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32 THE LIST 'f') 7‘.) NU. Q’i’fl

Donald Cammell’s Wild Side l 181 0.. (Donald (‘ammell. l'S. 30001:\nne lleche. (‘hristopher Walken. Joan Chen. 1 13 mins. In 1995 Wild Side's producers re-cut the film against (‘ammell‘s wishes. 1n.>\pri1 1996 he shot himself. Now the l’t'rlorniam‘e' co- director's last movie sees the light of day in the form he intended. This psy chosexual thriller. in which four players banker. racketeer. estranged wife and bodyguard fuck each other over both metaphorically and literally. is an uneven affair. Nevertheless. the cast are thoroughly entertaining. and ('ammell say s some interesting things about the sex/power/money nextrs. ('(‘x‘c (ilasgow. The Doom Generation f 181 0000 ((iregg :\raki. l‘rance/l'S. 1997) Parker l’osey. 85 mins. A road movie with a cool couple and a sex maniac along for the ride. Stylised visuals with plenty of sex. violence and rock ‘n' roll The I)ooin (ii'neralion has been called Natural Born Killers with a sense of humour. That‘s because :‘sraki has America's moral majority in his sights with this smart. provocative film. ('('.-\. (ilasgow.

Down From The Mountain NW

0... (Nick I)oob. (‘hris Hegedtrs. l'S. 3001197 mins. This record of the concert given by the musicians w ho recorded the soundtrack to () Brother: Where .-lri Tlillll." features the late John Hartford as .\1(‘. liarly on. backstage. he is at death‘s door. but on stage the wonderful music animates him into a jig. Hartford is only one of the amazing bluegrass musician assembly including fellow veteran Dr Ralph Stanley as well as younger artists such as (iillian Welch and Alison Krauss. And there are a number of songs not on the original soundtrack. The liilmhouse. lidinburgh.

Dr Dolittle 2 (PG) 0.. tStcve ('arr. l'S. 3001) liddie .‘slurphy. Kristen Wilson. voice of Lisa Kudrow. 87 mins. :\ .\1alioso racoon turns up at the docs home and demands that he visit Beaver. (iodfather of the forest creatures. Beaver‘s problem is that two nasty humans want to ‘develop’ their home. If only I)olittle can mate endangered species bear Ava (Voiced by Lisa Kudrow l with circus dude bear Archie. then by law the forest will be protected. Simple. cheesy and eco-friendly. Selected release.

The Enigma Of Kaspar Hauser (I’m 0... iWerner Her/og, West (iermany. 197-11 Bruno Walter Ladengast. Brigitte Mira. 1 10mins. A young man. who seems to have had no contact with other human beings. arrives in Nuremburg in the 19th century. Her/og uses this figure as the ultimate misfit and an excuse for satirising social conventions from the point of view of the innocent. The film‘s star. Bruno S. had spent 33 years in various institutions before the director hand- picked him for the pan. The l‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

Enigma 1 151.... 1:\pled Michael. l'ls'. 30011 Dougray Scott. Kate Winslet. Saffron Burrows. 1 17 mins. Tom Jericho (Scott 1. a crack WW1] codcbreaker. is called back from premature retirement to break the .\'a/is' new cypher. ()n his return. he discovers that ('laire (Burrows). the woman w ho broke his heart. has gone missing and. with the aid of her hotrsemate (Winslet l. begins to discos er that she was not entirely what she seemed. .-\ptcd’s screen adaptation of Robert llarris's best- selling novel is. rarely enough. both relathely

screen, without success

faithful and rather good. though seriptwriter Tom Stoppard increases the love interest and fiddles the plot a little. but the mixture of cynicism and heroism that characterised Harris‘s characters is undiluted in the film. (ieneral release.

Eva’s Eye 1 181 f Berit ()tto Nesheims. Norway. 1999198 mins. livil eye. more like. When liva discovers a dead body near her home she phones the police. But then another body turns up. and liva's nearby yet again. Intriguing thriller. The Lumiere. lidinburgh. Far Away (Loin) 1 its: i.»\ndre'1’cchine. France. 3001 l Stephane Rideau. Lubna .-\/aaha|. .‘ylohamed llamaidi. 130 mins. Techine's latest film brings together a truck driver who smuggles hashish. his girlfriend who dreams of a new life. and his quietly rebellious friend. Part of the French Film 1‘cstisal. (ilasgow l-‘ilm Theatre. (ilasgow: The liilmhouse. lidinburgh.

Farewell My Concubine l 15; 0000 1(‘hen Kaige. (‘hina. 19931 (iong 1.1. 1.eslie ('heung. [hang liengy i. 156 mins. The story of two Peking ()pera actors and the woman who comes between them provides an intimately detailed story which is set to a constantly shifting backdrop of (‘hinese politics during the 30111 century. The Opera setting provides colour and spectacle. and questions how far a man will go for his art; the historical episodes give this Palme d'()r w inning film the flavour of a genuine epic. (iilmorehill(i13. (il‘asgow. Felix et Lola 1 l5) il’atrice 1.econte. 1’ranec. 3001 l Philippe 'l'orrcton. ('harlotte (iainsbourg. Alain Bashung. 89 mins. Set against the backdrop of a fairground. ride operator Felix falls in love with Lola who has a mysterious past. Will 1-‘elix confront it'.’ Part of the French film l‘estiyal. (ilasgow Film Theatre. (ilasgow ; The l‘TlliihUUSC. Edinburgh. Fife Film and Video Festival (Various. l'K. 3001i Local community filmmaking show case. Adam Smith. Kirkcaltly.

The Fifth Element 1 121 000 due Besson. lirance/l'S. 19971 Bruce Willis. .\lilla Josovich. (iary ()ldman. 13" mins. New York (‘ity in the 33rd Century. and cabbie Korben Dallas (Willisi picks up an unexpected passenger in the shape of 1.ec1oo 1.\lilla Jovovichl an alien who holds the key to saving the world. Besson's second linglish language film following the excellent Leon » is a colourful jumble of camp designs iby Jean-Paul (iaultieri. self-indulgent performances and genre rip-offs which play s for laughs as genuine sci-ti ideas run dry. l'(i(‘ Renfrew Street. (ilasgow.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (PG) 0... illironobu Sakaguchi. Montonori Sakakibara. l'S/Japan. 3001 1 Voices of Sling-Na Wen. .-\lcc Baldwin. Steve Busccmi. 105 mins. Final fantasy unquestionably represents a quantum leap for animation. .-\daptcd from the phenomenally successful Japanese role- playing computer game series. The Spam ll'iI/nn tells a new story in which the liarth of 3065 has succumbed to an alien invasion. ('o-produced by a Japanese and .-\merican crew. co-directed by game creator llironobu Sakaguchi and voiced by Holly wood talent. the liastern spiritualism and questing element of the game is gis en the standard Hollywood blockbuster treatment. The results are mixed human movement is still problematic btit often astonishingly