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Human Body (PG) (2001 i Simulation ride bringing you the full-blown wonder of all those really. really small places inside us. IMAX Theatre. Glasgow.

In The Mood For Love (PG) oeeoe (Wong Kar-Wai. Hong Kong. 2000) Maggie Cheung. Tong Leung. 97 mins. ln Kar-\\'ai's new filtn. set in (i0s Hong Kong. an adulterous romance is happening elsewhere - between the husband of secretary Cheung and the wife of Leung‘s journalist. Kar-Wai's interest lies with the cuckolded. and the way that something even more intense. personal and fortuitous develops out of their shared ‘adulteree' status. With Nat King Cole on the soundtrack. regular Chris Doyle behind the camera and beguiling wardrobe design. Kar- Wai offers a seductive surface texture that's undercut by the director‘s trademark emphasis of the accidental over the clearly intentional. Subtly stunning filtnmaking. CCA. Glasgow.

Intimacy ( 18) O... (Patrice Chereau. L'K/France. 2001 i Kerry Fox. Mark Ry'lance. Timothy Spall. 120 mins. An erect penis. cellulite. vivid oral sex. regular but urgent intercourse in an emotional vacuum between unhappy strangers in a grubby London fiat on a dirty carpet. Chereau's brave English- language debut (adapted from Hanif Kureshi's short storiesijauntily' fiaunts it all. Intimacy offers much tnore than a reassuring dose of voyeurism. A film composed of moments. it brilliantly turns the lens upon often overlooked relationships in middle-age. zooms in on the use of sex as a powerful anaesthetic and captures the self-loathing that often lives inside of ltist. L‘CI. Cly'debank: L'Cl. East Kilbride.

The Iron Ladles ( (Si 000. (Yongyooth Thongkonthun. Thailand. 2000i Jesdaporn Pholdee. Sachapart Virakamin. Akkachai Buranaphanit. 104 mins. Thongkonthoon’s absolute charmer of a film is a gripping comedy based on the real-life story of the 19% Thai national volleyball championships. w here one of the competing teams consisted of drag queens. gay men. post-op transvestites and one tolerant straight man. Constantly surprising. and forever challenging stereotypes. The Iron Lat/(es is a well-acted ensemble piece which explores notions of acceptability. parental support and having the courage to be true yourself. it is fast paced and incredibly exciting. inducing the hysteria associated with such ball games. MacRobert Arts Centre. Stirling.

It’ll Be Better Tomorrow (Ca lra mleux demaln) ( 15) (Jeanne Labrune. France. 2000) Nathalie Baye. Jeanne Balibar. Isabelle Carre. 8‘) mins. Hilarious screwball comedy which describes one week in the lives of a group of eccentric Parisians. Part of the French Film Festival. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow.

Jean De Florette (PG; ooooo (Claude Berri. France. 1986) Gerard Depardicu. Yv es Montand. Daniel Auteuil. l2l mins. Provence. during the 1920s. Depardicu's indomitable hunchback struggles against impossible odds to make a success of his inherited farmland. unaware that his neighbours are plotting to drive him from his land. Beautifully photographed. with fiaw less

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34 THE LIST No: 27,7

v.7 '-

Steve Buscemi plays a geeky record collector in Trry Zwlgoff and Danil Clowes’ brilliant adaptation of Clowes’ cult comic, Ghost World

performances. this is a towering tribute to the highest aspirations of French storytelling. The Lumiere. Edinburgh.

Jeepers Creepers ( tSi 0000 (Victor Salva. LS. 300] l Gitia Philips. Jtistin Long. 90 mins. .lee/ierv (‘ree/ierv gets off to a great start: Trish (l’hilipsi and Barry (Longi are sister arid brother driving home during the spring break from college. They have a frightening encounter with an old van which runs thctn off the road. Later they pass the same \ehiclc. now parked beside an old church. arid see the driv er dumping something w rapped in what appears to be bloody w hite sheets down a corrugated iron chute in the ground. Against their best judgement (and oursi. they go back to investigate. \Vell-crafted suspense and lean liltntnaking from w titer-director Salva: no distracting lame love interest. no clever-stupid postmodern sty lings. no messin' around (except with the audience's nervesi. General release.

