (‘omposed of many moments of absolute won- der. this is a film which celebrates all the lit- tle. great things iii life. Selected release. American Pie 2151.0 (1.8. Rogers. l'S. Zflfll 1 Jason Biggs. littgene Ley'y. Mena Smart. 105 iiiitis. Despite the fact that the opening scene tfeaturing another sexual mishapi w ill be reassurineg familiar to fans of the first moyie. it is not entirely representative of what is to come. llaying gone to college. our horny heroes are made to mature. (‘ollege comedies. in the tradition of Animal House arid Party‘s. are supposed to be all-out bawdy. brainless fun. The problem with American Pie 2 is that despite the gross-out humour and preoccupation with sex. it is a filtii which ironically also tries to be responsible atid mature -~ and the two jtist don't work together. (ieneral release.

America’s Sweethearts f 12) 00

(Joe Roth. LS. 3001 ) Julia Roberts. Billy Crystal. Catherine Zeta-Jones. John (‘usack 1(13 iiiitis. This appears to be a case of life imitating art. .'ll)l('l'f(‘tl 's Sweethearts rcyolyes around a big-budget :iioyie that threatens to sink the studio that produced it. lime ()t‘t’l' lime is the last film made by Hollywood‘s leading romantic couple. (‘tisack‘s liddie Thomas and Zeta-Jones's (iwen Harrison. But (iwen and iiddie haye broken tip. Veteran publicist l’hillips' t('ry stal 1 only hope of ayerting disaster is to com incc the media at the forthcoming press jutiket that liddie and (Ewen are back together again. To this end. he recruits (iweti's sister atid long-suffering personal assistant Kiki thiliCl‘lsl. On paper. .vfmeruii '\ Sweethearts reads like a dream. Sadly. Roth's film is a stinker. (ieneral release. Amores Perros (Love’s A Bitch) f 181 00000 t.-\1ejandro (ion/ale/ lrritu. Mexico. 3001 l limilio licheyarria. (iael (iarcia Bernal. (ioya Toledo. 153 iiiitis. lnarritti's debut feature is billed as ‘the Mexican Pulp l-ietimi‘. a description which sells it short. The ’l‘arantino comparison is a tiseful starting point: the film tells three oycrlapping stories - a teenager drawn into the world of illegal dog- fighting. the infidelity of a middle-aged media exccutiye and art elderly homeless man by using shifting tiiiie-fratiies. tangentially linked characters and jagged Verbal rhythms. Fierce humanity underpins lnarritu's beautiful. grainy \‘isuals and (iuillermo :‘srt‘iaga Jordan's multi- layered script. The best film of the year so far. and unlikely to be surpassed. (irosyenor. (ilasgow; .\'ew Picture Hotisc. St .-\liter\\'.\. The Animal t 1210 (Luke (ireenfield. l'S. Zflfll 1 Rob Schneider. ('olleen Haskell. John (‘. Mc(iin|ey. 84 iiiitis. Deuce [lieu/mi star Schneider play s another schmuck. His Mary'in Mange is a wannabe cop w lio driyes his car off a cliff and is rescued by a mad scientist who rebuilds him Six Million Dollar Man-style. though on the cheap. replacing his broken parts with animal ‘spares'. 'l‘hereafter. Mange is transformed into super schmuck and gets frisky around sheep on heat. This is the level of humour in The rillfllltll. and while layatory laughs are perfectly acceptable. these gags are crap. (ieneral release.

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