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The Prince Of The Pacific (Le Prince du Pacifique) ( 15) (Alain Corneau. France. 2000) Thieriy Lhermitte. Patrick Timsit. .Marie Trintignant. 90mins. Captain Alfred de Morsac (Lhermitte) is transformed from a stuffy British military than into a legendary Polynesian wan‘ior when he attempts to persuade the natives tojoin the Queen's army in this light comedy adventure. Part of the French Film Festival. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow: The Filmhouse. Edinburgh. Recess: School’s Out (L') see

(Chuck Sheetz. US. 2001) Voices ofJames Woods. Dabney Coleman. Dan Castellaneta. 82 mins. Disney plunders its own small screen programming for this feature length version of its cartoon series. Recess concerns the adventures of a gang of pre-adolescent kids. whose roll call includes a natural leader. brainy nerd. cute girl. tomboy and. erm. a little boy who sings like a man. For the big screen school outing. the gang put their mischievous ways to good Use when an evil ex-principal of their school. Mr Benedict (Arnold would that be?) hatches a scheme to end summer vacations by causing permanent winter. Cineworld. Falkirk.

The Rehearsal (La repetition) (15) (Catherine Corsini. France. 2001) Emmanuelle Béart. Pascale Bussieres. Dani Levy. 87 mins. As Nathalie (Béart) and Louise grow up together. Louise becomes infatuated with her friend which leads to an attempted suicide. This moody drama sees the two reunited years later. Part of the French Film Festival. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow; The Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Rlen A Faire (15) .0. (Marion Vernoux. France. 2001) Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. Patrick Dell‘lsola. 105 mins. Who would have thought unemployment could prove the great equaliser in love'.’ Vernoux (Lave Etc) suggests both the pOssibility and impossibility of breaking the class divide in this study of a relationship between middle class Pierre (Dell'lsola) and working class Marie (Tedeschi) in a northern France coastal town. Vernoux‘s film might lack devastating emotional effect. but it's a finely nuanced study of social divisions. it's a film ironically suggesting the ‘classless society‘ comes from loss of work rather than its plentiful presence. and that here. again. class makes itself felt. MacRobert Arts Centre. Stirling.

Rugrats In Paris: The Movie (L')

.0. (Stig Bergqvist. Paul Demeyer. LS. 2001 ) Voices of Christine Cavanaugh. Susan Sarandon. Debbie Reynolds. 77 mins. The antics of those diaper-clad under-5s. Tommy. Chuckie. Dil. Phil and Lil. and tormenting big cousin Angelica. make a great kids cartoon. Better than its predecessor. Rugrars In Paris has the gang descending on Euroreptarland (read Eurodisney). where conniving Angelica fixes up motherless Chuckie and his gullible father. Chas. with the villainous Coco La Bouche who hates children. To save Chuckie the kids hijack the giant robotic Reptar and race for Notre Dame to stop the wedding. Lively. well-paced entertainment for younger children. and just smart enough for most adults. Ster Century Cinema. Edinburgh. Samla (12) (Philippe Faucon. France. 2000) Lynda Benahouda. .Mohamed Chaouch. Kheira Oualhaci. 75 mins. Samia is the sixth of eight children from an immigrant family. She and her sisters follow the teachings of the Koran in the home. but outside are like any other teenagers. Things change when their father falls ill and the eldest brother takes charge. Part of the French Film Festival. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow: The FilmhoUse. Edinburgh. The Score (18) 0.. (Oz Frank. CS. 2001) Edward Norton. Marlon Brando. Robert De Niro. 123 mins. Given such a heavyweight cast. The Score is something of a disappointment. The set up is fine. De Niro‘s veteran thief wants to retire from crime to run a Montreal jazz club. But long-time friend and fence. Max (Brando). persuades him to team up with Norton‘s cocky. ambitious young thief to pull off one last heist - the theft of a priceless sceptre from Montreal‘s fortress-like Customs House. Norton gives the best and flashiest performance. but the film ultimately sides with the values of the older guard —- professional. dependable. and jUst a little dull. Selected release.

Scotland For Fitness (L‘) (1938) l()

38 THE LIST 15-29 Nov 2001

mins. l930s information film from the Scottish Film Archive. The Lumiere. Edinburgh.

Le Secret ( l8) .0. (Virginie Wagon. France. 2001 ) Anne Coesens. Tony Todd. 107 mins. Busy Marie (Coesens) is a white 35- year-old married Parisian who. pretty successfully. sells encyclopacdias door to door. Her new lover. Todd's Bill West. is a 50-year- old black New Yorker living in Paris who seems to have no ties. Wagon's film might bring to mind torrid 70s sleaze epics like .llandinua and Drum. but it's linked much more obviously to films like Romance and other examples of abject rite of passage. For what Marie needs is liberation; a retreat from the constraints of well-rehearsed selling techniques and middle-class family life. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow.