Jurassic Park III (PG! 000 (Joe Johnston. l'S. Illfll l Sam Neill. Tea l.eoni. William H. Macy. 92 mins. The fiimsy excuse to get the cast over to the Park is a young lad w ho has become stranded on the dinosaur island. An unofficial search party. headed by his parents (Macy and l.eoni i. hoodwink palaeontologist l)r Grant (Neill. reprising his rolei into helping them otit. Of course. things go wrong as soon as they arrive and they are attacked by a Spinosaur. a new and improved T-rex. Frotn thereon in the cast jump from one pct‘ilotis situation to another. A cotiiplete retread of the first two movies with even more dinosaur attacks. tnorc ridiculous predicanients and bigger monsters. Selected release. Kiss Of The Dragon ( 1st... Nahoti. l'S/France. 300l i Jet Li. Bridget Fonda. Tcheky Karyo. US mins. l.l plays a top Shanghai secret agent w ho arrives in Paris to assist ruthless police boss 'l‘cheky Karyo in nailing a Chinese drugs lord. Naturally. Karyo is the real villain and within minutes l.i finds himself framed for murder and on the run. Fotida tags along as the hooker-w ho-know s- too-much. llow cv er. it seems clear that tieither she nor Karyo saw the script before being roped in by producer l.uc Besson. as their parts are quite risible. In its favour. Nahon directs the action. if not the drama. w ith aplomb. General release.

A Knight’s Tale tl’Gi 0.. (Brian llelgeland. l'S. 3001i Heath Ledger. Mark Addy. Paul Bettany. 132 mins. After his master dies halfway through a jonsting tournament in medieval France. peasant William Thatcher (Ledger) dons his stiit of armour and drags begrudging pals Roland (Addy i and \yat (Alan Tudy ki across Europe towards victory. \Vritcr- dircctor llclgcland's (l...rl. (Till/(th'lllftll. l’aylmrki film displays a playful sense of humour with its anachronistic soundtrack featttring Queen. l)av id Bowie and other 70s rockers. and amusing allusions to the World Cup. Atid utiustially it also emphasises character interaction so that the working class heroes are aided by l.attra Fraser's w tdow - turned-blacksmith and Bettany ‘s scene- stcaling gambler/poet '(icoff' (‘haucciz Selected release.

LA. Confidential ( IS) .0... (Curtis llanson. l'S. lWi’i Kev in Spacey. (iuy Pearce. Rtissell ('rowe. Kim Basinger. HF mins. Adapted from James lillroy 's nco-notr ttovel.


the best American film of I997 evokes a glitzy post-World War II l.os Angeles underpinned by an all-pervasive. festering corruption. An intricate. drop-dead brilliant plot links bent cops. good cops. Hollywood star lookalike prostitutes and the mob. The dialogue crackles arid the actors burn up the screen: one of the few films one would dare mention in the same breath as the definitive Chinatown. L'GC Renfrew Street. Glasgow.

The Ladies Paradise (Au Bonheur des Dames) (PG) (Julieti Duvivier. France. 1929i Dita Parlo. Pierre de Guingand. Germaine Rotter. 87 mins. In this silent movie. l)uv iv ier has adapted an Etnile '/.ola novel which explores the conflict between old and new capitalism. A young girl moves to Paris to work for her uncle. but is enticed to work at the "Temple of Temptation’. an adjacent department store. Part of the French Filtn Festival. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow; The l-‘ilmhouse. Edinburgh.

The Lady And The Duke (L’Anglalse et le Duc) (PGi (Eric Rohtner. France.

200] l Lucy Rtissell. Jean-Claude Drey his 12‘) mins. A tale based on the colourful life and memoirs of Grace [)alrymple Elliot. a Scottish aristocrat from the Itith century. Rohmer uses an unusual method of filtning. inserting his actors into classic paintings and specially hand-painted backgrounds of that period. Part of the French Filtn Festival. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow : The Filmhouse. Edinbttrgh. The Lady Vanishes (PGi 0000

(Alfred Hitchcock. CK. 1938) Margaret Lockwood. Michael Redgrave. Dame May \Vitty. 9" mins. En route to England via

Sw it/erland at the outbreak of World War ll. an old lady does a disappearing act on a train. Stispicious. a young man and woman investigate in Hitchcock's marvellously‘ entertaining thriller. Edinburgh Film Guild. Edinburgh.

Lagaan (P(ii oeoo (Ashutosh (iowariker. India. 200l i Aamir Khan. Gracy Sitigh. Rachel Shelley. 324 mins. New

Bolly wood movie from the world's largest film industry. Set in the early days of the Raj. Lamar/t pits Indian farmers against their colonial oppressors . . . over a game of cricket. This is a breakthrough for Bolly wood cinema exports. having established crossover appeal for Hindi and non-Hindi speaking audiences. Showing in Hindi with English subtitles. MacRobert Arts Centre. Stirling.

The Lavender Hill Mob it‘i eeoo (Charles Crichton. ['K. l‘)5l i Alec Guinness. Stanley llolloway. Sidney James. 78 mins. Charming Ealing comedy that has mild- nianncred batik clerk Guinness being dragged into a gold bullion robbery. Smashing satire and cracking car chase. The Lumiere. Edinburgh.

