Clubs listings

Glasgow Fridays continued

I The Cathouse at the (‘athotis-e. l().3()pm—-3am. £l before I lpm: £4 (£3) after. Weekly. Rock. grunge. indie and a dash of breakbeat across three lloors at (ilasgow‘s top venue for rockers and alternateens.

I Coded at \‘attlt. l lpm -3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. A rotating roster of DJs affiliated to 23rd Precinct supply house-led grooves at the new club. Steven Mc(‘reery is at the helm. and the pool of talent includes Billy Kittie. Billy Woods and Amanda Price.

I Deep End at .Ad Lib. Monthly.

llpm 3am. £5. to Nov. Monthly. Residents Richard and lndica are joined by Jolm White of Lightbulb Recordings

I Fresh at the Polo Lounge. 1 lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Michelle provides a loose tnix of house and indie classics downstairs. while Andy rocks the Trophy Rooin with 80s and ‘)()s hits at the top gay venue.

I Foot Therapy at Alaska. Monthly. Next date 7 Dec.

OThe Funk Room at the Arches. l().3()pm-A3am. £l(). Andrew and Simon have been going from strength to strength since they brought their unique brand of funkadelica to (ilasgow. With their recent run of top notch guests it's not hard to see why and helping them get in the party mood this month are the one and only Poets of Rhythm. See llitlist.

I Gain at Alaska. Monthly. Next date 14 Dec with Funk D'Void.

I Global Love at Archaos. l lpm ~3atn. £7 (£5). Weekly. Progressive house and trance served tip by resident Lisa Littlewood. Paul Taylor will be dropping on 3t) Noy encouraging the kids to go crazy for some good old retro cltib classics.

I Goodtoot at the Riverside Social. Monthly. Next date the.

I Homegrown at Alaska. 1 lpm 3am. £8. (£6) 16 Nov. Monthly. A night dedicated to showcasing the best of our local talent. Phonic DJs (iot'don. Mark and Stephen rip it tip upstairs while local heroes Nick Peacock and Alex Horton manage the downstairs mix of electronic breaks and beats.

I Hustle 8: Bustle at Baha/a.

(rpm 3am (DJs from I lpm). Free before

I lpm: £5 alter. Weekly. Pattl 'l‘raynor and Stewart Mc(‘alltim get the night going with some seriously funky. highly charged R&B and hip hop. mixed with sotil aitd funk tracks.

I Innovation at QMt'. 8pm lam. £2. 23 Nov. Monthly. A new event showcasing local talent. This month Alextronic play live while I)Js (’raig lilliot. Tom (iarland atid Mel Bondini man the decks.

I Life at Life. l()pm 3am. Free before midnight: £7 after. Weekly. Kevin Mcl‘iarlane. Bob Jeffries and (iordon Miller take on the two rooms with a solid funk. sotil. garage and old-school classics selection.

I LiveVevil present Total Science at (ilasgow School Of Art. I lpm-3am. £7 (£(i). 16 Nov only. Jason and Patil aka The Funky 'I‘echnitions. famed for their tough fusion of drum & bass. techno and hi'eakbeat snoop down to the Art School to unleash some the aural escapades.

I Loose Joints at the 13th Note (‘ltih (dtwvnstairs). l()pm 3am. Free before

I lpm: £4 alter. Weekly. Dancetloor classics frotn the past 4t) years. hip hop. sotil. ja/I. funk. and anything that will make you shake that ass and it all comes courtesy of the Loos: Joint lads. The legendary Soul Jau sound system make an appearance on H) Nov. bringing their hugely popular l()(l‘t Dynamite night to (ilasgow for the first time.

I Low Life at The Arches. Monthly. Next date 7 Dec.

I Noo Groove at .'\(l Lih. Monthly. Next date 7 Dec.

I Offset at ('uhe. l lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. t'plifting house and LS garage in the main room courtesy of the Solemttsic

74 THE LIST it's-2i) Not; I/ITJU‘i

LIVE SHOW TWISTED NERVE TOUR Glasgow School Of Art, Fri 23 Nov.

Andy Votel rtibbered me. Superbly, it must be said. A ‘rescheduling' followed by a couple of covering stories. topped off by fifteen rounds with the answer phone was never my idea Of a productive afternoon. but then it hit me. While it's difficult to pin down the style of Votel's burgeoning Twisted Nerve imprint. it's near impossible to corner the man himself at the heart of it all. It's this elusive charm that has wormed the label‘s way into music lovers affections. blending iust the right amount of alootness with that irrepressible Manc humour.

Although the focus on TWisted Nerve has centred on their priceless meal ticket. Badly Drawn Boy. someway beneath him in the pecking order lurk a variety of talents who will be out to impress when the TWisted Nerve package tour hits Glasgow. The most promising outfit are Mum And Dad. with their distinctive Death Metal gone Synth-Pop approach. 80 battered and bruised s0und the Synths on their single ‘Donnington'. that you could quite feasibly be listening to an abandoned Kraftwerk producing a Black Sabbath seSSion. Their closest sonic cocinterparts Add N to X have been here before. but tvtum And Dad appear to have the Chutzpah to push back the envelope even further.