Series 7: The Contenders ( 18)

0... (Daniel Minahan. 2001. LS) Brooke Smith. Marylouise Burke. Glenn Fitzgerald. 87 mins. You will die. unless you can kill live other contenders first. You are given a gun. pursued by a cameraman. monitored by global television systems and left to play the game. These are the rules of T/lt' C(Hilt'lirlt'l's. the hottest L'S reality TV show and fictional subject of writer-director Minahan's quite brilliant debut. Drawing from his background in tabloid documentary. Minahan has created a gruesome satire on audience voyeurism that is as disturbingly familiar as it is comically absurd. The idea is repulsive and yet the action is engrossing. It‘s like Gladialnrs for the 31st century. Grosvenor. Glasgow.

Seven Samurai (PO) 00000 (Akira Kurosawa. Japan. 195-1) Toshiro Mifune. Takahashi Simura. 200 mins. A group of timid villagers seek protection against the excesses of a brutal warlord by hiring seven heroic samurai. Seminal Japanese action picture. with a slow -building dignity matching the best of John Ford. and in its stylishly aesthetic handling of screen violence a profound influence on the likes of Sam Peckinpah. Highly recommended. Grosvenor. Glasgow. The Shining ( 18) .000 (Stanley Kubrick. 1980) Jack Nicholson. Shelly Dtivall. Philip Stone. 146 mins. Kubrick's overw rotight. overlong horror film dispenses with much of the psychic apparatus of Stephen King's novel to concentrate on the deeper horror of a family turning in on itself. Nicholson. with all the stops otit. is bug-eyed and demonic as the writer cracking tip violently in an isolated hotel. and the final scenes are. literally. chilling. ()deon. Edinburgh.

A Shot At Glory ( IS) on (Robert Duvall. L'S/1.'K. 2001) Robert Duvall. Michael Keaton. Ally McCoist. 115 mins. Duvall plays Gordon McLeod. the manager of a fictitious Second Division football cltib called Kilnockie. ()wner Peter Cameron (Keaton) wants success. and is prepared to bring in (‘eltic's one-time superstar striker Jackie McQuillan (ex-Ranger and current tabloid

David Mamet’s' back on his home turf with Heist, a nolrish crime caper

full of cons and scams

darling McCoist) and consider a move to Dublin to further his aims. He has not. however. considered the town’s fanatical support base or the fraught history between the manager and his new striker. McCoist acquits himself well. partly because of the obvious similarities between himself and McQuillan. while Duvall is as impressive as ever. Like the team it depicts. A ShoIAt Clary will never change the world. but in this age of big business football. it‘s a telling reminder that football can be fun. Magnum Theatre. lrvine: New Picture House. St Andrews.

Shrek (L') eoeeo (Andrew Adamson. Vicky Jenson. LS. 2001 ) Voices of Mike Myers. Cameron Diaz. Eddie Murphy. 90 mins. Shrek will have Walt Disney turning in his cryogenic freeze tank. This truly subversive animated film takes pot shots at fairytale mythology. while singling out L'ncle Walt's beloved Snow White. Cinderella. Pinit‘r‘ltio. et al. Under the guise of a quest to rescue a princess from a dragon undertaken by the eponymous green ogre (which kids will love). .S'lirek also ruthlessly pillages corporate Disney. satirising its theme parks and executives. And who’s behind all this? Producer Jeffrey Katzenberg of Disney rival studio DreamWorks. also formerly head of. yep. Disney. General release.

80 I Married An Axe Murderer (15) 0.. (Thomas Schlamme. LS. 1993) Mike Myers. Nancy Travis. Brenda Fricker.

1 10mins. Charlie Mackenzie is a bit paranoid about his girlfriends. such has been his bad luck: but now he‘s sure he‘s dating Miss X. a female serial killer who chops her hubbies. Fun. over-the-top stuff from the Wayne half of liavne's World. and which includes sortie of the best Scottish gags recently put on screen watch out for the ‘Do Ya Think I'm Sexy.” Rod Stewart bagpipe karaoke. Honest. New Picture House. St Andrews.

Spy Game (15 the) (Tony Scott. LS. 2001) Robert Redford. Brad Pitt. Catherine McCormack. Mins tbc. Covering a sixteen year period in the history of America‘s Central intelligence Agency. Spy Game tells the story of Cold War veteran Nathan Muir (Redford) and his protege Tom Bishop (Pitt). Opening in 1991 with Bishop awaiting execution in ajail in China. Muir‘s attempts to save him prompt a series of flashbacks. to Vietnam. Berlin and Beirut during the height of the conflict. Could it be that Spy Game is not being screened to the press because it's subject matter is deemed too politically sensitive. considering Israel‘s renewed aggression against the Palestinians? See review. General release.

