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The things you simply have to do this fortnight

GHOST WORLD Film Steve BUSCC‘H‘I and Thora Birch star in this achinglg,’ cool adaptation of the hit underground comic. Des‘ign. s undtrack. acting: it's got the lot, See page 2:"). GFT. Glasgosx; Cameo. Edinpurgn. N I ~i teats

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Music Cocker and co return to the he arena '.-.'ith old fax es and tracks fron‘ their great nex'r alptin‘. l'./e Love 1 Bar":'::',pa'7r). G.‘asgo'.'.1

JOHN HEGLEY Comedy Latori's; n‘ost laconic l)‘c‘."f().'"l‘.‘3 ditt es about his travels arotinri the (pope. And name {IVCL‘ES :r‘ the odd softvshoe shuffle. See prenuexx. page (If. Arc/res. C‘

Laugh. ./.

WILL SELF Books The forn‘er .‘Jllfl nta" Of British lterature 'i‘a; have .. h S;§(.“.'.’(:ll fl’).'.’.'i but ltis I” .vritinr; '5; strll as frenetr; and fort‘i‘righ'. as alxrays. Hear lil‘l‘ read frnn‘ his collected gotirnalisn‘, [emit/kg lie! See l'f:‘.’l(:'.'.'. Large 1-81.. from. Glasgow; lira/Ursa.


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Film The most eagerly antiCipated movie of the year is finally here. And would you believe it. director Chris Columbus' vision actually meets the hype. See feature. page 10. General release.


Art The Edinburgh-born abstract painter does that thing he’s so good at: removing freshly painted areas of colour uSing brush strokes or turpentine. lngi’epv Gallery. Edinburgh.


TV What happened In the natural world after the dinos were forced to bid a fond farewell”? Stunning visuals. great characters and drama aplenty in the sequel to ‘.*'/a/l<ing lr".//!h Dinosaurs. See review. page 99. BBC 1.

CHICAGO Theatre Tux-wearing lav'lyers. Sultry nightclub owners and high-heeled Jailbirds populate this rollicking Bot.) Fosse musical. See previews. page 60 and 70. Playhouse. Ed/HDL/fg/i.


Music The n‘oody Bristol hip hopper. ‘-.'./ho's had more ups and downs; than are strictly necessary.

is hack with his nwost commercial 5

FIFA 2002

Games Forget the latest Old Firm game and settle down Il‘. front of your P82 as the piggest-selling footie game is reconstructed to make it even more Jovtul to play See review. page 106. P88.

ll‘élIOl'lZli yet. See preview. page :15}. Arches. Glasgoazc

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