THE NEW CHRISTMAS EXPERIENCE Sat 17 8. Sun 18 Nov, Sat 24 8- Sun 25 Nov, 1 1am-5pm. £6. New Lanark Visitor Centre, New Lanark Mills, Lanark, 01555 661345. Join Holly, your guide for the Spirit of Christmas Festive Ride, who will take you back in time to 1820 to experience a Victorian Christmas and meet some familiar faces along the way. Other attractions in the Experience include a pantomime show ‘A Christmas Treasure’, and of course Father Christmas will be dishing out early gifts in his new grotto.

We welcome submissions for this section, but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids listings compiled by Maureen Ellis.

Activities And Fun

Animal Magic Drama Siii I" .\'m .k Sa134 .\'o\. Illam noon & I 3pm. {I5 Mr 4 \u‘CIw. IIiintcrian .v\rt (iaIIcr). l‘nixcixit} HI. (ilttxgim. (\2 HIIIIICMI SIICL‘I. 5.5” 54.5 I. .-\tl\ancc hooking rcquirctI. .-\gc~ 5 " 'I‘rack doun thc IIuntci'ian'x animals through \tor}thIing. iIrama. gamcS and mmcmcnt in a \cricx ill low l'un \Hit'kxhiipx,

Art: Sorted! Sat I" \m. Illam noon. £5. ('(I\. 550 SauchichalI Strcct. 553 4‘)(l(l. i('(‘;\ IitIucation Stuilioi. Agcs " t). .~\tI\ancc hooking ncccwar}. .-\l‘ll\l John BCilgIC\IC21L1\[IIISIHU-“L‘L‘h courxc introducing participants to thc \VoriIx tk Things mhihiiion.

Saturday Art Classes Sat 1" \m .& Sat 24 .\'o\. Illam noon .& I 3pm. £40 l'or tcn \xcckx. IIuntcrian .r\rt (ialIcr‘). l'nixcrxit) ol' (ilaxgou. 82 IIiIIhcatI Strcct. 550 543 I. :\iI\ancc hooking rcquii'ctl. .v\gc\ S II. A \cricx ol' tun \xorkxhopx iiixpirctl It} lIlc mil-it or (innit-c chnic Mackintoin On Sat I" .\'o\. makc morc

Mackintoin inspircil sculpturcS: and on Sat 24 .\'o\. tIL‘Sigll an architcctural piccc IIISI‘II'L‘tI h} Mackintosh

Weekend Children’s Workshop Sat I" .\'o\. noon Ipm iagcx undcr ‘ll &

1.30 3.30pm iagcx mci‘ Ill). I‘rcc.

S“ itchxpacc. at ()l‘l'xhorc. 5/5 (iihxon Sti'ccl. 58‘) UN)". (ilaxgoxx \ artist-run

mm ing \xorkxhop prcxcntx this l'un ill’lx \xoi'kxhop.

Salsa Classes For Kids Sat 17 is Sun IS .\'o\. 12.30 I.3()pm. I‘rcc. ('uha Nortc. I" John Strcct. 552 3505. Ages

S I4. I-‘ch thc spirit ol' (‘uha and m i\cI lllUSL‘ Itlpx 111 “NW Iun Salsa CILISSL‘S. Workshops At GoMA Sal I? .\‘m .& Sat 24 .\'o\. I 3pm. I‘rcc. (iallcr‘) ()I' \Iodcrn .t\rt. ()uccn Strch 32‘) 1996. Ages mu 3. .-\ \cricx ol' Lll'IISI-ICLI ci‘catixc \Hll'kShUpS c\ploring onc axpcct of thc gaIIcr} '\ c\hihii\.

Saturday Art And Drama Camp Sat I" .\'o\ ck Sat 24 _\'o\. 23045.3()pm. £65 Ior six \xcckx.\tlo\\nc I'ppcr (‘hurch IIaII. 4Io (ii'cat \chtci‘n Road. 34I ()ll24. Ages 5 ll). :\d\';lllCC hooking ncccxxar}. .\ xix-ucck cotll‘xc in arts and crth acti\ Tiles and drama from Impact .-\t‘lS.

Mother 8. Toddler Group .\Ion l9 .\'o\. III I Iam. £2. IIuntci'ian .«\rt (iaIIcry. l'nixcrxit} ot'(}la\go\\. 83 Hillhcad Stt'cct. All) 543 I. Morning group It‘l’ thc tin} lttlx hilSCKI around a Japancw thcmc.

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"9151?; it; ,‘ ( 7 1 3 all I l.‘ 1"cgv‘l'ggv; r” K j I, /

listings Kids


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\/\ 3'9??? g /\_/ A Christmas Cale of “A5235. fiefi, of szEh & ("aminfmiiglc Spell,

A We & tbAt overcome, Afiimem iiiieaii'i that memos as One,

MI, izii >1 (ll l‘lttl : Such Scenes ofWGHDER fill the Stage, :l 0131 Wit: Wit: i Cl DUI 0 Co €ncbant of €very Age. 7 ": ,k‘1 'i: ' " I 0131 71:8 19:9 Nfi‘firn \_/_\ Biiiitilizy St, I

[inninugh 30 November 2001 - 5 January 2002

TICKETS: £9 - £16


. 4 top seats in the stalls for only £40! "EDWWKQ' "

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