L8 Squale ( 18) (Fabrice Genestal. France. 2000) Esse Lawson. Tony Mpoudja. Ennasri Khereddine. 100 mins. L'sing a driving hip- hop soundtrack and seductive visuals. Genestal creates a West Side Story for the 90s. in which a tough young lady from a Paris suburban ghetto seduces the virile hood who rules the ghetto. Part of the French Film Festival.

Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow; The Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

A Star is Born (C) see. (George Cukor. LS. 1954) Judy Garland. James Mason. 152 mins. Cukor's musical tale of the rise of a starlet (Garland) and fall of a fading star (Mason) has been much repeated but never bettered. Garland displays extraordinary comic timing and vocal power. St Bride's Centre. Edinburgh.

The Stepford Wives ( 15) use

(Bryan Forbes. L'S. 197-1) Katharine Ross. Paula Prentiss. Nanette Newman. 1 15 mins. They don't make sci-fi movies like they did in the 70s anymore. intelligent. creepy and with plenty of social comment. The .S'Iepfmtl ll'ires is both one of the finest examples of that decade's sci-1i output and a true cult gent of a film in its own right. All that plus Nanette Newman going crazy. St Bride‘s Centre. Edinburgh.

Strangers On A Train (PG) eeeeo (Alfred Hitchcock. US. 1951) Farley Granger. Robert Walker. 101 mins. Hitch's appropriation of Patricia Highsmith's novel. the conceit for which is two strangers who get chatting aboard a long train journey and both admit to people they would like to kill one is joking. the other is deadly serious. With it‘s climax aboard an out-of-control fairground ride and two superb central performances. this is one of Hitchcock's best. The Lumiere. Edinburgh.

Strictly Sinatra ( 15) see (Peter Capaldi. L'K. 2001) lan Hart. Brian Cox. Kelly Macdonald. 97 mins. Actor Capaldi turns the camera on his home city. Glasgow. with this entertaining play on the cult of Frank Sinatra. Strictly Sinatra songs only is the rule of Italian-Scot club crooner Toni Cocozza (Hart). So obsessed with Old Blue Eyes is Toni. he falls in with Glasgow‘s gangsters. seduced by crime boss Chisholm‘s (Cox) tales of his Vegas days. Essentially. this is the story of Faust to which Sinatra's Vegas mob connections lend themselves very neatly. Hart gives a great tragi-comic performance. and despite making his name playing John Lennon twice. for the first time sings on film. General release.

A Swallow Makes The Spring (Une hlrondell a ialt le printemps) ( 12) (Christian Carion. France. 2001) Michel Serrault. Mathilde Seigner. 103 mins. Santlrine (Seigner) exchanges her city existence for a farm in the spectacular surrounds of the Vercors. She and the unhelpful owner regard each other curiously across generations until a harsh winter brings them together. Part of the French Film Festival. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow; The FilmhoUse. Edinburgh.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ( 18) O. (Tobe Hooper. 1986) Dennis Hopper. Caroline Williams. Bill Johnson. 115 mins. British horror fans waited patiently for Hooper's sequel to his classic. btit it's hard not to be sawl)‘ disappointed. if you will. A smalltown Texas radio DJ accidentally records Leatherf‘ace‘s chainsaw murder of two ncds during a phone-in. She finds unlikely assistance in Hopper. the sheriff of a neighbouring county who lost his niece to the cannibal family. w ho seem much unchanged from the original film. While there are odd moments of clever satire. and much nauseous refiection on the content of Texas chilli. the film is dull and repetitious. going over the action of the original. See review. L'GC Renfrew Street. Glasgow.

Thunderbird Six (L') one (David Lane. CK. 1968) 90 mins. Scott. Virgil. Lady Penelope er al. Calling International Rescue! Black Phantom back shock horror? ()1in Gerry and Sylvia Anderson can save its now 3 Just as well they can spin a decent yarn. Shame they treat the actors like puppets thotigh . . . Magnum Theatre. lrvine.

Together ( 15) O... (Lukas Mootlysson. Sweden. 2000) Lisa Lindgren. Gustaf Hammarsten. Sam Kessel. 106 mins. Set in the mid-70s. Moodysson‘s follow-tip to the highly-rated Show Me Love gives a gentle. comic dig in the ribs to the hippy ideal. When Elisabeth (Lindgren) and her children take refuge from a violent husband with her placid brother Goran (Hammarstcn) at his commune. named Together. their lifestyles are not the only ones that end tip being reassessed. importantly. the film eschews both nostalgia for the period and mockery of it. despite the