Legally Blonder Ill 00. (Robert l.ttkelic. t'S. 200i l Reese “'ithet‘spoon. Luke Wilson. Selma Blair. ()7 mins. Legally lilumle is adapted from Amanda Brow n's unpublished novel. an anthropological study of the ‘law student species' drawing on her experiences as a blonde attending law school. By contrast. Karen McCullah l.ut/ and Kirtsen Smith's ( II) 'I‘lu'nev Illate About You) screenplay focuses on the ‘clueless' nature of protagonist Elle Woods t\\'itliet‘sptioti i. a California babe who finds herself to be a fish out of water w hen she follow s her boy friend to Harvard. It also

resorts to a deeply conventional narrative about honesty and integrity winning the day. Thus. Legally Blnmle lacks the bite of other teen satires such as Election. another film starring Witherspoon. but one which lived up to the actor's impressive talents. General release.

Lovers Of The Arctlc Clrcle (15) O... (Julio Medem. Spain. l999) Fele Martinez. Najwa Nimri. Nancho Novo. 10-1 mins. When eight-year-old Otto spots Ana outside the school gates. it's love at first sight. but life's tragedies intervene. however. and the pair are set apart - until years later when both are drawn. irrepressibly. to a Finnish cottage just inside the Arctic Circle. Medem. whose expressive style was honed in laws. The Red Squirrel and 'lierra. has crafted a beguiling love story - as strange and original as it is romantic - which surely places Medem in the top rank of European directors. CCA. Glasgow.

Lucky Break ( 12) .0. (Peter Cattaneo. L'K. 200l i James Nesbitt. ()livia Williams. Timothy Spall. Bill Nighy'. Christopher Plutntner. l07 mins. This prison escape comedy from The Full Monty‘s Cattaneo showcases sortie great British acting talent and promises a lot of laughs. So when Lucky Break opens with the most pathetic attempt at a bank-robbery ever seen on screen. it‘s hard to suppress a loud wail of disappointment. But when the two sad culprits. Jimmy (Nesbitti and Rudy (James). end up in HM Prison Long Rudford. things soon start to look up. A farce with no real social agenda. Lucky Break runs away frotn the realities of the British justice system and mobilises some old social stereotypes. to have a good laugh. And cheerfully comic yet poignant; treaely - sweet yet deeply ironic. it does succeed as a charming piece of escapist cinema. Selected release.

Lulu’s Romance (Le Roman de Lulu) (15) (Pierre-()livier Scotto. France. 200i) Thierry [.hermitte. Claire Keiin. Patrick Bouchitey. 87 mins. Rotnantic comedy involving a couple w hose ages are separated by 25 years. Roman (Lhermittei is in his fifties and can‘t help thinking Lulu (Keimi would be better off with some one else. Part of the French Film Festival. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow: The Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Man Of Straw (tbci (Wolfgang Staudte. Germany. 1951) NW mins. Edinburgh Film Guild. Edinburgh.

0 The Man Who Wasn’t There ( iSi moo (Joel Coen. CS. 2001) Billy Bob Thornton. Frances .\lc[)ormand. James Gandolfini. l 16 mins. Set in the Californian backwater tow n of Santa Rosa circa the l9-i().s, The Man Who Haiti 'I There takes its cue from the cynical world of pulp critne writers like James M. Caiti. The tale turns on a regular fella. Thornton's mild-mannered barber Ed Crane. who is unwittingly the catalyst for a spiralling series of events beginning with infi- delity and extortion and ending with. well. maybe you can guess. The Coen brothers‘ lat- est reinvention of a classic Hollywood filtn genre is their most audacious to date. mixing hard-boiled. small town film noir with existen- tialism and metaphysics. It‘s a wry-humoured. retro-styled. w ickedly -plotted. moody getn. General release.

Manon Des Sources (PG) 0000 (Claude Berri. France/Italy. 1986i Yves Montand. [)aniel Auteuil. Emmanuelle Beart. l 14 mins. Ten years after the demise ofJean dc Florette. the Soubeyrans rttn a prosperous carnation fartn. Steering this epic rural saga towards the realms of Greek tragedy. this is a full and satisfying second half that explores the suffering of the guilty as they pay a crippling penance for man's greed and envy. The production values are as high as ever and Auteuil assumes [)epardiett's mantle in his development frotn glaikit idiot to broken- ltcarted suitor. The Lumiere. Edinburgh. Marie-Line ( l5) (Mehdi Charef. France. 2001i Muriel Robin. Valerie Stroh. Fejria [)eliba. 100 mins. Marie-line runs an all- female group of night cleaners for a supermarket. the tnajority of whom are illegal immigrants. and begitis to form a close relationship with her staff who are under constant threat from the authorities. Part of the French Film Festival. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow ; The Filmhouse. Edinburgh.