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The Arches, Glasgow, Sat 24 Nov.

There are few clubs in Scotland that can match Inside Out for sheer, unadulterated good-time nightclubbing. The unashamed emphasis on crowd-pleasers has paid off: Inside Out is five years old this fortnight and shows no signs of flagging. Founding resident Simon Foy is bashful about the undeniable success of his club. ‘It never really crossed our minds that we’d still be here five years on,’ he says, ‘we just carried on. We had a strong idea of what we wanted the music to be. It’s very much about big tunes, it’s not too underground. In terms of what we originally started from we have moved on, just now there’s a strong techno feel to a lot of the music, so we do tend to move with the music as it develops, but we want to keep the club going in a reasonably straight line. That’s what we wanted at the beginning and that’s what we’ve kept: a big night out for a lot of people.’ The mainstay of big nights out

is, of course, the big name DJ and Inside Out’s trump card is Judge Jules’ place on the residents roster. For the crown prince of hard house, the chance to play the club on a regular basis was too good to pass up. ‘It’s quite simple, really,’ Jules explains, ‘Inside Out has the best atmosphere of any club in Britain. I think pretty much every DJ who’s played there would say the same thing as well. They have a lot of savvy when it comes to picking their DJ line-ups, and, of course, they have a Glaswegian crowd - that’s all you need! That inspires me, and l DJ there for the same reason I always have; it’s not a case of judging what records will go down well, it’s about what I like and that would appear to

marry with what other people like.’

If Judge Jules represents the populist aims of the


Moneyshot at The Bongo Club, Fri 23 Nov.

Brighton: once it was mods. rockers. retirement homes and bad holidays. Now we think of Norm and Zoe. Big Beat Boutique. Skint records and hi- octane advert music. But according to Robert Luis. boss of the eclectic Tru- T'noughts label. there's always been more flavours to Brighton Rock than that.

‘When we started up in 1999. the press made cut that Brighton was dominated by big beat music. but that wasn't really the case. The record label was a way of showing there's other musical styles gOing on”.

The styles represented by Tru- Thoughts are legion, ranging from the chilled instrumentation of Bonobo and Quantic to the Heavy Bronx cut ‘n‘ paste of Natural Self. Underlying it all is a definite hip hop sensibility. but not to the QXCIUSIOII of other elements. v/ith DJs from Mr Thing to LTJ Bukem all applauding their releases.

Now sales are gOing ballistic worldwide. but the label has

72 THE LIST ‘5) 2?: Nov 2001

According to the Judge, it’s got ‘the best atmosphere of any club in Britain’

Inside Out ethos, Foy has one eye on the future. ‘We’re looking at doing outdoor events, and tying in album releases, but keeping the club as the mainstay of the operation,’ he says, ‘and we’re going to bring in a lot of new guys, people from Germany and Italy. We’re getting some new blood in and trying to find the next generation of big DJs.’

As for the birthday celebrations, Foy can hardly contain himself: ‘It’s all about guests that we think represent the club. Obviously Jules is playing, we’ve got John Kelly and JFK, who can be a bit of a riot, and Anne Savage, who isn’t the quietest of girls. I’m looking forward to it as a good laugh rather than a serious

night, and I’ll be taking a holiday afterwards!’

(Jack Mottram)

continued to defy expectations by releasing tracks on that most unmarketable of commodities. the 7" single. Ouantic's Will Holland. under the name Quantic Soul Orchestra. has released a dirty funk gem on this format. ‘He's such a big funk fan that he wants to try and put something back within that scene.’ explains Luis. ‘He's a collector but doesn't pay out big money for tunes. I like the idea that you can go down the shops and buy his record for five Quid. rather

Tru-Thoughts’ Iable boss Robert Luis

than spending 9:200 for a similar hack}

Look out for new Tru-Thoughts products in the coming year. including a compilation of past releases and an Unfold session mixed by Mr Scruff. With these. Luis hopes to reach an audience beyond the usual underground market. ‘Check out our stuff if you're into anything.‘ he says. 'other than house or trance!‘ Truly. eclecticism has to draw the line somewhere. (Neil McMillan)

Word Up

The latest club news...

WORLD MUSIC CLUB NIGHT bding will be launching a new monthly residency at the CCA in Glasgow as from 25 January 2002. This will provide the night's mainstays Irian Jaya. Banghra breakbeat DJs Tiger Style. and live combo Firefly with a permanent home and the chance to build up a scene for fans of Indian and Egyptian music.

NORTHERN SOUL FANS ARE in for a treat this fortnight as KENT Records founder Ady Croaswell is booked to appear at the second session of Caledonia Soul. The event takes place at The Woodside Social Club in Glasgow on Saturday 24 November and to coincide with the guest appearance, we’ve got three copies of the new KENT compilation, Northern Soul’s Classiest Rarities, to give away. To be in with a chance, answer the following question and send your answers to

calesoul, before Thursday 23 November. Winners will be notified by email and prizes must be collected on the night.

What was the name of the first release on KENT UK?

1. For Ballroom Dancers

2. For Dancers Only

3. For Dancers Maybe

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EDINBURGH HIP HOP NIGHT Scratch has left The Venue to start a new monthly reSidency at La Belle Angele. The Scottish session of the London-based night has been operating from The Venue for over fOur years but following the continued postponement of planned refurbishment to the bLiilding and SubseQuent loss in trade. Scratch has desided to make a fresh start at La Belle from 8 December.

WEST END HOTSPOT NOA will be shutting up shop as an underground club venue from January of next year. It will then be re-launched as a commercial drinking den, thus creating a more profitable enterprise while effectively depriving the city of another club venue.