Also playing live are DOT. originally conceived as the live outlet for Dave Tyack's Dakota Oak recordings. Their

output so far has been ponderous. cliche-


Votel, Badly Drawn Boy and some rabbits

ridden old-school indie ‘SOundscapes‘. possibly constructed from off-cuts of Mogwai's ‘quiet-bit' depanment. but perhaps theirs is the kind of sound that only springs to life once it hits the stage. Completing the live line-up are Misty Dixon. whose 'Don't Let The Leaves Fall Down' was laden with Goldfrapp style potential allied to judicious use of ancient beatboxes and the mellitluous vocal of Jane Weaver. herself a regular Andy Votel collaborator. Add to this DJ sets from Big-Beat survivor Sirconical and the inimitable Votel himself. and you can expect to experience the full rounded flavour of the label. And one last thing. if you can pin down Mr Votel and get a few words out of him. you're a better person than I‘ll ever be. (Steven Clark)

boys (ieoff Montford. (‘hris Harris and head honcho Stevie ‘Sole' Middleton.

I Pressure at the Arches. l()pin---4ain. £l(i. 3() Nov. Monthly. The overwhelmingly popular Slam residency is three years old and to celebrate Stuart & ()rde thotight they'd have a bit of a bash. Joining in the birthday shenanigans will be Intec boss ('arl (‘ox. who‘ll be battling it ottt on the decks with Stuart and ()rde. giving the kids some serious head trauma as they belt out some terrifying techno. Ralph Lawson. Silicone Soul. Stuart Patterson. Pattl Richards (UNI Master H are also on the bill at a night that promises to be just a tad on the huge side.

I Public Spirit at Soba. l lpm -3am. Free before midnight: £4 alter. Weekly. DJs Muchaill and Shaft with a wide- ranging selection taking in everything from disco to breaks.

GRichie Hawtin Album Tour at the Arches. l lptn 3am. £10. 23 Nov only. ('anadian electro pioneer Richie llawtin unleashes a ftill live show comprising four decks. fx and a 90‘). Sonic sttpport comes frotn (ilasgow ‘s techno don. Percy Buy your tickets in advance to avoid a crushing disappointment and see llitlist.

I Sonic Mook Experiment at (‘(‘A. Next date 7 Dec.

I Submit Reponse at the l3th Note (‘lub (upstairs). l()pm-3am. Free before

I lpm: £4 alter. Fortnightly. 23 Nov. Aural explosion hosted by music—loving journalists Jack Mottram and Leon McDermott. Well-versed they are in the

etiquette of eclectica so prepare your ears for everything from avant-disco through electro-pop to noisy ()(Js garage punk.

I Tantra at Trash. l()pm—3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Lisa Littlewood and Iain Thomson play L'pfront house to a packed dance floor. with DJ Robert playing funky house. disco and indie in room two.

I Test at the Glasgow School of Art. Monthly. Next date I Dec.

I Traxx at the Arches. Monthly. Next date 7 Dec with the one and only Kenny Dixon Junior aka Moody Man. GNisted Nerve Tour at The (ilasgow School of Art. I lpm—3am. £tbc. 23 Nov only. The elusive Andy Votel brings an assortment of his Twisted Nerve label kooks to Glasgow. Death electro metal combo Mum & Dad. Misty Dixon and DOT play live. while Sirconical and

Mr Votel himself provide the DJing duties.

('asli cow Badly Drawn Boy will NOT be in attendance. See preview and Hitlist.

I Urban Groove at (‘lub Budda.

l lpm—3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Featuring the talents of Domenic Martin. who is set to merge LTS house and garage. deep house. disco. soul. fttnk and jazz. plus the odd dash of Latin and Afro grooves.

I Velvet Rooms at the Velvet Rooms. l()pm—3am. £3 before midnight: £6 (£4) after. Weekly. John Lyons with smooth R&B downstairs. pltis Raymond Darvon spinning vocal house upstairs.

I Zero Zero at the l3th Note Club.

1 lpm—3am. Free. Weekly. Bomber and Tosh. who hosted previous Thu-nighter

Yum Yum. play pretty much anything they please. adding a dash of punk. reg vae and electronica to the mix of soul. funk and


Chart & Party

I Carwash at g2. l lpm—3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. A night of disco. funk and soul classics. courtesy of the Garage's Gerry Lyons.

I Cheesy Pop at Qtidos (QML’). l()pm—2am. £2 (£1). Students and up to four guests. Weekly. Seven years on and rampant hordes of mucky-minded. vodka- fuelled urchins still flock to hear DJ Toast's Edam selection. A riotous evening. with the emphasis on pure ttnashamed fun.

I Envy at Destiny. l()pm—3am. £5 before I lpm; £6 after. Weekly. Throbbing house action at the city centre mega-venue. Wear nice shoes.

I Love Bug at The Garage. l().3()pm—3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Insanely busy night of party tunes for students and youngsters.

I Media at Media. 1 lpm—3am. £5. Weekly. Media abandon their mainstream dance policy in favour of 70s and 80s classics. so grab your shoulder-padded suits and get on down.

I The Shack at Shack. l().3()pm—3am. £6 (£4). Whatever your bag. chart. dance or party. DJ Hanlan shotild hit the spot with his mixed bag of party-up tunes.

I Shag at Fury Mtirry's. l lpm—3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Drunken party tunes from Mark and James G. ‘No oite forgets their